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Baxter Image

 Just wanted to send a little note to let you know how Baxter is doing.  It’s been 6 years now since we got him from you and we can’t imagine life without him.  He was our first dog (the fourth pet though, he had 3 kitty sisters to get used to).  He is now one of 3 dogs and 2 cats (we lost one of our babies to cancer last year) but he is still the biggest baby of them all.  Baxter pretty much demands all the affection from everyone in the house.  He has even taken to playing a hypochondriac when you ask “are you ok?”.  He will cough and sneeze until you pet him!!!!  I have video of it and if I can figure out how to compress it, I will attach it as well!  Thanks very much for Baxter and for all the awesome work you do!  Thank you as well for our Chevi, our heeler/terrier X!  She was adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society in December of 2002 but after doing a little research we found out she had spent some time in one of your foster homes as a puppy.  We got her when she was 7 months old after many different homes.  The first thing she did was eat our leather couch!!!  Oh well, it needed to be fixed anyway!  Our last baby is from the Animal Rescue Foundation in Calgary but as you can see by the photos, they look like they are related (except for the photo with the black lab, he was a temporary visitor for a year while my brother built his house!). Reagan Blower & Mark Crichton


Lincoln Image

Just a little update on Lincoln :)    He is doing really well!   He's getting bettter with seeing other dogs while on leash thankfully.  We now get him to sit/stay (on leash) and we wait for the other dog to pass.  This puts him in a more submissive position, and he's busy focussed on us, waiting to be given the next command, so he's not quite so "hyped" up.  He's still really excited, and he wants desparately to get off leash and go chase the other dog, but he's getting it under control slowly but surely.
As far as life around the house, he's pretty much totally at home and very happy!   He's great in the crate when we go out (rare). We give him peanut butter in his kong to keep him busy and it's the only time he gets that treat, so he's likes to go in the crate now :)  
His day has a very predictable routine and he really likes that.  He's happiest when he knows exactly what to do next - just like little kids!  Lincoln LOVES school time.  We have a schoolroom set up in our bonus room, and Lincoln is the first one in place for school!  :)  He especially loves read aloud time, he even has his own blanket just like the kids do for lying on while I read aloud from chapter books.  He loves to be where the action is!   He also really likes to hang out in the garage with Kelly.  We have a hook to tie his leash to if the garage door is open as we live on a rather busy road.  Not to mention, that he would take off if he saw another dog or a cat!  We don't him to get run over!!!!  He has his own mat to lay on and he has a ball out there with the kids and Kelly.  He LOVES to go out there and he gets really excited if you ask him if he wants to go out "in the garage".
Lincoln's routine is like this:
5:15am wake up
5:30-6:15 walk with me
6:15 breakfast
6:20 nylabone chew time on his bed next to me while I check emails etc. 
6:45 wake up kids (FAVORITE TIME -  he is PRO at blasting the teens out of bed and into the shower!!!!!)
Morning chore assistance (HAHAHAHA) more like follow Mom and Megan around getting underfoot :)
9am Schooltime!
10:30  playbreak outside with kids - ball toss, wubba throw, etc...
back to school
noon - lunchtime
playtime outside with kids and walk around block
chores/baking (he loves to "help" me in the kitchen, hahahaha)
truck ride for sports/activites circuit
5-6pm or so - supper
more playtime outside or garage time with Daddy
evening routine, little kids to tuck in (Lincoln is great at kissing them goodnight and he even gets his teeth brushed when the kids do - which he loves, by the way... he waits all excited by the toilet where we sit to brush his chompers!)
finally a snooze on the dog bed while we unwind and watch tv etc.
9:30pm bedtime
Lincoln insists on sleeping in our room now.  He was in with the girls, but because he is one smart dog, he KNOWS that Kelly and I "run the show", so he wants to sleep with the "boss dogs" at night.  Funny puppy.  Megan is ok with it, b/c she understands his need for his place in the "pack" aka - our family. 
He is fed 3 small meals/day and he gets lots of treats while training throughout the day.  We took your advice and we give him a little treat when he responds to coming right away or even looking up at us when we whistle or call him.  He's really reliable about resonding to that now even though we don't always give him a treat each time anymore. 
We haven't gone to the dog park a lot lately because we wanted to work on recall more with him first.  He is getting good at coming while distracted - we are purposely doing that - having him enaged in something interesting with someone, and then calling him.  We reward with a special treat (like steak trimmings or garlic sausage etc.) at those times so he is more programmed and inspired to come even if he's "busy".  Still a work in progress... but doing great.
He has had a couple accidents in the house, but INTERESTINGLY (ha, ha), only in select circumstances.  Once when I went away for the weekend, he pooped upstairs twice!  He was mad that I was gone, I think...  hahahaha.  The other time, was when Megan and I were out for a few hours and the teens were at home sick (rarely are they here without me home).  He peed on Megans' bed!  Again, he was mad that he didn't get to come with us, I think.  We did not leave him in his crate, b/c the boys were home to look after him.  What a little stinker!!!!!
Anyways, just thought we'd update...  he's great and we love him like mad!  He's so loving and unbelieveably sweet.  He adores being right where we are all the time, I can't imagine a dog of this personality being in a home where he was left alone in the day - he would be so sad and bored.  He thinks he's one of us!

