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Cleo Image

All is well with Cleo. We all love her - she gets many hugs each day from us/our kids. She dressed up as a soccer player for Halloween... kids just loved that! We figured out - for the most part - things that trigger her nervous peeing and it has curbed. We don't leave her alone for long - but when we have to she seems to like to go into a crate. See photos attached...

All in all things are good and we are happy to have her as a part of our family!

Oh yeah, one more thing you may get a smile out of...  as you may remember Cleo is amazing at catching a ball.  So, each day I'll take her with me to pick up our son from gr. 1 and because she's so fast/agile - I'll always have a crowd of kiddies around me begging to throw the ball for Cleo.  Cleo loves it, the kids love it.  I really should start charging a fee...LOL! Audri ;)


Hope Image

Hope came into the NASAP office to see me last Saturday and it was so good to see her looking so well and so happy and so much a part of her new family.      I fostered Hope when she was in foster care and she came to NASAP in a sorry state having been taken into the Emergency Clinic emaciated and covered in sores from mange.   She went from bald to patchy and now has a wonderful coat.   Her new family say she is the best dog they have ever owned.   


Benji Image

Benji is doing very well. He is nothing but a joy from the very beginning. He get along with Maggie, our Cocker Spaniel, and has accepted her as his sister right away. He enjoys the time in the off-leash park, running around with Maggie and chasing her and other dogs, no matter how big or small they are. He never leaves my site and as soon as I sit down he is making himself comfortable on my lab. We all have a lot fun together and are very happy that we have fund each other.In September we went for vacation on a farm close to Waterton Park where the dogs could enjoy the country freedom. Back home business as usual; playing, napping, eating, playing again and of course going to the off-leash park. All in one we are a very happy family.Thank you for letting us have him. We could not imagine life without him anymore.Many thanks to all of you.Best wishesMargarete & Andreas & Maggie & Benji 


Jasper Image

Dear Tessa and NASAP,I just wanted to tell you that I am alive and well, and living with my family, Glen and Brenda Kane, in St. Albert still.  It has been a whole year since they adopted me.  And it has been a lot of hard work learning to live in the city and be "civilized".  I still love to run and play with every dog I see, but my parents take me to a Puppy Day Care nearby twice a week, and the dog park to play.  Plus I have promised not to chew up too many things if they walk me twice a day at least.  I have gained 10 pounds and don't look so thin anymore.  But I still have a nervous stomach, and the vet says I might always have that.  I am told that I am very intelligent and have learned lots of tricks -- in fact I will do anything for a cookie. I went to the cabin many times this summer and only got into trouble because I escaped once in a while when I got bored, and went down the road to visit.  I just can't resist the sound of people talking or dogs barking -- I have to go and see what is happening, even if it means going out in the lake to get out of our fenced yard.  As you can see from the pictures I am sending, I love camping with my parents and was really good when we went to BC for a week.Aside from that, I like to visit with all my parents' family and always say hello to the cat who lives here.  I am really very friendly and loving, which is probably why my parents decided to keep me even though they say I am a nuisance sometimes.I hope you are well and still taking care of lost animals.  It is a very important job.Thank you for rescuing me and finding me a new home. Love,Jasper Kane

Samantha (now Dakota)

Samantha (now Dakota) Image

Hi Laura
  Just wanted to let you know that Dakota is doing absolutely wonderful. She has adjusted to her new home better than could be imagined. Her and Mya (our 9 month old HuskyX ) get along great. Play time is quite exciting to watch between the two of them.
Besides the few random accidents she is doing wonderful in her training she goes to the door when she needs (although she gets confused on which door sometimes) Dakota sits when told and is climbing up and down stairs. She has no accidents throughout the night and usually does not wake till around 6 am to let us know it is time to go.
  Dakota is a wonderful addition to our busy Family and fits in very well  We are very suprised just how intelligent she is. She is an absolute Joy
   Thank you very much

Chloe (now Sadie)

Chloe (now Sadie) Image


Sadie (Chloe) is doing really well. In late August, she started off being five pounds overweight, and now she's three pounds lighter from our daily walks. She gets really excited about our walks by prancing around like a little kid.  Although she's not directly socializing with Jake, my other American Eskimo, he helped her learn our daily routine very quickly.


 I'm still learning about her personality traits; she's a little sweetheart! One of the cutest quirks about her though is when I occasionally scold my cat Stanley for trying to break into the pantry to get at his cat treats, she will start barking indignantly at the cat too, like a little tattletale---it's so funny! : ) Sadie loves sleeping on her back and has recently learned how to shake a paw. With other dogs we meet on our walks, she is quite sociable, but I noticed she prefers dogs larger than her to smaller ones. Sadie is still unsure about the cats, but she's respectful enough to keep her distance.


Thank you so much for being part of such a wonderful organization and for bringing Sadie into my life. I've included some pictures to show you how well she's adjusting.




Cleo Image

Hi Jenny.
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Cleo.  As you can see she is settling in. She's still a little reluctant to come up to the main floor of the house and retreats to her little room after a couple of hours but she is progessing well. Cleo and our sweet old dog have laid together for a belly rub so I think they are destined to become good friends.  Thanks for everything you did for Cleo.

Tabitha (now Nalla)

Tabitha (now Nalla) Image

Hey Laura, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nalla (Tabitha).  She is doing great here and is fitting in great.  The cats dont know what to make of her and she doesnt even care they are there!!!  She spent her first night in my bed because I just couldnt let her sleep all alone.  She has been doing great with the house training.  She has only had two accidents and they were both my fault for not letting her out when I should have.  She is eating great, drinking great and playing great...she is just GREAT!!
I will give you some more updates during the week.  Thanks again so much for letting me have her.