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Gus Image

Hi Les & Faye, you beat us to the send button. Gus is fitting right in. I think the timing of the Holidays was perfect to help him acclimatize to his new home.  There are a few attached photo's of the holidays - he seems very stressed... joking...
His favourite place to sleep is in bed with us, on Janet's head... The battle of wills begin.
We had him to the vet Monday night for his check up. Holy Jekyll & Hide. Mild mannered kitty one moment, epitome of evil the next - he really doesn't like the vet's office or the vet...
Once we got him home he was right back to normal. Our previous cat was like that as well. He did rate a clean bill of health, though could afford to loose a little weight. A post holiday observation for many of us...
So far so good
Hope you had a good festive holiday season.

John & Janet

Junie and Spike

Junie and Spike Image

Hi Mary,
I received your letter inquiring about my adoption of Junie and Spike last year.  Well, it's a bittersweet story.  Bad news first - Spike was only with us 5 days when he dashed out the door and was gone.  I put many notices up throughout our community and checked the pound and humane society for about 3 weeks to no avail.  He was a lovely cat and we were really sad to lose him.  The good news is that Junie is a happy, healthy cat and actually came out of her shell without the protection of her first brother.  About a month ago we found another brother for Junie and they're very happy together.  So once again, we're a happy cat-loving family.  Thanks for taking such loving care of the animals that you rescue and foster!
Laurel Johnston


Luna Image

Hi Mary,
I received your letter in the mail, inquiring about Luna (who I adopted in September).
She was a little timid at first but is now very comfortable.  She's learned to fish her toys out of an empty planter pot and they are everywhere.  I eventually put them all back in the planter so she can fish them out again.
Luna is quite a different cat than my previous one.  She likes only her hard crunchy food - doesn't care for canned food, or tuna, salmon, milk, cheese, yogurt or anything else.  Once in a while, she will eat some Temptations treats but not often.  She would much rather play, like a border collie dog (in fact, she looks like one).  Her favorite toy is the long furry tail attached to a plastic rod.  I drag it around and she tries to pounce on it.  And when she doesn't feel I've played enough with her, she will grab it in her mouth and drag it to the room where I am.  Then she'll drop it at my feet and wait for me to pick it up and play again!
I realized she finally felt at home when she jumped on my lap for a snooze, while I watched TV.  I think she's quite content!
Let me know if you have any other questions.  Cheers!  Susan Wong


Nelson Image

Nelson was adopted July 24, 2008.  Just a few short months before, I lost my beloved cat, Solomyn of 11 years to cancer.  When I saw Nelson advertised on the website, I just knew.  He was to be my new boy.  "Oh, you picked a good one" I was told by his foster mom.  Needless to say, it was love at first sight.  Nelson is now fondly called 'Cedar', but I often call him Buddy, cause that's what he is.  He gazes at you with those sapphire eyes and you are smitten all over again.  He seals your fate when you pick him up and he actually stretches his 'arms' up to reach for you.  Cedar has been suffering from a respiratory ailment from the beginning, likely due being lost in the woods for who knows how long.  It has been diagnosed as Sinusitis, which isn't contagious, but he is on antibiotics alot in order to get rid of it for good.  He's a good boy and takes it all in stride, from pills, to liquid to humidifying treatments to loosen things up.  Currently, he's been great and I'm crossing my fingers that we nipped his condition in the butt.  I wouldn't trade him for anything.  He is just the nicest cat ever! 
His story was that he was found wandering in the woods, starving.  I can't possibly imagine him starving as he is a whopping 15 pounds and me thinks he needs a new diet plan! 
Even though I have two older cats and one other new addition (who looks alot like him and my deceased boy, Solomyn--what can I say?  I have a strong weakness for flame points), I am extremely bonded with Cedar and it amazes me just how strong it is. 
I hope that Cedar and I have many many years together and I thank you for such a wonderful new friend!
Here are a couple of pics of him, one pictured with his new little 'brother', Simon.  Cedar looks a little spaced out but he's just so easy going!
Cedar and I wish you and all the critters a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009!


Marley Image

Marley is doing wonderful.  When we decided to get a second cat, we were looking for one that would fit in well with our family.  Our cat Rudy was lonely after my daughter recently moved, taking her two cats with her.  Although Rudy was already three years old, he was still very playful and frisky.  He really enjoyed playing with the others and was obviously lonely when they left.  

We also have two border collies, so the new addition had to be tolerant with dogs as well.   I couldn't have imagined a better fit.  Although we anticipated a couple week "break in" period, it wasn't  even required.  After the first day, Marley seemed quite comfortable in his new home and his calm, easy going nature made it easy for Rudy to accept him.  He was very quick to claim his spot on the bed as well!!

Rudy and Marley have become great friends and they regularly romp through the house playing together.    Over Christmas, we had an extra two cats and two dogs visiting, and amazingly enough all the animals interacted well and the holidays were great!

We couldn't be more pleased with Marley.  We love him so much already.   We are very happy to provide him with his forever home and expect Marley and Rudy to have a long, happy friendship!!

Thank you NASAP for the work you do!

Hammer (formerly Hudson)

Hammer (formerly Hudson) Image

Hello NASAP staff
It has been a couple months since we brought Hammer( formerly known as Hudson) home, and he has fit into our house just fine.  He is a very active puppy and loves to keep us busy!  Hammer continues to change his looks everyday, and the Vet is very intrested to see what his secondary breed may be! He is getting to be a big boy, but still thinks he can be a lap dog!
We love Hammer so much, and are very thankful that we were choosen to take him home with us!
Thank you very much all NASAP staff for all the great work that you do! A special thanks to Angela for choosing us and for being so great during the adoption process!
Please keep up the great work
take care
From  Lyndsay,Jonathan and Hammer
I have added a picture ofHammer and some of the toys that Santa brought him!!


Gabby Image

Just to bring you up to date about Gabby.  We thought of renaming her but given how vocal she is Gabby is just the right name.
Gabby has fit in well and is a very gentle and affectionate cat.  She plays like a kitten and is over her initial fear of her new home; she sleeps with us on the bed and spends most of her time with her 'people'.
Gabby is facinated with animal shows on TV and watches Equator HD for hours.
Many thanks to NASAP for bringing us together!

Katy (previously Princess)

Katy (previously Princess) Image


Just thought we'd let you know that Katy (we changed her name shortly after she decided to stay with us) has settled seamlessly into our family. She is a very patient and gentle cat, and is extremely tolerant of our kids. No matter how much they hug/pet/cuddle her, she remains relaxed and calm. She loves chasing her laser pointer, and her favourite spot for a nap is under the Christmas tree.  Once the holiday season is over I'm sure she'll move back to "her" chair in front of the living room window so she can watch for the kids getting off the school bus.

Deciding to adopt Katy was one of the best decisions our family has made.  We are thrilled with how well she fits into our lives (or how well we fit into hers!) and consider ourselves fortunate to have her a part of our family.

Sean, Kirsten, Stephen and Sarah Royer