Snax (formerly Mork)

Snax (formerly Mork) Image

Snax is doing so well with our family, we love him so much. He is now enrolled in obedience training. He loves his off leash dog park adventures and removing all the stuffing from his toys. And was recently neutered which has calmed down some of his bad behaviours.  

Maggie (previously Wendy)

Maggie (previously Wendy) Image

Maggie is a cute little girl; she has a good ''personality''. The day after she got home, she sleeps on me. She was so cute. She always wants to play with her new friend Neo the big cat. She loves to be handling on my arm and she sleeps every night in my bed with Neo. Sometimes she jumps on my legs for playing and she very funny. She is like a little dog, she wakes up when I wake up, she follows me everywhere and she loves to be cuddle. She always does ''ronron'' when I touch here. All people in the house like here. She's just a sweet and happy little girl who give so much to here new family. Thank you NASAP.


Trixie Image

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know how much fun I am having.
When I first came to live here Great Uncle MacTavish thought it great fun to make me roll over into the pond! Boy was that scary! Now we play hide and seek through the raspberries and under the spruce trees. I especially like hiding in the goats foot! I charge in and out and make Mac play chase!
I graduated from Puppy School 3 weeks ago and Mom says I will start the next level of "school" after Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait.
Mom rewarded me with a beautiful red heart that flashes when I play with MacTavish after dark in the off leash park. Mac likes to herd all the puppies especially  the beagles! He thinks that everyone needs to stay close together to be safe! I have also learned a lot about cats in my house!
When I was little, I could crawl under the beds and the big chair in the TV Room. Now that I am bigger, I can't hide there anymore!
Here is a picture of me when I first came home, with Great Uncle MacTavish and my graduation. I'm a big girl now!!! 
Love to my littermates and Mom!  Trixie


Skeeter Image

Just to let you know that Skeeter is doing great and settled in with out animals wonderfully, and with the new baby.


Honey Image

Hi There,
It's me Honey.  I've been thinking about NASAP lately as it has been over 1 year since my adoption.  Things are going great for me, I am very happy in my home and with a family that loves me.  I wouldn't say that I'm spoiled, but it's pretty close to that.  I enjoy my multiple walks each day and look forward to when my family comes home at the end of the day.  One of my favorite things to do each day is wake up my 3 year old best friend Regan for daycare.  My next favorite thing to do is bring my owners a ball and harrass them until they throw it for me.  My owners tell me that I am a very smart girl, that I master tricks very fast.  One of my favorite tricks is to roll over, although I need a little help at the end because of missing back leg.  But believe me, this does not slow me down at all.  In fact I don't even notice this, nor do most people until they are up close to me. 
Thanks again NASAP and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Sookie Image

Just wanted to give you an update on Sookie (now Molly).  She is doing great, spending time at the offleash park, doggie daycare and with her sisters.  She is growing fast, she gained over 3 pounds in a week!  She has conned us into sleeping in our bed and is enjoying the good life!   She is a great pup, very well behaved and we're loving having her around.