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Zoe  Image

Zoe has been both a sweet heart and a handful at times.  She likes to go stick her nose in places she shouldn't when there is no supervison as her boredom gets the best of her.  While her curiosity and hunger can get the best of her, the affection she shows to people is like no other, although I can't say the same about how she feels towards some other dogs :)

Both her and our other dog (Bert) are inseparable and get along very well.  It has been very helpful having two dogs, as they can keep each other busy when we feel like laying down.  Attached is a picture of our dogs taking a nap.

We can't imagine our lives without Zoe because it feels like she has been with us forever (even the cat gets along with her!).

Oscar (previously Quincy)

Oscar (previously Quincy) Image

I would just like to give a quick update to let you know how our adoption is going one week in.  Our little guy has settled right in to our family - he began purring when we went to the foster home to collect him and pretty much hasn't stopped since.  Moreover, and most importantly he bonded very quickly with our 16 year old son, and vice versa.  The two are now inseperable! 
Quincy (who we've renamed Oscar) is a wonderful little cat.  he is very even tempered, affectionate, has character and is not phased by much. He's eating well, terrorizing the dog and cuddling like crazy.  He's more than we could have hoped for! 
I would like to say a big thank you to NASAP and Stacey, the foster mom, for taking such good care of our little guy and giving us the priviledge of adopting him into our family.   Considering the start he and his brothers had in their lives, our little one has adjusted amazingly well. 
He has also helped our family heal after the loss of our beloved cat a month ago.    We are still grieving the loss but having a little one to cuddle rounds out the sharp edges just a bit. There is nothing like celebrating a new life!
Thank you again for our kitten.   We are blessed. 
Best Wishes,

J. D.

J. D.  Image

Many Thanks for bringing J.D. into our lives.

He's a fine dog and has fit into our routine. We're enjoying this extended spell of nice weather with lots of long walks, followed by naps. He even is getting along OK with the resident cat.

People are so impressed that rescue dogs can have such nice personalities and tempermants. Thank you again NASAP and all the foster homes.


Josiah Image

Hello: We have had our orange and white tabby cat Josiah for almost a month, and he is such a wonderful part of our family. He is a big ball of love, and enjoys cuddling with all of us. You can hear his loud purr all through the house. He has adapted well to our family, and we are so thankful to have him. Many thanks to NASAP for their wonderful work, and Josiah's foster mom Sue.
Tami and family


Robertson Image

Two weeks ago we adopted Robertson and we just love him! We didn't know what we were going to name him as we wanted to see what his personality was like. When we were on the computer the name Otis popped into my head. I immediately thought of the movie Milo and Otis and remembered the kitten was orange and very curious. It was the perfect name! Milo loves to cuddle and curl up and sleep with you all night. He is extremely playful but when he crashes he's out like a light! Milo is definitely the king of the house. He's got us all wrapped around his finger or should I say paw. He absolutely loves the mice toys that he got from his foster mother Laura. He has grown tons already and is always ready to eat something. Milo loves to sit at Derek's feet and they always watch TV together. Thank you NASAP and Laura!!!!!

The Burrows

Buster and Rufus

Buster and Rufus Image

Rufus, formally known as Lillian, is the blue and white Australian cattledog fast asleep with her best friend Buster, the Anatolian Shepherd formally known as Buster, watching out for her as always. Rufus is now about two years old and her happiest day was when Buster joined her here about a year ago. Both dogs are from NASAP and they have been the best of friends from the first moment they saw each other and ran off to play. It is hard to think that our family did not include Buster and Rufus at one time. We are off for a walk and will check in some time in the future!


Susannah (now Meg)

Susannah (now Meg) Image

Hi there we are just emailing you to give you an update on how "Meg" is doing she just turned 1 last week and we had a b-day party for her. We made her a doggie b-day cake from her and her friend loved it!!!! She is now 36lbs still very sweet and timid very much a mama's girl. We have been in touch with Erin who has Indy which is meg's sister (Susannah & Vanessa) they could not be more different in personality and looks but they weigh exactly the same 36lbs!!! We hope to get them together one day soon. Meg has Blessed our family beyond what we could have imagined she is such a sweetheart!!!! Kim  


Brinley Image

Brinley has adjusted wonderfully to our home.  She was a little timid the first two days, probably because Koda, my other cat was not impressed with her.  Brinley spent a lot of time cuddling on my lap those first few days.   But it didn't take Koda long to warm up to her, and they are actually playing together now.  She has grown lots in a week, and fluctuates from being extremely playful and running around the house at full speed, to cuddling on my lap.  Your right, she has a very sweet personality.   I have attached a couple of pics for you to see!