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Moby (Now Molson)

Moby (Now Molson) Image

About 3 weeks ago, my youngest daughter and I were at the Petsmart on Calgary Trail picking up treats for our 2 dogs.  We always go looks at the cats and give them warm wishes , even though allergies prevent us from having one ourselves.  This particular day I started flipping through the N.A.S.A.P book and fell in love immediately with the goofiest guy in there! Moby!!  Well, needless to say we really didn't need another dog, so we went on our way.  That weekend we went camping and goofball Moby was still in my brain. We got back, and I went directly to the N.A.S.A.P website to see if he was still available. I really didn't think he would be because he was just so handsome!  We finally got to meet in real life and I really thought "Well, he's probably not that great in person." I was right he was amazing!!  We fell in love right away! I found out that Moby had actually been in foster care for more than 6 months!!

 There is a reason that Molson (that's his new name) needed to be with us, I don't know what it is yet, but I feel it!  We are getting used to his sense of humor (you were right Helena it is weird!), and just loving him to bits! He has a new brother,a golden named Geronimo and a new sister a shih tzu called Zoe. Molson also has 2 human brothers and 2 human sisters!  It feels as though he has always been with us, he is our family now.
  Thank you so much to everyone at NASAP who gives these animals the care they deserve, thank you to Helena, Molson's foster mom, who really did an amazing job of taking care of him and making sure he was adopted by the right forever family!
Love,  The Borgeson Family
           Kate, Bernie, Hannah, Spencer, Frasier, Amy, Zoe, Geronimo, and Molson 

Aurora and Roxie (previously Luka and Teija)

Aurora and Roxie (previously Luka and Teija) Image

Hi Pat!

It's Madisen, I adopted Luka and Teija (the surrendered mom and baby) about 2 months ago now. I thought I, 'we' would give you an update on how they are doing. Both of them are happy, and playful, I have never been more in love withanything in my life! After being here a while they didn't seem to suit their names, so the baby is now Aurora (or roar) and the mom's new name is Roxie. They have made friends with the cat in the suite next door and enjoy talking back and forth. Roar, I have discovered, loves showers. It's the strangest thing. The day I brought her home I couldn't take my eyes off her, so I got in the shower with the door and curtain open so I could see her and the little thing jumped right in with me! Ever since she'll shower with me, sitting on the edge or the side of the tub, she is adoreable. The mom is my buddy for sure, she wont let me leave the room without confirmation on where I'm going. They are in a good home as far as I'm concerned. Thanks so much for taking care of them till they found their way to me.


Roxie, Rora and Madisen


Penny Image

Penny has been a part of our household for one month now.  She has had her dental surgery and pulled through like a little trooper.  She is a sweet loving little girl and loves her new sister Murphy.  As needed, she has gained a little weight.  She loves playing with all her stuffed toys.  Thank you NASAP for allowing us to have such a sweetheart in our lives!


Kingsley Image

Just wanted to send a more recent picture of Kingsley (formerly Dancer) and give you a little update.  He's been such a dream dog, just far too easy for words!  He graduated from Intermediate Obedience this spring, even though it was clear that he'd never had any obedience training before.  He's just so eager to please that he picked up on everything in the class - our trainer was very impressed!  He's as cuddly as ever, and gets goofier by the day.  You should see him playing by himself, which involves lots of jumping straight up in the air - too funny!  And his confidence around other, larger dogs has grown so much, that we're actually able to take him to the off-leash park without him vomiting from nerves.  We've had him around many children lately, and he's ever so gentle and happy to be around them.   My favorite thing about him is when he settles down for the night and lets out a huge-manly-growly sigh from sheer happiness.  He's been the perfect addition and we couldn't ask for a more perfect dog for us. 
I thank NASAP everyday at some point for bringing him home to us... Natasha


Shiloh Image

Shiloh has been doing really awesome - she does still have accidents in the house and she loves to chew but slowly we are working on it.  She has become one of the family.    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have Shiloh as part of our family
Melissa and children

Taylor and Emily (previously Tiny)

Taylor and Emily (previously Tiny) Image

Dear Pat,

We've had a fantastic few days with Emily (formerly known as Tiny) and Taylor. They get along fabulously with each other - love to play with, groom, and sleep together - and really seem to adore us, too. Taylor purrs and cuddles almost as much as Emily! They are both very, very sweet, and we now can hardly imagine our lives without them. We truly couldn't be happier. They are loving and gentle with us and get along so well together, too. Thanks so much for your help and patience.


Sydney Image

We took Sydney home last night. She is doing fantastic. Right now she is asleep on our bed on a big pillow. She was outside today (we only take our cats out when we are out with them - they NEVER roam free). It was a big day for a 9 week old kitten. She stuck very close to myself and my husband but she had a good time anyway. The other 4 in the house are leaving her alone except for the hissing fits they are known to have in passing. The 16 pound cat we have is actually afraid of her!!! I have attached a photo of her in her new surroundings. So far, she is loving everything about living here. I know she missed her siblings last night but we let her sleep on the bed with my husband and there was a litter pan in our ensuite with food and water. I slept out on the couch so my other cats had me to themselves. She is a bundle of love and we are so pleased to have her in our home.


Peyton (now Mia)

Peyton (now Mia) Image

Mia is now a gorgeous little woman.  She adapted pretty well to the other cats in the house.  This little girl is quite a character an that's why we love her so luch.  Mia has been a wonderful addition to our family and we cannot imagine living without her!  Here is a photo of her and Oscar, adopted from NASAP four years ago.
Many thanks to all the volunteers at NASAP who work so hard to give a second chance to all those animals!