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Abner Image

We adopted Abner back in January and he is such a great cat.   He has a wonderful personality and he makes us laugh a lot!  He is playful and very loving - always looking for a lap to curl up in.  We love him - he is a member of our family.  Thanks for the wonderful work you do!


Cinder Image

You have to know that Cinder is the most beautiful, lovable, well mannered sweet Kitty!  He fits in perfectly with our family and Maui, our 11 mth old Kitten. They clean each other, follow each other everywhere, constantly play and sleep together.  I have to say I am sure that Cinder could not be happier, so happy, that I sometimes forget the difficulty we had when we first brought him into our home. We both know that it was totally to be expected and it didn't take but a week and all was good!! You will be happy to know that Cinder and Maui are both "strictly" indoor cats and they so far seem to be OK with this, this I promise you. I know/hope it will be years before I need your assistance in finding another Kitty and I want to assure you, we will look your way before going anywhere else. I would like to thank you so much for raising such a beautiful, well mannered and sweet little Boy. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring him into our life. I feel strongly that Cinder was sent to me from Heaven!!

Winter (now Willow)

Winter (now Willow) Image

Winter (now Willow) is doing very well. She is very affectionate which is exactly what my children wanted.  She loves to eat and gets very vocal around feeding time. The challenge is keeping her inside on nice Spring days.  We are going to get a harness, leash and post for the yard.  Then she can roam around the yard without us worrying about her running away and not finding her way home.  We do have all of her tags but she doesn't like her collar very much.  Maybe this harkens back to her days as a stray when she could roam wherever with out a collar and leash.  She loves to wake us up in the morning at 6:00 as that is feeding time.  Other than that we all adore her and she has become an important family member.

Petunia (now Kota)

Petunia (now Kota) Image

KOTA is doing great....she loves chasing the ball and brings it back.  She has become a great companion for us and when we go for a walk and unleash her in the park, she runs around us as if to herd us to an area where we throw the ball.  She still looks at cars when we walk but is a lot better now.  Kota sits pretty and rolls over.."a very smart dog".  I have attached some photos.  She is a great addition to our family.  Thank you.


Enzo (now Dozer)

Enzo (now Dozer) Image

We tried to call him Enzo and managed to use the name for about two weeks after getting him, however it quickly became evident that he is more like a little bull dozer than a sleek Ferrari; therefore he underwent a name change and is now known as Dozer (Doz for short).  He is doing great, but is proving to be a little trouble maker.  For the longest time he did not mess in the house, and now he thinks it is OK to go outside, do nothing while he's out there and pee in the living room when he comes back in.  He knows when he has done wrong and does major sucking up...but then forgets for next time.  We are trying a few different things to break him of this habit, although it is very difficult to scold him when he looks at you with the cute little 'smile' and big brown eyes. 


Him and our other dog are getting along quite well, it seems that by having a younger dog in the house she has finally come out of her shell.  They play tug-of-war with any toys, wrestle and play fight often (usually when you are on the phone or doing something really important...just like kids).  She has established with him, that even though he's bigger; she is the alpha of the house.  He now knows that in the morning when he comes into the room, he can't just attack me for kisses and snuggles as that is her domain.  He learned that she will let him know when she is ready for him to bounce and bound on the bed.


He settled in nicely in less than a week of us having him.  He was chewing on his tail (a lot), but I think that may have been a bit of a nervous function for him as he seems to have cut down a bit on it.  I'm wondering if he had really just 'discovered' it since his hair is so short.  It also took him a little while to figure out that if he didn't eat his carrot when he came in from outside that our other one would eat it...and that those are the only kind of dog treats they get from us.  He loves his carrots now!!  Grandma of course spoils him rotten and thinks that every time she comes over he needs to either get a treat or a new toy or a new blanket.  There is definitely no lack of love for this little guy.  I think in the next week or two, he will see our groomer for a meet and greet.  I don't suspect that he will have any issues with her, she is amazing with animals and he thus far has not been hesitant when meeting new people.


He is great fun, and soooo comical to watch outside when he is playing or just running around.  He will literally run in circles around the yard and every time he passes our female he barks; or he will just run as fast as he can and with every step you can hear him 'ruff, ruff, ruff' it's way to cute for words.  We are trying to teach him to fetch, he is good with the go get it part, but needs a lot of work with the bring it back here part.  However, there have been many deaths of squeaky animals in our house.  I've never met a dog that will chew directly on the squeaker repeatedly until it quits working (or get it to stop working within the first 5 minutes of playing with it).  Then when he chews on it, he looks at you as if to say...'Ummm, this one is broken.  Can I have a new one now??'


Widget Image

We want to assure you that our adoption of Widget has been a complete success, from our point of view!  Widget has become so much a part of our little home, and certainly has found her place, and by that, we mean she has certainly MADE her place.  I think she has us both wrapped around her tail when it comes to demanding attention!


Although she has maintained her 'skiddish' nature, it is only when we have company over that she resorts to going under the bed to her safety zone.  She mostly spends her time watching out the window at the birds at our birdfeeders.  She actually gets quite excited (vocally) at times - when you look out to see what all the fuss is about, you see she is concerned with a visiting Magpie or Blue Jay - even worse when more than one get out there at the same time!


She's quite the character, and we greatly appreciate the love she brings to our home.  Consider us 'stuck' with her, in your adoption records :)



Reba Image

Hi Mary,

She is absolutely fabulous and we adore her.You probably know that Reba came home with me straight from the Animal Hospital after her second hip surgery, this time a revision of the first surgery which had not gone well.  Her left hind leg badly atrophied as she held it up for almost 10 weeks after the initial surgery.  After a lot of patience, home exercises combined with rehab therapy of muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy and aquatherapy she now walks about well on her 4 legs.  She still needs to build up strength in that leg but she is full of mischief, playful, loves to cuddle and knows many words and commands, especially the word "walk."  She is also a rabbit chaser and when she sees one I am flying in the wind as I hang on to her leash. 

She has no hip joint and for such a big dog (60lbs) it can be difficult but she is doing extremely well and we are all delighted with her including the rehab vet doctor. 

Thank you for your follow-up. 

Howard (now Schmouzer)

Howard (now Schmouzer) Image

I am very pleased to inform you and to Thank You, La Donna, and Everyone involved in getting "Howard The Cat" that this is the best thing that could have happened for me for such a long time. As a matter of fact he has just jumped up on my lap at this very moment to say Howdy and get some pets while he washes up a bit. We are just thick as thieves but we both have our own time so no one is pushed by the other to do anything they don't want to.(I call him Schmouzer and He doesn't seem to mind. This is a Special Name I have had for a Pet but have never had the right pet for it till now).
I am so pleased that Schmouzer can have a very nice place to live and enjoy the rest of his life. I am also so pleased that I can enjoy Schmouzer's company at a time in my life and with the physical and medical condition I have found myself in. It is just exactly what I needed to lift my spirits immensely and seems to fit Schmouzer's comfort zone just as much. We make such a good team that I can only hope can last for his long, healthy, and happy life and also for as long as I am around to take Top Knotch Care for Schmouzer.
Thankyou so very much for this true gift of friendship for me and hopefully as much for Schmouzer too.