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Jack and Nora

Jack and Nora Image

Jack and Nora are both doing wonderful.  Nora has pretty much adopted Jack and takes care of him like he's her kitten.  He's just had another growth spurt and is much bigger than her now.  Our other cat, Pickles, that we adopted from NASAP before Nora doesn't get along with either Nora or Jack, so we just keep them separated.  We have a system that works well for us, and they don't seem to mind it either.  Jack doesn't seem to mind our dogs, and Nora is starting to get along with them, she rarely hisses anymore.  But the dogs have also learned that they should just keep their distance and do their own thing.
Nora is a very active cat.  She loves to jump around and play.  And like I said, she love being Jack's 'pseudo-mommy'.  She loves bathing him, and he loves it even more.  We were worried Jack wouldn't be able to care for himself if Nora wasn't around, but we have since discovered that he does actually know how to bathe himself...he just prefers Nora do it for him.  Nora doesn't care for our other cat Pickles, which is unfortunate, but it's kind of neat to see how she protects Jack.  She has such a sweet disposition and she purrs the moment we pick her up.
Jack is still very shy and he hides a lot.  But he's definitely come out of his shell.  He has recently discovered how much he likes sleeping on our bed at night.  In the mornings he is our little alarm clock, walking all over us, purring and rubbing his head on our faces, making sure we know it's time to get his breakfast ready.  He has the cutest little voice...and because of it he'll stay our little kitten forever.  He's the sweetest little boy and wouldn't hurt a fly. 
We are so thankful we got such wonderful cats.  And we appreciate all the work NASAP and their volunteers do so that these precious animals are safe and get placed in good homes.
Thank you so much,
Kiel and Trina,

Toots (now Archie)

Toots (now Archie) Image

we couldn't be happier.  First of all we did change his name to Archie.  We were undecided but it stuck when our just turned 2 year old daughter could actually say it.  He is a very active and loving cat that has fit into our family very well.  I have had cats all my life and this one takes the cake.  I have never in my life witnessed a cat take to a very young child as much as Archie has.  They are playmates that are always together.  He is very gentle and has never left a mark on her.  He has never scratched or hissed in his life.  We love him very much.  Thank you for all that you do at NASAP.  I have attached a few photos of him now.  He is a beautiful boy whose blue eyes have turned green


Gecko Image

Gecko is doing well ... in fact he is on my lap as I type this ... he has the run of the house ... digs in my plants and generally is a cat.  He loves to play when I point the laser pointer on the floor ... and sits in the bedroom every morning while I dress and meows until he has had some playtime.   We are very happy we have him ... thankyou for letting us take him home!


Andy Image

Hi Mary,
I received your letter today. I apologize for the wrong email address. I'm not sure what the problem is with that. I have not changed my email address recently. Anyway, Andy is doing absolutely fantastic. I really couldn't ask for a better best friend. He has come so far in the short time I have had him. He no longer spends his days hiding in the corner of my living room. Instead he has become quite the social butterfly. I live in a condo, and our floor is known as the " cat floor" . There are a total of  6 cats on my floor and on a regular basis they play out in the hallway with each other. Or in each others homes.  It's a safe environment and everyone on the floor ( cat owners and not ) watch out for them to make sure they don't wander into the elevator if it stops on our floor. It's such a cute scene.
Andy has become more comfortable with other people as well. Of course he's still has his skiddish moments, but that is to be expected. But for the most part he is more than happy to see visitors. It warms my heart to see how much progress he's made. He just needed some TLC and a stable home that he could call his own. It also doesn't hurt that I spoil him rotten with attention and 
He has also become quite the chatter box. I love the way he and I can carry on a conversation for hours on end. I am indeed the crazy cat lady :).  I am looking forward to a long and happy connection with Andy. I do want to thank your organization for giving me the chance to have Andy as part of my life. I will forever be grateful.


Socks Image

I just wanted to give you an update on Socks.  We adopted Socks on August 11, 2008.  She has been a wonderful addition to our home.  We were a bit unsure of how Socks and our othr dog Nyla would get along together but they are truly best friends. Socks and Nyla bring out the best in eachother.  Socks spends most of her time at the dog park or lounging around the house.  She loves to cuddle and brings new meaning to the term "couch potato"   Socks is about 90lbs but she thinks shes a lap dog.  Socks has a heart of gold and we are truly lucky to have found her.  I have attached some pictures of Socks.
Thank you

Teja, now Molly

Teja, now Molly Image

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your email inquiring about Teja, who we adopted last September.  We have re-named her Molly and I have to tell you she is a delight.  She has adjusted well to her new home and absolutely rules!  She is not a talkative cat but will let us know when she needs more attention.  She loves her head rubs and snuggling with us when we are watching TV.  It was a challenge to get her to agree to have her hair regularly groomed, but tolerates it daily now in exchange for a drink from the tap in the bathroom.  She has a very full coat that is as soft as fluff.  We think she was meant to be with us, coming at time when we were ready to find a new feline friend after losing our long-time cat a few months earlier.  Thank you for all that your organization does to help find new homes for rescued animals.
Peter and Ann Thompson


Charlie Image

You'll be pleased to know that Charlie is doing great. He has become an important member of our family. He loves to play fetch and run around the yard with our other dog, Katie, they have become great friends. Charlie's paws have gotten much better and he is a very happy little furball! I have attached a picture of him.
Yours sincerely,


Ojo Image

We just wanted you to know how well Ojo is doing. If your kids were still worring about him, he is great. He LOVES the kids!!! He starts pacing around in the morning while they are getting ready to go to school because he doesn't want them to leave. Then he is lazy all morning. Everyday my girlfriend walks her 100 pound black lab over and they play outside in the backyard until they can't run anymore. He sleeps all afternoon and then, when the kids get home, he gets all excited again and plays and runs around until they go to bed. Once the kids are in bed, either David or I take him for a long, usually very cold, walk and then he is done for the day. He is really good on the leash, never pulls while the kids walk him. He is great with my friends dog. He has some weird eating habits though that we are still trying to figure out. We took him to the vet, she said he looked great, he was 78 pounds!!!! She said he was a bit under weight and could/should be around 85-90 pounds!!! I was adament that he could not sleep with the kids but that didn't work!! He goes back and forth between Hannahs and the boys room all night, hopping from one bed to the other. He loves 2 of Hannahs webkins stuffed animals. She has about 40 of them and he always goes into her room and steals the same 2 over and over again, even if we hide them under all the other ones, he always goes for just those two and he licks and slobbers them all day- its really gross...but cute. Funny enough, they both are red and white dogs and look just like him...
We love him and think he is really the best dog ever. He is soooo good, especially with the kids. We are very lucky. Thanks again.