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Honey Image

Hi There,
It's me Honey.  I've been thinking about NASAP lately as it has been over 1 year since my adoption.  Things are going great for me, I am very happy in my home and with a family that loves me.  I wouldn't say that I'm spoiled, but it's pretty close to that.  I enjoy my multiple walks each day and look forward to when my family comes home at the end of the day.  One of my favorite things to do each day is wake up my 3 year old best friend Regan for daycare.  My next favorite thing to do is bring my owners a ball and harrass them until they throw it for me.  My owners tell me that I am a very smart girl, that I master tricks very fast.  One of my favorite tricks is to roll over, although I need a little help at the end because of missing back leg.  But believe me, this does not slow me down at all.  In fact I don't even notice this, nor do most people until they are up close to me. 
Thanks again NASAP and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Sookie Image

Just wanted to give you an update on Sookie (now Molly).  She is doing great, spending time at the offleash park, doggie daycare and with her sisters.  She is growing fast, she gained over 3 pounds in a week!  She has conned us into sleeping in our bed and is enjoying the good life!   She is a great pup, very well behaved and we're loving having her around.

Nico (formerly Ashlie)

Nico (formerly Ashlie) Image

Hi Ash,
Hope you are doing well.
As you can see our little girl is growing up & quite the poser!
We would sure like it if you could sometime come out to Leduc to see Nico Ashlie & her brother Kuffs.
Take care,
Kathy & Brian


Maggy Image

Hi Ashley,

Sorry, I got somewhat busy with work and never got to e-mail you. Maggy has adapted wonderfully and now is a happy member of our household. There is still some chasing around going on with the dog every-once-in-a-while but I think she understands that he won't be harming her, so it's more of a game now. Sometimes they sit in the same room for hours without anything, and then all of a sudden the dog gets up to chase her, she gets under a couch, hisses at him and tries to paw him on the nose, after a minute of jumping around and sniffing, the dog goes back the his corner and Maggy comes out to go back to her corner and everything is back to normal... She's put on some weight, although I am not free-feeding her and I am making sure that she doesn't get more than she needs. She was a little on the skinny side, so I guess this is good news as long as she doesn't keep putting on more weight. I got some little balls and mice for her and she loves playing with them around the house. She also wakes me up every morning around 5 by meowing and licking my face. I would have never imagined that I could wake up at 5am with a smile on my face :)

I've made a little Picasa album where I post Maggy's pictures. There aren't many of them as she is not very cooperative. She lies there looking at me for hours without moving, but as soon as I take the camera in my hand, she starts walking around me and trying to jump on my lap. So out of the 10s of pictures I took, these were the only ones that turned out... Here's the link:

Thanks a lot for following up on her. Hope things are going fine and more little ones are finding happy homes at NASAP.




Hanna Image


Hanna is doing sooo good. Here is a picture from the summer of her. Take care.


Xander and Lois

Xander and Lois Image

I just wanted to give you an update on both Xander and Lois who are both doing great. We actually ran into one of Lois's daughters at the dog park today. Please find attached pictures of Lois and Xander.

Rooh (formerly Alice)

Rooh (formerly Alice) Image

Hi Ashley,
I just wanted to let you know that she is so big now and beautiful. Her tail is like a skunks. Shes that prettiest cat i have ever seen! She is still so sweet, i was sick in bed for 5 days and she didn't leave my side. I think she knew i needed her. Dave and the kids couldn't believe it, how she slept with me and would follow me around almost to make sure i was okay. She would even try to jump at the door when i was in the bathroom. I wish they would have video taped it. But here a pic of her favoriate new toy. she loves beer boxes she cuddles up and sleeps in them and loves jumping in and out of them. silly girl.


Stella Image

Hey Ashley,
Just wanted to let you know that Stella is doing great and that we couldn't be happier with her. I really can't believe how much she and her hair has grown since I first picked her up from your place!!
She got through her spay like a champ.....I was pretty proud of her.
Here is a pic that we took a month or so ago.