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Phoebe and Georgia

Phoebe and Georgia Image

Hi Kelly,
Well, its been 8 days since I've adopted Pheobe and Georgia, and in such a short time, their personalities have really been brought out.  It started out as Georgia being the 'troublemaker' always getting into places she shouldn't be and scratching things she shouldn't be scratching while Pheobe was calm and liked to hang out on your lap being really sweet and all.  Just recently their roles were reversed, Phoebe started being the troublemaker while Georgia would be sitting pretty (same as in the picture) or like hanging out on your lap, she also tries to 'kiss' you on the lips when she's close to you.  Together, they're both really sweet.
This week I was so worried about them because I was going back to work, I thought about setting up webcams so that I can see what they're up to.  But after my first day of leaving them home alone for about 10 hours, I came home and I think they pretty much slept the whole time I was gone.  I left out some extra food for them to eat but I don't think any of it was touched.  I came through the door and they come strolling in from my bedroom like, 'Hey what's up?'.  So now I have no worries about leaving them at home when I'm gone to work.



Maddie Image

Hi Ashley,
Here are some recent pictures of Maddie, you can see she has really filled out.
The back of the couch on the cream blanket is one of her favorite spots to sit.

Im so happy I adopted her, she is loads of fun and very sweet. She follows me around and helps me to foster orphan kittens, playing with and washing them. It was very interesting to see the updated photos of her kittens, looks like they all got her big fluffy tail!

I was a bit nervous adopting an older cat but would now highly recommend it. Maddie is still so playful but is over her naughty phase. Its hard to remember a time I didn’t have her!

Thank you for taking such good care of her and her babies.
Vanessa Heron


Watson Image

Ashley; I finally have some pictures of Watson to forward.  It seems technology is not my forte and I had to wait for my oldest daughter to set me up at Christmas.  He is really a great little guy.  He was neutered and tattooed on Friday - good to get that over with - and I gather he did very well, but it's not a fun day for anyone.  Apparently he has the potential to be a rather large cat, so we are supposed to watch how much we feed him.
Anyway, the first picture is from some time ago and he's curled up with Nigel, our other cat, who took him in under his wing and taught him what needs to be learned - like how to wash.  The second picture is a more recent shot of the two of them.  Pictures 3 and 4 show him watching the Japanese fighting fish that came home from the office for the Christmas holidays.  I don't think the fish knew enough to be alarmed, and Watson spent considerable time just watching him.
He loves to sit in our front window and watch the goings on on the street.  The snow on Saturday morning was quite a treat for him to watch.  He is very affectionate and always comes to greet me when I get up in the morning.  I think he knows that breakfast is not far behind.
All the best to you in the new year, and keep up the work you are doing.  It's really worthwhile.
Lori Noga


Mary Image

We adopted a dog from you about a year and a half a go.  She was a puppy at the time named Mary, the people who had her were first time fosters and we wanted to thank them.  We renamed her Kenzie.  I lost their e-mail address so maybe this will find them somehow!
We love our crazy dog so much.  She has been a bit of handful at times!  She loves to dig up all my planters and beds and every morning is an adventure to see what repairs I will have to make!
She loves the off leash dog park and has many friends there. 
Kenzie is amazing with the our kids, although she does get a little excited at times, trying to pull them along by thier sleeves or pant legs.  She cannot be outside when we are sledding because she chases us down the hill and then tries to tackle us!  Instead she stays inside and crys her little heart out to be with us. 
We love her very much and she is a great part of our family. 
She still makes her funny yawning noise when she wakes up in the morning which is adorable.
She took a long time to house train but in the last few monthes she has been perfect with no accidents.
She is not supposed to be on the furniture but figures that is where she belongs until I come in the room.  She hears me coming and jumps off the couch to lay on the floor and look at me full of innocence. 
Although she had been challenging at times we are so greatful that we found her and made her part of our family.  She is very much a puppy still and plays like crazy with stuffies, chewing out all the eyes and then cleaning the stuffing out of them!  She gets right in the middle of any family activity and can't stand being away from us.
We can't thank nasap enough for caring for her until she could find her forever home.  She is an integral part of our family and as my 5 year old son said the other day  "Kenzie is such a pretty dog that the boy dogs wouldn't be able to resist her!  Nobody could resist her!"
We are greatful everyday that we found her and even when we want to strangle her for her crazy ways she looks at us with her expressive face like she is thinking "What??" and we cave all over again!
We are keeping our eyes open for another dog to bring home so she has a lovely friend to play with and keep active with.
Thanks again nasap, you changed our lives in such a positive and loving way that we will always keep nasap and other rescue societies in our hearts and wallets!!
Thank you for everything, we are truely blessed (she is nosing me right now for some love and attention!).
Amy, SHawn, Ava and Brayden MacKenzie


Salty Image

Salty is doing very well he is making him self right at home with us. We
love him lots and are very happy to have him in our family. He is a really
funny little thing now that he has gotten comfortable. He reminds of a cat a
lot. He likes to sleep in bed with Jamie and I and I can't say that we mind
all that much he is everything we were looking for in a dog. He has really
taken to the girls and they are very proud of there little man. Thank you
guys with Nasap for Finding us our little buddy and all of our family's best

Deana, Jamie olson and Family


Gus Image

Hi Les & Faye, you beat us to the send button. Gus is fitting right in. I think the timing of the Holidays was perfect to help him acclimatize to his new home.  There are a few attached photo's of the holidays - he seems very stressed... joking...
His favourite place to sleep is in bed with us, on Janet's head... The battle of wills begin.
We had him to the vet Monday night for his check up. Holy Jekyll & Hide. Mild mannered kitty one moment, epitome of evil the next - he really doesn't like the vet's office or the vet...
Once we got him home he was right back to normal. Our previous cat was like that as well. He did rate a clean bill of health, though could afford to loose a little weight. A post holiday observation for many of us...
So far so good
Hope you had a good festive holiday season.

John & Janet

Junie and Spike

Junie and Spike Image

Hi Mary,
I received your letter inquiring about my adoption of Junie and Spike last year.  Well, it's a bittersweet story.  Bad news first - Spike was only with us 5 days when he dashed out the door and was gone.  I put many notices up throughout our community and checked the pound and humane society for about 3 weeks to no avail.  He was a lovely cat and we were really sad to lose him.  The good news is that Junie is a happy, healthy cat and actually came out of her shell without the protection of her first brother.  About a month ago we found another brother for Junie and they're very happy together.  So once again, we're a happy cat-loving family.  Thanks for taking such loving care of the animals that you rescue and foster!
Laurel Johnston


Luna Image

Hi Mary,
I received your letter in the mail, inquiring about Luna (who I adopted in September).
She was a little timid at first but is now very comfortable.  She's learned to fish her toys out of an empty planter pot and they are everywhere.  I eventually put them all back in the planter so she can fish them out again.
Luna is quite a different cat than my previous one.  She likes only her hard crunchy food - doesn't care for canned food, or tuna, salmon, milk, cheese, yogurt or anything else.  Once in a while, she will eat some Temptations treats but not often.  She would much rather play, like a border collie dog (in fact, she looks like one).  Her favorite toy is the long furry tail attached to a plastic rod.  I drag it around and she tries to pounce on it.  And when she doesn't feel I've played enough with her, she will grab it in her mouth and drag it to the room where I am.  Then she'll drop it at my feet and wait for me to pick it up and play again!
I realized she finally felt at home when she jumped on my lap for a snooze, while I watched TV.  I think she's quite content!
Let me know if you have any other questions.  Cheers!  Susan Wong