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Mysis (formerly Monkey)

Mysis (formerly Monkey) Image


Just letting you all know that Mysis (Monkey) is quite happy tearing aound the house, watching the bird and fish and pouncing on a not to happy senior cat! He happily enjoys his cat walks and spends his day following me around the house. He purrs like a chainsaw and has the quietest meow (opposite our older kitty!)



Clive Image

Hi Kelly and Jenny
Just a short note thankimg you for letting me adopt Clive. I brought him home just two short weeks ago and it's like he has been here all his life.The first night he was a little nervous of his new big brothers Ralph and Robbie and he hissed at them as they tried to get close, by the morning he was chasing Robbie up and down rhe stairs and following Ralph around. He has settled in very well, hr leads the morning stampede for breakfast and loves to give me all the news when I return from work- he is very vocal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My only problem is that I may need a bigger bed as three kitties and myself take up too much space and I fear I may be the one who falls out as my area seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Clive is also the computer kitty, he is helping me as I type this message.
Once again thank you for Clive he is a joy and has brought so much fun and new life to this home, best wishes to you all at Nasap, I am showing all my friends the website.
Clive Ralph Robbie and Paula{opener of the can!!!!!}

Roonie (formerly Camille)

Roonie (formerly Camille) Image

What a cute surprise it was to find Roonie (formely Camille) on the NACAP web site. Roonie was a very affectionate dog right from the start. It only took a day or two for her to feel right at home. She is best of friends with Cassidy our 13 YO Shepperd/Rottie cross. Cassidy is about 90% deaf & 75% blind & when we go walking Roonie goes & gets Cassidy to bring her back to us when she gets confused & lost. Roonie is friends with everybody. She has a fan club of neighbors that come by to pet her & say hi. She weighs about 65 pounds & fits just nicely on my or my wifes laps. We also had to upgrade from a queen to a king so we had enough bed space. Roonie & Cassidy have a 7' by 14' run complete with two insulated dog houses, a roof a south facing wall & a ice big couch to share. In the winter they stay on the couch even if they are covered with snow. She is a sucker for a soft surface. Both dogs are regulars at JP Parker Park. They love it there...lots of dogs to play with & treats to hustle.
Thank you NASAP for taking care of Roonie until we found her in your care.

Michel & Christine Lamontagne


Bosco Image

Just a long term update on Bosco, a young cat we adopted through NASAP in the Spring of 2004.......actually, he choose us!!
Bosco was a one year old stray found at the Bosco Homes development, and turned over to NASAP. He is living proof that stray cats can make excellent additions to the family. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever seen - he is LOVE on four furry paws. Not satisfied with sitting on your lap, he wants to be held and cuddled constantly. He thrives on attention - the more the better. Judging from his relaxed pose in the attached photos, we have proven ourselves worthy of his boundless affection. Like most cats, he enjoys an afternoon snooze on a sunlit window sill, chasing a feather on a string, and his "treats". But most of all, he loves being around people...preferably in their arms!

Calypso (now Callie)

Calypso (now Callie) Image

We want to thank you for allowing us to adopt Callie(phonetic Cal-lie), formerly Calypso. She is such a sweet little one with a great personality and true charm. She wins the heart of everyone she meets. Her training is going well; she is a quick study. She is playful and loving and is always wanting to please. The vet appointments have gone well and she is looking good. She really wants to play with our cat, Dexter; however, he isn't too sure he wants to wrestle with a puppy. Dexter just goes about his business taking his loving whenever he chooses anyways (a true cat). They will be good friends in the future, I think. She loves her bed and chew toys. She also loves to fetch and receive the yummy treats and loves mom gives her. Puppy school starts at the end of the month and it will be lots of fun. The kids just love her and have developed an early bond. She has already found "special" places she likes to crash and be close to us, under the table and in the kids plush chairs. We are really enjoying her now and are looking forward to camping in the summer with her. Thanks again to all of you and we wish you well.
Tina, Jeff, Sara, Kyle, Callie and Dexter


Shaw Image

Thank you for your followup letter regarding how Shaw is doing. He is adjusting well considering he was a very confused boy when I brought him home; he had been given up for adoption, fostered with one person for a short time, then on to Abby for a short time, then to his "forever" home with me shortly after. I think he is still expecting someone to take him elsewhere, as whenever I have visitors, he hides then slowly comes out.
Not being sure of his history I'm going to guess that it was a big man who took him from his home and left him at the vet for adoption out, as my poor Dad, who is a big man, has only seen Shaw briefly, as Shaw hides whenever my Dad comes over, and even when I hold Shaw and let Dad rub him and speak softly to him, as soon as he can, Shaw runs away and hides and does not come back out unitl after Dad has left. My Dad absolutely adored my original two cats, and since Shaw looks very much like them, Dad's heart melted when he met him. . . and he is still crushed that Shaw is scared of him. I hope that some day Shaw will come to realize that my Dad is no threat, but rather, another set of hands to be rubbed by, and another lap to keep warm in.
Shaw is definitely a lap cat, as if I sit on sofa for any length of time and stretch my legs out onto the footstool, I have a cat in my lap in no time; then he slowly stretches until his is laying full length between my legs, with his head way down past my knees. . . he burrows into the space between the legs and falls asleeps in no time. He is too cute!
He only came with two bad habits; one, he does not stay off counters (but we are working on this) and he still likes to bite, but slowly he is doing this less and less. Oh! the other thing he absolutely hates and is a challenge for me, is clipping his nails. He squirms so hard trying to get away, and has succeeded a few times, but I'm sure over time (like with my other two) he will get used to it.
Overall I am thrilled with my little buddy and look forward to many more wonderful years of companionship. I'm attaching a few pictures of him for you.


Purrcilla Image

I adopted Purrcilla on May 8th. I can’t even imagine not having her around anymore - she is such a joy to have around! EVERYONE who meets her falls in love with her! She gives the best cuddles and likes purring up a storm while kneading on my neck while snuggling up right under my chin. She is so sweet and has the softest, scratchy meow. She is such a happy little cat that has the best personality and she really LOVES to play! She loves to chase feathers that are on a string as I drag them under the area rug….she loves to pounce on them. She also loves to chase the laser…..she can’t quite figure out why she can’t catch it!?! She keeps all her favorite toys in a little “play area” that she decided she needs to keep by the front door. It took a while my other cat, Lily, to accept her but they do get along pretty good now (although they do have the occasional tiff like any other sisters do). I am so thankful to have found Purrcilla as my home would not be complete without her! Thanks to NASAP for all the great work they do for animals in need of a new start.


Isabelle Image

Isabelle is doing great.  She is a very good dog - she loves going for her daily run.  She especially l oved her kiddie pool in the summer.  She has many toys but her favourites are a stufed jack that squeaks and a ball on a rope.  She teases/plays with our Shepherd and usually isn't too far away from him.  She is a happy little girl.