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Sierra (formerly Princess)

Sierra (formerly Princess) Image

Hello Mary, it’s me Sierra, although, you knew me as Princess. I can’t believe it has been over a month already! Well I am still very shy around people I don’t know, but I have definitely warmed up to my new foster parents!

My foster parents also adopted two cats from NASAP about two years ago and so Cameron and Chase (formerly Blinky and Jedidiah) would like to say hi to Jenny and Pat and let them know they are still doing great!

Back to me though! I have definitely come out of my shell a lot, like I said before I am still shy around people I don’t know, and I really don’t like traffic, all that noise scares me and I just kinda freeze up. I am still very quiet and calm inside the house, I am content to just lay on the couch and watch the cats play. But, ask me if I want to go outside and I will perk up and am very energetic. Though, I  do spend the first couple minutes outside eating snow, it is so good!

I have also discovered Peanut Butter! OH I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! I don’t care if it is peanut butter or peanut butter flavoured something I just LOVE peanut butter.

The only other thing I have to work on besides my shyness is that my dads don’t like it when I try to “inspect” what they are having to eat, they say it is not very lady like so I have to work on this.

I hope you don’t miss me to much Mary, I am really happy here!!



Emma (formerly Sammy)

Emma (formerly Sammy) Image


Enclosed please find a donation on behalf of myself and Emma. I adopted Emma (Sammy 04-490-C) on August 5, 2004. We have been great friends ever since. In the good weather we walk. I couldn't believe a 5 year old cat would like her leash so much! She is 10 years old now and we have a lot of fun and she sure likes to cuddle and sleep on my bed. Thank you for Emma. 

Jane Watson 

Keiki (formerly Penelope)

Keiki (formerly Penelope) Image

Hi Jenny,

We've attached a few pictures of Keiki (Penelope). I'm afraid none do her justice. She's a wonderful little girl and has adjusted well. We still have the odd spitting matches but nothing major. Keiki has gained weight (her backbone and hip bones no longer stick out), found favorite places to sleep and is learning to play. She's a smart little person too - she can open the pantry door where her food is kept. She loves to play in the sink when the water is trickling. All in all, Keiki is a wonderful addition to the Robson home. She has found her "forever place". Sincere thanks to all of you at NASAP. 

Peter and Barb

Nico (formerly Ashlie)

Nico (formerly Ashlie) Image

Dear NASAP and staff,

We adopted Nico (formerly Ashlie) from you in April 2008. Nico is a beautiful little girl who has made our family complete. Her big brother Kuffs loves her as much as her Monny and Daddy do. Thank you for the wonderful job that you do in finding loving foster homes and adoptive homes for all the fur babies. We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Brian, Kathy, Kuffs and Nico (Kosik family)

Tux and Dexter (formerly Keith)

Tux and Dexter (formerly Keith) Image

Here is an updated picture of Tux and Dexter who were both adopted from NASAP.  Tux was adopted in 2004 and Dexter (formerly Keith) in 2008.  In July 2009 John, Betty and the cats completed a successful move to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.  They traveled well in the car and weren't at all disburbed with the 2 1/2 hour ferry ride.  They love to look out the window to see endless birds and the occasional deer.  Thanks NASAP for having made these 2 wonderful cats available to us.
John and Betty Robertson


Marlowe Image

Just to let you know how thrilled we are with Marlowe, now Marley! He has settled in so well... it’s like he’s lived here all his life! Anna and I went out and bought him a basket with soft supporting sides and he loves it. We take him out for walks round the house on the trail David ploughed for him and he is in heaven. You were right... he moves with much more enthusiasm when he’s outside! Our crew have really responded well to him and follow him everywhere. He will just give the odd “Rrrr” when Squire gets a little too close! I fed him a whole tin of food with dry biscuits and he ate it all in one sitting! I have also started him on the ‘Freedom to Move’ tablets that I give to Jay.  For dessert, he had a pig’s ear and LOVED it!


He truly deserves to live out his days in comfort and with love.


NASAP is very lucky to have you both. Your calm, gentle approach and love for Marlowe was so wonderful to see. He had such a great start to a new life in your care. Thank you... both for your support and for considering us to be the right home for such a lovely old guy!


We have had one slight change of name again... Anna is a lifeguard and swim instructor... not sure if you know the game “Marco Polo”. One person closes their eyes and shouts “Marco!” The rest of the swimmers then respond with “Polo” The aim of the game is for the “blind” person to tag the rest of the swimmers as they shout back and forth. So “Marco” it is! Very close to Marlowe. And the girls felt he couldn’t have a name from a sad movie!


He is just a treasure



Purrcilla Image

Hi Pat & NASAP,


Just a quick follow up….I adopted Purrcilla from NASAP on May 8, 2008 and she is doing so wonderfully.  She is so sweet and loveable…I can’t imagine life without her.  I initially had got her to be a companion to my cat, Lily, who I had for about a year and thought needed a playmate.  They didn’t get along at first, but they did end up making friends and later on I sometimes even caught them licking each others’ heads.  Things were great for the next year and then sadly, I made the heart-wrenching decision to put Lily to sleep on May 25, 2009.  She had been diagnosed with diabetes on March 15, 2009.  I couldn’t regulate her blood glucose and she kept developing diabetic ketoacidosis (a life-threatening condition which is very expensive to treat).  After spending several thousands of dollars from two ER bills in 10 weeks with no reassurance that I could prevent this from happening again, I had to let her go. 


Purrcilla was my “rock” during this very tough time.  She was at my side during my grieving process and helped heal my heart.  I have since taken in a little orange tabby stray that a friend found in the next neighbourhood.  She was starving and looking very close to death….I’ve named her Peaches.  She has recovered beautifully and is a very feisty girl.  It is so nice to see Purrcilla playing with another cat again, as even though she is 9-1/2 years old she is still very much a playful kitten at heart! 


Thank you so much for all the good work you do! 



Atticus (formerly Hogan)

Atticus (formerly Hogan) Image

Hi Mary Atticus is doing awesome he has settled in realy good. here r a few pic
he is my perfect dog. He is very well loved by all my family.
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
fr Kim and Atticus
p.s Atticus  has his own  christmas stocking s getting full.