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Zoey Image

Hi there,

It was funny to have received your letter as my husband and I just finished
saying that we have to email Angela to let her know how Zoey is
doing.  Zoey is doing fantastic, we are very lucky to have her.  She is a
great dog and our kids love her.  She adapted into our home very quickly and
is very very spoiled as she should be.

Thank you again NASAP!

Rocky & Mischief (Pato & Loula)

Rocky & Mischief (Pato & Loula) Image

Pato (Rocky) and Loula (Mischief) are doing great. They are two healthy and very happy cats. I often remember Loula's original name and think she deserved it with no doubts, he he he...Pato is very relaxed and doesn't mind my 2-year-old "torturing" him. Loula runs away on time to avoid that "pleasure". My 5-year-old son, who has autism, is showing his interest in our pets and even tries to pet them which never happened with the older cat we had before. We are more than happy to see that, because we'd like him to learn to be friend with animals so he doesn't miss those great feelings that friendship can bring to his life

Babs (now Casey)

Babs (now Casey) Image

  Hi Mary

Just to let you know, Casey is doing great.  The first days was trying as
she was reluctant to get close.  The next day, I took my other dog for a
walk and when I come back and walked in the door, she was a different dog.

Since then, she loves the walks, gets along with my other dog.  Not sure
which is the alpha dog in the house.

In the evenings, she sleeps in my arm while I which TV.

She is the best dog I have ever had and love her very much.

Arlen (now Charlie)

Arlen (now Charlie) Image

Arlen is doing great. He's been very well behaved and we became best buds almost instantly. When I first got him, he had a slight ear infection, but after his first check-up, everything cleared up just fine. Other than that, he has been very healthy. He is very quite and loves to cuddle with anyone that sits on the couch. He's not a very hard worker though (just kidding, he comes to the office with me about half the time and lies around and mooches food off of people). I've attached a picture of Charlie (Arlen) and I at Christmas.


Diesel Image


Diesel is an absolute joy!  He has adopted us nicely.  He is the proud owner of both his kids, Chelsea, 13 and Anya, 7.  He is a gentle, energetic sweet soul.(a perfect mix for our family)  He has adapted very well to us and our lifestyle, which is incredibly busy but much to his enjoyment somebody is almost always at home even if they are working.  We are all very happy with our newest member of our family, and most importantly Diesel appears to feel the same way about us.  Thank you for following up on his well being.  We admire the devotion that everyone at NASAP has had concerning Diesel.  Feel free to contact us at any time about him.                   


Tabitha (now Nalla)

Tabitha (now Nalla) Image Nalla is doing GREAT, she is so smart it isn’t even funny.  She is now in puppy classes at PetSmart and we were told last class that "maybe she is too advanced for this class" HA HA HA.  She knows how to sit, down, wait, leave it, shake a paw, and "out of the kitchen" (see attached videos) and is great on the leash.  She is 100% house trained and has even spent the past week in my bed at night with no problems....other then keeping me awake with her on the bed off the bed on the bed shenanigans.  She loves the cats and loves beating up on her sister (Noodle the Dauschund).  She is booked in for her spay on the 29th and I am very worried about how I am going to keep her quite after the surgery because she is always on the go.
I cant thank you guys enough for letting me have this little girl (well not so little she is 30lbs and is only five months old today).  She is such a wonderful dog and keeps me on my toes all the time, she makes me laugh when I am feeling down and gives me so much love!!

Rio (now Scooter)

Rio (now Scooter) Image


Hi Mary, We are doing GREAT! Rio (Scooter) is a loving and loved part of our family. We have a neuter appointment on Thursday so I will send those forms in ASAP. He is very smart and is teaching us about being dog parents and making us laugh every day. We feel very blessed to have him.

Samantha (now Dakota)

Samantha (now Dakota) Image

Thanks for the e mail and knowing that your jobs with NASAP don't stop at the adoption level. We are thrilled with Samantha NOW Dakota. She is a great dog and very well behaved. We find her to be one of the lovey est dogs ever. Every morning she wakes us up with licks and big hugs!! She has come accustomed to going for walks and to the dog park. He big sister Mya and her go everywhere together. She is uptodate on all her shots and is scheduled for her spay in February. She has been a great addition to our family and we lover her with all our hearts. Thanks so much for allowing us to have her in our home.Thanks again,