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Shiro Image

Hi, I adopted Shiro on August 11th, 2006, and therefore have had him for 2 and half years. Here is an update on how he's doing.

Shiro and I are living at my mom and dad's right now, where he has the company of two other kitties and a dog. He gets along with them except the female though he tries to be friends though she refuses. I have learned he's a lover not a fighter, as the male likes to beat him up and he cries for help instead of defends himself. Though he does get his swipes in when my dad's cat walks away, its quite cute to watch.
When I first brought him in to my apartment before we moved to my parents he was terrified of everything. He hid for two weeks and I was afraid cause he wasn't eating or drinking.. but then I conned him out by leaving a trail of food on the floor to the food dish. It took a long time for him to get over the skiddishness. He still holds on to some fears but we're slowly working at it. In the two and half years that he's been with me, and with the help of seeing how the other animals are being treated at my parents he has opened up quite a bit since.
He has attached himself to my dad when I'm not around, which was really surprising to me cause dad wouldn't have anything to do with him. Now that I have found a place to live on my own with him, my dad won't let me take him with me. Shiro had this huge fear of children cause they are often unpredictable, especially my nephews and niece, and he refused to have anything to do with them at first. Now he has taken to sitting on my one nephew who is terrified of cats. He has this thing where he will only tolerate one hand at a time, this past Christmas the kids were all over him, and he tolerated the many hands at one time. For him that is huge accomplishment. I am so happy and proud of him.
He still fears the bathroom, which I don't understand, but he's slowly getting brave, as at my parents house while I have his food and water in my room, the other pets of the house their water is in the bathroom with the dogs food. So he's decided that if the other animals are allowed in the bathroom, so is he. So he's started drinking in the bathroom, provided nobody turns on the light or goes in there. He's also terrified of loud noises, birds and anything smaller than him that moves. He's not a huge fan of mice, which is quite funny to watch.
He still has nightmares, and quite often I have to sooth him and wake him up, then he has to cuddle almost to reassure himself that he's safe. It's heartbreaking hearing him cry. He has a very mournful meow.
Our goal right now besides getting rid of the fear of the bathroom, is to teach him how to play. But after all this time his personality is finally starting to show through from the frightened cat I brought home those years ago.

Thank you for everything that you do! And I'm happy you allowed me to have Shiro. I can't imagine life without him in it.

Rose & Shiro

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Cola Image

Cola is doing awesome,still fascinated by our 3 cats,she doesn't try to hurt them, as try to herd them.Cola is great with our 11 year old dog Misty. They chase each other around our back yard, which gives Misty the exercise she needs during the winter months as in the summer we are always at the farm or lake.  She loves water and was always playing with her water dish. Now we bought a new heavy duty self watering system she can't tip over. She will love the lake when the ice is gone.  I'm a shift worker so during the day she sleeps on our bed beside me. She loves the couch as well. She is an very affectionate dog. Last time I took her to the farm she was hilarious bounding through the deep snow and fetching the stick. She's awesome with the whole family except our oldest boy, she is sometimes  skiddish. All in all we are very happy with Cola as the newest member of our family and its so nice to see she has a new lease on life.
She love car rides, even happy to be in the covered box of my truck , with Misty. Of course on a foamy bed.
Thank you again
Very happy adopters Greg, Tracey and Family
Thanx for the work you do !!!


Molly Image

Hello Mary - yes, we adopted Molly in November and having her with us 
has been a big adjustment but that is to be expected.  She is well 
settled into our home and into a routine.  We live close to the ravine 
which takes us to the off-leash area so we walk her there just about 
everyday.  She needs a lot of exercise and is content as long as she 
gets her 2 hours of walking every day.  We enrolled in obedience 
classes and she passed Intermediate level.  The classes were excellent 
and I can't say enough positive things about our teacher and the 
benefits of attending classes.  Molly really thrived on the mental 
stimulation of the classes and also the discipline.  We have been 
fortunate to be able to continue our relationship with her foster 
parents, Breann and Dave as we have met in the off leash area for 
"play dates" on three occasions and I believe that this is very 
beneficial for Molly.  All in all we're doing well and we love Molly 
as a member of our family now.....thanks, Colleen

