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Lilly Image

Dale and I have been very busy with the house and yard.We are both on holidays at the moment and have just finally finished building a new fence to replace the old rotten one.Have to have a good inclosed yard for the dog!
   I have also been meaning to burn some pics of the "pup" for my Uncle and Aunt in Calgary, since we forever take pictures of Lily.Probably have around 600 so far.Would be happy to burn another DVD if you like...just need your mailing adress.
    Dale has been doing an excellant job of training Lily.She knows the sit and down,gives hugs,and walks very well. She even picks up her toys outside and puts them away in her toy box.She knows to be on the kitchen carpet when we eat or entertain.She gets fed twice a day at 6 am and 6pm, and has never had people food, and never will.That said,she has never begged for food.
  She gets walks 3 times a day for atleast a half hour around the neighborhood,has met many people and animals, and is very well behaved.
As a bonus,she doesnt bark...very very quiet dog.
  I just took her for a 3 hour walk last Sunday night.Both very tired after that one!
 She has her toilet area on one side of our nook outside,and I have the other side to BBQ.
She plays on the larger backyard area and doesnt pee on the good grass out there.
  We actually just had her groomed at Petsmart or petcetra,always get them mixed up.....just yesterday.They gave her a great haircut and shampoo and did her nails.
  She sleeps on a blanket on the floor at the foot of our bed, and spends most of the day while we are at work in a large kennel.
I go out with her in the yard for half an hour in the morning for a coffee,and when I bring her in,I just say Kennel, and she races inside the kennel happy.
 At times my Mom also stops by to check up on her and let her out around 12 noon.
   We have no issues at all with her.Again Dales done all the work at teaching her.
   The two pics I included would have been the first week we got her since we also were taking care of the neighbors cat.Ill email you a few more by themselves since it goes faster.
  She does have all shots,licenses,and has been spayed.The last pic emailed will be from yesterday,from the groomers,trying on her new back pack.
She wants to carry my beer on the walks!


Cooter Image

This is a note to follow up our adoption of Cooter. He is doing great!!! We love having him at our house and he has adjusted well. It only took me a week and he learned how to sit. We are still working on come and he has come a long way. He still chews things occasionally but that's a sign to me that he needs to go get more exercise. He gets along great with both kids although sometimes the baby crying is a little stressful but then he justs goes into his kennel and is happy there. He sure likes his rawhides and constantly has one on the go. He gets along great with the other dogs in our family and plays nice when they come to visit. He has gotten out and ran away a few times but we have always managed to catch him again and then he acts so sorry for what he did.
I'm so happy that we adopted him and it's hard to imagine our family without him. He is doing wonderfully and is generally a pretty happy dog. Thanks!!!!
Adrienne, Aaron, Jonas and Lana


Chopper Image

Chopper has become the joy of our family.  She is a spoiled little girl now and is always busy running around searching out new experiences and smells.  Her smile and tail wagging are non-stop.  My family and I adore her and she brings so much happiness to our little family.  We are ecstatic to have her in our lives.
Thank you NASAP, Myron and Madison for being there for Chopper in her time of need.
Gratefully yours,
Maria and Family

Kayla (Previously Noella)

Kayla (Previously Noella) Image

We wanted to provide an update on Noella (now Kayla). She had adapted well and loves her new home. She is very cuddly, loves to fetch her frog and running in the sand at the beach. We are happy to see her gaining weight and becoming more comfortable in her new environment. We are looking forward to obedience class with her this fall and perhaps some agility (she's quiet a jumper!). We are so happy to have her and grateful to NASAP (and Barb) for taking such great care of her.
Kim & Mike Pejs


Pumpkin Image

Hello All,
I received a letter today asking how Pumpkin is. Well, where do you want me start! LOL. She is doing fabulous and has worked her way into our hearts like no other cat has done. She has her own spot on the beds where she sleeps. Yes, I did say beds. LOL. She is usually up at 0600 hrs and running around the house like a mad hatter with all her toys, then after that she is back to her scratch post sound a sleep again. {Talk about a cats life!}. Right now she is walking around the house talking to Monika my wife which she does on a regular bases. You can hold a continuous conversation with her like a regular person. Come to think about it probably more of an intelligent conversation than a person!!! Sparky and Pumpkin usually sleep together on the beds or on the futon. Where ever Sparky is, Pumpkin is not far behind. They are like husband and wife. She is always grunting when ever they are walking around the house together as if she is talking to Sparky telling him what they should get into next. I must say that she is a VERY happy cat and an absolute joy to have around the house. Pumpkin is one cat who came into our house and made herself right at home with no fuss or muss. Well, I must go and some sleep, I have included some pictures for everyone. I will try to email every once in a while just to update everyone. Take care, and keep up the good work that you are all doing. Paul Salandini
P.S.- The one picture is the Princess in her new bed that we got. The other is Sparky and Pumpkin on the futon and Spray is being camera shy.


Callie Image

Callie is doing very well.  She settled in amazingly fast.  She loves daycare.  She has completed the first levels of obedience and agility, demonstrating her intelligence and willingness to work (especially if treats are involved) at every turn.  She is loved by everyone who meets her.  I barely remember what life was like before she became part of my family.
I attach a few pictures of one of her favourite activities: snow dog angels.
thank you for bringing us together,

Emma and Elliot (previously Yari)

Emma and Elliot (previously Yari) Image

Hi Ashley,

Here are some pictures of Elliot and Emma. They have the run of the house but seem to spend most of their time on the gym looking out the window. Emma is the sweet and cuddly one. Elliot only cuddle’s when he wants to sleep, otherwise he just plays.

Kristi Wollman


Ashlie Image

HI Ashley,
Little Ashlie is doing fantastic & she had the rest of her boosters today, along with a rabies shot. She is now 4.6 lbs & she is bad.....Brian said she is full of hell! She is something, but she makes us laugh & Kuffs just loves her. We love her so much too & can't imagine not having her in our family. Hope things are great with you. Take care & keep in touch.
Kathy, Brian, Kuffs & Ashlie