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Rio (now Scooter)

Rio (now Scooter) Image


I am finally getting down to really telling our story with Scooter. He is the joy of our days and we can't imagine life without him now. He is a lovely companion on the trails by our home and loves the off leash areas where he meets old and new dog friends everyday. He is not shy with other dogs at all, but quite shy with people. We are meeting neighbors and new friends who are also out with their dogs. Not ever having had kids it is a nice treat for us to chat with people out and about. Scooter will let me re-leash him at the end of our off leash walk (most days). For those days that he is full of fun and teasing when it's time to go home, we tempt him with his favorite treat, yam wrapped with duck. He will do ANYTHING to get that treat. Now I feel very confident about getting him back on leash and we have great adventures on the paths and in the parks.
He is funny like any normal puppy and sleepy too. He still likes carrots and beans and will sit and stay very well. His leash walking is very good for a puppy in his first spring and I know it will only get better with time. Thanks to Angela and all the volunteers who have helped so many dogs. We are truly blessed to have Scooter in our home.


Nalla Image

Hey NASAP!!!!!


 I am wanted to send you a quick update on Nalla (used to be Tabitha).  She is doing so well, she graduated from puppy classes last week (I have attached a picture) and we are going to be joining a agility group to work on that!!! I am sure she will do great in it, as she is awesome in everything else!!  She had her spay done a couple of weeks ago and that was a nightmare…she ended up ripping open all of her stitches the day after her spay and I had to rush her back in, they had to sedate her again and re-sew her up!!!  It was pretty scary and pretty pricy but she is worth every penny.  She also got micro chipped so now she is always going to be safe and sound, even if she gets lost.  She goes to the dog park every weekend and loves it there, I never had to worry about her being off leash because she just stays at my side the whole walk.  She loves sniffing all the people and playing with the dogs!!!


I want to thank you guys again for letting me have this wonderful baby…she is the bright spot in my life and I love her very much.



Monty Image

Everything is great with Monty - my only annoyance, sometimes, is that he is too much of a momma's boy at home - can't go anywhere without him on my heels.  However, that said, I'm sure it is an advantage at the off-leash park we go to every day.  I am able to have him off leash right from the parking lot and we stroll (correct that - I stroll) for at least an hour if it's daytime, usually 1 1/2to 2 hours if in the evening.  He has TONS of energy - my 2 friends, one of whom you met, get a real kick out of him - he doesn't walk ANYWHERE, runs ahead then back to us, and goes off on short explorations for a few minutes then ripping back to catch up with us.  He was lightly harassed by a non-aggressive but rough Catahoula (bigger than him) a few weeks ago and has really become nicely cautious approaching new dogs out on the path or in the park.  He absolutely adores his squeaky alien-ball, as I call it.  It's my rescue toy to get him back when he starts to wander off a little too far or too long, and he plays well with all the other social dogs in the play field.  The odd time he'll get a little 'herdy' but less and less as the weeks go along and settles well when I pull him away for a walk before heading back to the group.  I wish I could have a dollar for every comment I get on his unusual coloring - I could go on a vacation!  We've come across a couple brindle boxers but that's it.
  Here at home, he's been excellent (being my shadow aside....)  He did start after one of the cats the other day when she ran up the stairs, but she quickly put him in his place!  She actually 'hunted' him down for a few minutes and we had to shoo her off when he had come to sit up on the couch with my daughter and I and she was still coming after him!  The other cat still isn't walking around freely but is getting better at coming out and down to the kitchen as long as he stays on the couch in the other room beside it - as soon as she hears his nails hit the floor, she's gone back into hiding. He hasn't picked up one item around the house that he shouldn't and will try to beg a treat when we are eating but goes away quietly and quickly when we say no.  He was stealing the cats' food but i put up an easy barricade and he respects it well.  He is protective of our yard - had his hair straight up and barking fiercely at the neighbour when he was putting his garbage out in the yard next to our fence line, but I'm sure he'll be fine once we get to properly introduce him.  Everyone coming to the house loves him, as do we.  Thank you so much for looking after him and for being interested enough to follow up and see how he's doing.  If you come our way, St, Albert, please email or call and we'd be happy to take a stroll with you!


Lucien Image

Hi there,
I am replying for Ryan about Lucien that we adopted at the end of summer. He is doing very well! He has tons of fun when we walk him and take him for runs in the River Valley with my parents 14 month old lab... they are definatly best friends. We also adpoted a cat and Lucien and him although they had their differences are become close friends sleeping together on the same bed and playing hide and seek. He has brought Ryan and I so many good times with lots of laughes and kisses!


Phoenix Image


I received your letter about my cat Phoenix whom I adopted in August.   I do hope you received my phone message way back in November or December.   Phoenix is doing fine with us.  She is the most wonderful, tolerant cat I have ever had.  We have two grandchildren living with us and she is just great with the kids.  She adapted to our household very quickly and is a real joy to all of us.  Thank you for letting us have such a friendly cat who has become a very important part of our life.


Bella Image

Bella is doing well in her new home.  She is a willful and dominant little (or big) girl, and its taken a lot of hard work to build up some discipline fundamentals.   But, at the end of the day, she is just a big cuddly mess, and as friendly as can be.  I've attached a picture of her on her big doggy bed getting along smashingly with our cat, Johnny.   Thanks for all of the great work NASAP does.  Glad we could play a part.

Hogan (now Atticus)

Hogan (now Atticus) Image

Atticus is doing great.  We go to the dog park every day for an hour walk.  He loves the park.  He meets lots of dogs and he likes to go exploring iin the trees.  He has had his first bath and the people said it took them four shampoos to get him clean!  Once a month he goes to daycare and he is on the waiting list for obedience school.  He is an awesome dog.   We go for three walks a day and to the dogpark.  He is a very happy dog.


Zoey Image

Hi there,

It was funny to have received your letter as my husband and I just finished
saying that we have to email Angela to let her know how Zoey is
doing.  Zoey is doing fantastic, we are very lucky to have her.  She is a
great dog and our kids love her.  She adapted into our home very quickly and
is very very spoiled as she should be.

Thank you again NASAP!