Porkchop and Haddie

Porkchop and Haddie Image

We just wanted to send you an update on our two NASAP dogs Porkchop and Haddie.  We adopted Porkchop in July 2003 and Haddie (formerly Kiera) in September 2007.  We’re forever grateful to NASAP (and the foster homes of Lynn and Angela) for allowing us to have them.  They provide us with so much pleasure on a daily basis and we can’t imagine life without them.  Porkchop (almost 16 years old) is a basset/spaniel cross who lives for balls, bellyrubs and treats and Haddie is a 1 ½ year old golden retriever/black lab who loves cuddling, stealing Porkchop’s toys and, most importantly, playing with her friends at the Belgravia offlead park.  The two dogs are best friends and we’re sure that Haddie has given Choppie a new lease on life.  Porkchop was very sad when our previous NASAP dog, Lanai, died of cancer in August 2007 but Haddie rejuvenated him.  Porkchop visited his foster home this past fall where he was known affectionately as Mr. MacGoo.  They were surprised to see him doing so well.  Haddie has seen her foster mom and one of her litter sisters  on a couple of occasions and we hope to continue with these visits.  Thanks again to NASAP for enhancing the lives of the animals entrusted to you and our lives too.   Neil, Merrilyn, Porkchop and Haddie   


Bear Image

Reveived your letter in regards to Bear.  He is doing great!  When we got
him he was underweight, afraid to eat (he had been bullied by another dog)
and scared to go down into our basement.

Now is shows no signs of fear when eating or going into the basement, even
when he is beside our other dog, he has put on a few needed pounds and is
happy & healthy.  He is so affectionate,  we are lucky to have found such a
gentle, loving "Bear".



Tribble Image

After the loss of our 17 year old Pommie a year ago we thought our hearts could
never be touched in the same way again. Tribble has proven us wrong.

Soon after she joined our family we drove south for the winter, and she has   become a real California girl, loving the sun and sand, and her two long walks a day. She is a little overprotective of us, and barks at anything coming our
way - people, dogs, cars, birds - but she's starting to learn that it's not always necessary.

Tribble was fairly subdued around the house at first. Now she has really blossomed. She takes inventory of her five little stuffed toys every morning and makes sure we get to tussle with each of them daily.

Soon we'll return to Edmonton, and probably some snow. It'll be interesting to see how we all adjust to that again. Meanwhile, we thank NASAP for Tribble. She has brought great joy into our lives and, more importantly, I think she feels the same.

Thanks again =
Wilma, Charlie and Tribble


Bruno Image

Hi,   Bruno is doing fantastic.  He has filled out and is 53 pounds now.  He has adjusted to all of us really well and has been a great addition to our family.  He loves his rawhide bones, and his 2 doggy beds and all the daily walks.  We are so looking forward to the spring and summer when he can go swimming in the river and ponds and run along our side on our family bike rides.  What a wonderful dog he is.            The Robinson Family  

Aspen (now Wolfie)

Aspen (now Wolfie) Image

Hello there,  I received an e-mail from Mary Pascoe-Price inquiring how Aspen (now known as Wolfie), whom we adopted in September, is doing.  Well she is doing TERRIFIC!  She is a wonderful, smart and incredibly kind dog.  She is so great with our kids (and all people) it is just amazing!  She has gone from knowing no commands at all to learning sit, stay, wait, roll over, drop it, come, etc.....and much to our relief she didn't take long at all to figure out that dogs do their "business" outside, and not on the carpet!!  She is very smart, kind, and patient....even when the kids play with her for hours on end, and even when she is exhausted, she has never once nipped at them.  We have her in doggy daycare a couple of days a week just for her benefit as she loves to socialize with other dogs.  She loves car rides and knows the routine in the morning when we drop the kids off at school and pick them up at lunch....she hops right into the car and watches every kid that comes out of the school until she sees "her kids" and then she perks right up.  Wolfie (who got her name courtesy of my seven year old daughter) comes practically everywhere with us.  She has changed our lifestyle.  We are outside more, we are more active, we plan weekends so that she can come places with us, she has been a great addition to our family.  Thanks NASAP