Please send your happy tails of NASAP animals to

Finnigan (Formerly Fips)

Finnigan (Formerly Fips) Image

Dear Nasap, 

I wanted to send an update on Finnigan (Formerly 'Fips')
It's his one year adoption day anniversary this week and I'm still as blessed to have him part of my life than the day we brought him home from his foster home.
Finn continues to be a fantastic ambassador of rescue mutts. He has completed Sentry Dogs obedience classes, he accompanies me to work every day and spends his evenings curled in a big basket with his two best cat friends and his "big" brother Munkydog. 
He fills my life, my house and my heart with love, comedy, and the best hugs. I am so fortunate to have him in my world and I have NASAP to thank for that! 
Finn and I send the best thoughts into the universe that people spay and neuter and choose adoption over purchase until every dog, cat and little critter find their forever home too. 
Thank you so much!! 
Lauren Johnston and Finnigan. 

Rolo and Montoya (now Milo and Murphy)

Rolo and Montoya (now Milo and Murphy) Image

Milo and Murphy are, in a word, gorgeous - both physically and personality wise.   While Murphy has a black coat and blond nose, Milohas a blond body and black nose.  Both have a ring of black around their tails and a shock of light coloured fur on their tummies.
As for their personalities, I don't think there are sweeter dogs in existence (no bias there!).  Truly though, they are perfection:  sweet, loving, smart and just the most wonderful guys.  They've become great friends with the cats (especially Gus) and a hit at the offleash area.
Both the boys are microchipped.  They love teeth-brushing, nail clipping, and their rag baths.  Milo and Murphy listen very well to commands - they know how to sit, come, stay, lie down, follow closely, wait etc.   And of course they know "want a treat?"!!
Thank you again for allowing us the privilege of having these furry angels in our lives.

Munchie (formerly Dandy)

Munchie (formerly Dandy) Image

I just wanted to send a little note to update you on Munchie (formerly Dandy).  Its been nearly 10 months since I brought Munchie home with me.  He has brought so much happiness and joy into my life that I can't even remember what it was like without him.  He is coming out of his shell and has taken to defending our yard from all foreign threats, mostly just the neighbor's dog.  Unfortunately, Munchie has been suffering from seizures.  The vet isn't sure what is causing them but they do not seem to harm him.  We just watch him closely and take care of him when it does happen.  He seems no worse for wear and is still the happy little snugglebug that wriggled his way into my lap and heart.  I just wanted to thank you again for providing me with such a wonderful companion. 

Bukki and Midge

Bukki and Midge Image

We got Bukki (on left) from NASAP in 2003. He was a stray from Hinton and had some issues which he overcame very well in time. He is quite the guy – all 22 lbs. of him – not a lap cat, but always wants to be close to you with his tail wagging overtime. About a year ago we decided to get a companion for him and went to NASAP where we found Midge (on right). She has a beautiful personality, quite an unassuming little girl that loves to sit in your lap and get petted. Both of them have become the best of pals, chasing each other around the house. They are part of our family and we love both of them dearly. Just wanted to share our “kids” with you, they sure have enriched our lives greatly.   Helmut & Jeanne 


Maggie Image

We adopted Maggie just a few weeks ago and we are delighted to have her in our home.  She continues to settle into our home and her personality is shining through.  She is a very playful, social dog.  She loves to be around us all the time and she likes to play with our other dog, Rainy and with our three cats as well.  She is a little overweight so we go for walks and she has free run of the acreage which she never leaves so the weight will slowly come off.Everyone in my family is so excited to have Maggie and she is so loving we couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine her not with us. Thanks NASAP!The Boyd family  

Phoebe and Georgia

Phoebe and Georgia Image

Hi Kelly,
Well, its been 8 days since I've adopted Pheobe and Georgia, and in such a short time, their personalities have really been brought out.  It started out as Georgia being the 'troublemaker' always getting into places she shouldn't be and scratching things she shouldn't be scratching while Pheobe was calm and liked to hang out on your lap being really sweet and all.  Just recently their roles were reversed, Phoebe started being the troublemaker while Georgia would be sitting pretty (same as in the picture) or like hanging out on your lap, she also tries to 'kiss' you on the lips when she's close to you.  Together, they're both really sweet.
This week I was so worried about them because I was going back to work, I thought about setting up webcams so that I can see what they're up to.  But after my first day of leaving them home alone for about 10 hours, I came home and I think they pretty much slept the whole time I was gone.  I left out some extra food for them to eat but I don't think any of it was touched.  I came through the door and they come strolling in from my bedroom like, 'Hey what's up?'.  So now I have no worries about leaving them at home when I'm gone to work.



Maddie Image

Hi Ashley,
Here are some recent pictures of Maddie, you can see she has really filled out.
The back of the couch on the cream blanket is one of her favorite spots to sit.

Im so happy I adopted her, she is loads of fun and very sweet. She follows me around and helps me to foster orphan kittens, playing with and washing them. It was very interesting to see the updated photos of her kittens, looks like they all got her big fluffy tail!

I was a bit nervous adopting an older cat but would now highly recommend it. Maddie is still so playful but is over her naughty phase. Its hard to remember a time I didn’t have her!

Thank you for taking such good care of her and her babies.
Vanessa Heron


Watson Image

Ashley; I finally have some pictures of Watson to forward.  It seems technology is not my forte and I had to wait for my oldest daughter to set me up at Christmas.  He is really a great little guy.  He was neutered and tattooed on Friday - good to get that over with - and I gather he did very well, but it's not a fun day for anyone.  Apparently he has the potential to be a rather large cat, so we are supposed to watch how much we feed him.
Anyway, the first picture is from some time ago and he's curled up with Nigel, our other cat, who took him in under his wing and taught him what needs to be learned - like how to wash.  The second picture is a more recent shot of the two of them.  Pictures 3 and 4 show him watching the Japanese fighting fish that came home from the office for the Christmas holidays.  I don't think the fish knew enough to be alarmed, and Watson spent considerable time just watching him.
He loves to sit in our front window and watch the goings on on the street.  The snow on Saturday morning was quite a treat for him to watch.  He is very affectionate and always comes to greet me when I get up in the morning.  I think he knows that breakfast is not far behind.
All the best to you in the new year, and keep up the work you are doing.  It's really worthwhile.
Lori Noga