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Molly Image

Hello everybody!
Just wanted to give you an update on Molly who we adopted on May 19th. She has been a really good dog. My 
daughter trained Molly herself and she has turned out to be a great dog. She goes for walks with her big brother Meeko.  She loves to chase the cats when they are outside. Molly loves to wrestle people alot and a few times she ran away but she has grown out of that and wherever she is, Meeko is there.! Like one time she was going to the vet and Meeko wanted to go to so he jumped into the car. She had a pink and black nose but she has now grown out of that and also had those adorable white socks  but she hasn't grown out of those. Some of the tricks she has learned are shake a paw, high five, sit, lay down, jump and play dead. Molly also enjoys to swim and have belly rubs. And so does her big brother Meeko.

Bye for now! Wynn Bileski and Family


Hype Image

Just thought I would send you a couple of pics of Red, Diesel and Hype so you could see how the boys are doing. They have all learned to live together as a little doggy family and even the cat has made her way into the clique. I am not sure that we could even imagine our life without Hypie anymore J 


Marlie Image

Leeanne FROM NASAP named me and I just loved it and want to keep it. I had a rough start at the beginning of my life so at least one thing (like my name) should be the same. I now have a momma named Jessie. She is FROM the SPCA and is 10 yrs old. She takes really good care of me. She has potty trained me and cleans my face for me when it gets dirty. I try to play with her alot, but most the time she likes to sleep, so thats when I play with the kids Zach 7, and Brady 4. And they tucker me out!!! I finally have a home forever and ever. Love Marlie.

Keira (formerly Ariel)

Keira (formerly Ariel) Image

We adopted Keira (formerly Ariel) last April.  She is our 3rd rescue dog. One of the main reasons we adopted her was our oldest dog, Morgan, was having some health issues and we did not want to leave our other dog, Sasha, without a companion.  Unfortunately Morgan passed away last August.  Keira and Sasha (also a rescue from NASAP), have since developed a tremendous bond.  They spend hours playing and chasing each other.  Keira has been to puppy socialization class and is doing well at learning the game of flyball with the Muttniks Flyball Club.  She is now going back and forth over all four jumps and has started working on her box turn.  Keira is still very shy around new people and is cautious when meeting new dogs.  The best things about her are that while very much a puppy she has gotten into very little puppy trouble and she is just the cutest dog ever.  Where ever we take her, we get comments from people about how pretty she is.  So even if the dog sports thing doesn't work out, she can just go on being cute
Randy, Jody and Laurel Edwards


Lexi Image

We adopted Lexi in October 2007 and now it seems like she has been with us forever.  Our two teenage girls absolutely adore her.  She is a very nice, gentle dog, great with kids.  We had our 14 month grand-niece with us at Christmas and she was very gentle with her.  Lexi loves anything that has a rope and will play tug-o-war with us.  She goes through them quite fast but we have found a rope that is Lexi-proof!  She still isn’t crazy about going for car rides because I think she thinks we are going to take her to another home.  She loves going for walks and exploring the neighborhood and other dogs.   Lexi spends her days napping, cuddling with the girls, chewing her rope.  We’ve also discovered she likes socks.  She cries when we leave in the morning but is very excited when we return.   We love Lexi very much and are so happy that we adopted her.  Thank you.


Trina Image

Just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I’m doing fine.  My new mom adopted me because of the younger brat, I mean my brother, Boston, needed a friend and two puppies just wouldn’t do.  Well, I liked him from the minute we met and you would think that we grew up as big sister/little brother.  I am so well mannered my mom just can’t believe it and she’d like to thank my first mom for that.  I have my haircut short now and mom thinks that is just great, I still like to roll around in the snow so I am not cold.  She thinks I gain 3 lbs every time I go outside, but my brother keeps me busy and when he starts to bug me I just go in the kennel to sleep.  I’m getting lots of walks and we have lots of toys and a big field behind our house.  We all love to play ball and of course I don’t want to give it up, that’s my Terrier side mom thinks.  Well, thanks again NASAP for all your great work, all you foster families a big puppy hug.

Jake(formally Ace)and Finnegan

Jake(formally Ace)and Finnegan Image

Hello Leeanne and everyone at NASAP,

We are sorry it has taken us so long to send an update about Jake (formerly Ace) who we adopted in July 2006, and Finnegan who we adopted in March 2007.  We have been enjoying our time with these two wonderful boys, and couldn’t have asked for better dogs to share our home with.  Our cats, on the other hand, think we are crazy, but do tolerate them.   Aaah siblings!

Jake is growing to be a big boy...70 lbs at his last checkup, but he is a lean machine!  He is an explorer who loves to run and try to find the deer or anything else he can in the woods around our acreage.  Unfortunately he loves exploring a little too much, and we have to keep a watchful eye or he is gone for  hours!  He especially loves to run beside the quad when we head out for a ride.  He was clocked at a top speed of 57 km per hour!  Must have some greyhound blood in there somewhere.  Jake is the adventurous, ruggedly independent guy who loves to come for his cuddles on the couch to watch t.v. or to have fun play wrestling.

Finnegan has fit in so well, and he and Jake were fast friends.  Finnegan is the quiet sensitive type who loves to cuddle right up, give you soft wet kisses, and likes to sleep on his back with his legs straight up in the air!  He is a diligent guy, who barks to let us know when anyone is coming to the house.  He always wants to be with us everywhere we go, well at least until he hears the squirrels chattering away outside, then both dogs are gone in a flash!  He is a smart guy who definitely loves his treats and starts salivating at the mere thought of food!   Finnegan sure was surprised to see the different kinds of farm animals around our neighbourhood, and still can’t quite understand what the horses are...especially when someone is riding them!  He will even growl at horses and riders on the television.

They both know their routine of morning and evening walks well.  They get along well and play together all day.  They have an elaborate system of dog doors that lead out to a big fenced dog run while we are at work, so they come and go at their leisure!  We usually find them either waiting at the gate for us or snoozing away on the couch when we get home.  They both love their car rides too, and enjoy going to the dog park from time to time to see a few new dogs too.

 Thanks again to your wonderful organization and especially to Leeanne who fostered both Jake and Finnegan.  We really love having both of them in our family.


Nella Image

I adopted 1 year old Nella back on May 17, 2007.  When I first got her she was very obedient and didn't bark, I thought I hit the jackpot and got the most obedient dog in the world until I realised she wasn't wagging her tail.  The day after I brought her home I tried to take her to work with me.  When she saw the van she refused to enter and I had to carry her into it.  She thought I was taking her away to another home;  she had already been in at least 3 different places in a short time, she really wanted to belong somewhere.  After a week, Nella started coming into her own.  She realised this was her  home and that going for van rides was exciting and I didn't have to ask twice for her to get in!  Before long she started wagging her tail and eating my shoes!  Now with the shoes put away and more dog toys than anyone can imagine, the puppy had returned.  She didn't know any commands and we signed up for obedience training right away.  It is going well, actually she is doing quite well I am the one who needs the work and practice.  I am extremely happy with Nella.  Everyone has their thoughts as to what breed mix she is.  All I know is that she has a lot of border collie in her and the rest is Mutt, making her the most adorable, smart, energetic puppy in the world.  She is not perfect but neither am I.   I love her and I thank NASAP for lettling me adopt her.