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Pandora (now Shilo)

Pandora (now Shilo) Image

As for Pandora, we changed her name to Shilo when we got her.  The ear infection she had at the time has cleared up nicely, and she recovered well from her spaying.  She and Hasty (our Malinois) get along wonderfully and enjoy each others company.  Her training is coming along - she knows the basics such as sit, down, off, come, etc. and we're working on her stays.  She is very social and friendly with the people and critters we meet on our walks.  All in all, things are going great!
Thanks for the follow up!
Deb & Barry


Muffin Image

Hi Mary,
We are all thrilled with Muffin!  We had a few concerns at first(just the typical house training, chewing, etc.).  But, I am excited to say she is just a joy!  She still has the occassional accident, but she is the most loving, sweet & well natured baby!  She has brought new life back into our almost 10 yr. old pup (not to mention us!).
Thank you so much Mary for your wonderful organization.  You and your staff are truly Angels!
Yours truly,
Lori, Sam, Andy, Mack & Muffin


Maddy Image

Maddy is a nice addition to our family, her and our other dog Abby (beagle) get along very well. They are a lot of company for each other and manage to get into a bit of mischief together as well. She loves to cuddle under the covers and always likes to be around someone.  We think she has settled in very well.

Maddy is very well loved and will be with us for the rest of her days.

Ivan (now Sammy)

Ivan (now Sammy) Image

Hi Mary,

Sorry for the slow reply to your email of last Saturday.   Ivan - or Sammy, as he's known around here - has been a fantastic cat, and he just had his booster shots a couple of weeks ago.  From Day 1 he was a great (big) buddy to my (then) kitten JJ, and they rarely spend a moment apart around the house.  With the Orange Terror chasing him around the hose all day, he has become a lean, long and lanky 12 pounds, and the vet is very please with his state of health.  I've attached some photos of him that you might enjoy.

Thanks again for letting Sammy become a member of my household.

Best regards,



Max Image


Max is a great cat – to the max! He bursts into the biggest purr the second anyone even comes near him.

He gets along wonderfully with our other cat and our two dogs. Everyone who comes over wants to take him home.


The last few weeks his favorite trick has been to try to bolt out the front door every time someone leaves.

He only dashes to the front yard then stands there, waiting to be brought back in.

We had landscaping contractors here and the utility people put in those little flags to show the underground lines.

Max spent over an hour one night attacking the flags because they keep popping right back up when he lets go!


His favorite place is on our upper deck at night. We have glass walls and he tries to catch moths through the glass – sometimes for hours!


It is quite a sight to see.


I have attached a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure of the entire ‘kit and kaboodle’..


We are so happy to have him with us – he has definitely enhanced our lives.


Happily reporting back,


The Burleys



Molly Image

Hi there, I thought I would give you an update on Molly.  We adopted Molly on July 13, 2005, so that brings us to our 4 year anniversary (time flies when you’re in love) Molly has completely come into her own.  When we first adopted Molly, she was skittish, shy, a wee bit aggressive and did not like men of any sort. Now she’s playful, funny, enjoys meeting new people and sometimes likes to be social with other dogs.  If she had it her way, she would rule the neighbourhood but we keep her safe in our large fenced in yard and give her daily walks to the playground.  While at the playground she loves to run around with the kids and she even goes down the slide all by herself, she loves it!!   And she is very fond of Grampa, who always has a cookie or treat waiting for Molly when we arrive.  Even though Molly is reaching her senior years (she’s 8 years old), she is aging gracefully and is showing a little grey hair now, but we don’t tell her! J She is definitely Mama’s girl, but now the kids are getting older, my son comes in second and my daughter will do when no one else seems to be able to give her a belly rub! Molly is still very protective, yet she is obedient if told to be nice and make friends.  It’s amazing on how much she has learned, who ever said you can’t teach old dog new tricks never really tried.   I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you can see what she looks like now. Sincerely, Liz Pettigrew


Oreo Image

Hi, It has been just over 4 years since we adopted Oreo, or rather since the day she chose us.  It has definitely been an experience that I would not change.  She has proven to be an valuable member of our family and each day is filled with many joys as she continuously amazes us with her antics.  She also keeps my other dog(Chance-a 16year old Shepherd) moving and playing. It took awhile to get to know her likes /dislikes and sometimes not so favorable traits, but it has been an amazing ride along the way.  We've nicknamed her "DoubleFudge" as she will try her best to eat whatever she can, and often succeeds.  This has taught us to be extra vigilant at all times.  She is also known as our "Trouble Child"  Because if it's there to get into, SHE WILL!  All while my Shepherd is looking on as if to say," Oh! That's gonna hurt." or "I told you that wasn't a good idea!" meanwhile, Oreo looks back as if to say, "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time."
She is maturing well and I am happy to say, she has not lost her spark of being mischievous.  It gives me great joy to know I am not the only one who hears, "I told you that was gonna hurt..."
Thanks very much to Laura Clarke for fostering her and giving us the chance to find her.
Adopted Apr.1/05  

Tito (formerly Atreyu)

Tito (formerly Atreyu) Image

Hello Laura, I just wanted to Thank You and NASAP for letting us adopt Tito (a.k.a. Artie).   He is the sweetest little dog and so easy to love!  He and Sharly are still adjusting but every day there is improvement.  Sam and I are very hopeful that given time and proper training they will become the best of friends.   Tito has already improved in so many ways, not that he was a trouble maker to begin with or anything, but he is eager to please and understands commands very well.  He seems to really like this new home with us and especially loves all the toys he gets to play with!  And being such a good big sister, Sharly doesn’t mind sharingJ!  He has also started to learn to walk on the treadmill and he is improving on our walks all the time especially when he gets to run along Sam.   He got a haircut a couple of weeks ago and the girls at PetSmart loved him!  They said he was such a good boy and they couldn’t wait to see him again soon.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you if you like to post them on your website.   Again, Sam and I are so thankful to you for taking such good care of Tito while he was with you.  We are especially thankful to NASAP for giving us the opportunity to adopt two amazing, beautiful, and loving dogs; since as you know we adopted Sharly five and half years ago when she was only six weeks old.  I am sure that if Sharly and Tito could speak, they would also thank NASAP for giving them the chance at life and for taking care of them until they found their permanent home with us. God Bless both you and every one at NASAP for the amazing work you do with all of the pets that need you! Yours truly,Evelyn and Sam Everitt