Diesel is a 2 year old neuter male German Shepherd cross that was surrendered to us due to personal circumstances in his family.  It was observed while Diesel was in our care that he had some problems with stairs, that the muscle mass on his hips were not well developed and when touched in the hip area he seemed to have discomfort.   Diesel was taken into Towne Centre Veterinary Clinic in Edmonton for examination and ex rays.  The vet diagnosed him with Canine Hip Dysplasia in both hips which was determined to be severe and Canine Cruciate Ligament Injury in his right front knee.We have been told that the Ligament Injury may have been caused from the Hip Dysplasia.  Usually when a dog has a ligament injury you find that the dog will not put their weight on their injury leg; Diesel cannot do this as he needs to compensate for the back hips and sifts most of his weight to his front legs and in doing this the vet feels that this may have caused the ligament injury.  NASAP was given the option of surgery, but we were also told by the vet that with such a large dog and the severity of the hip dysplasia, the surgery cannot be guaranteed to give him any real improvements in his condition.  Because of his medical problems, the vet determined that Diesel is not adoptable.  Instead of putting Diesel through three operations and a long recovery period with no guarantee that his condition would improve, NASAP then decided to place him in permanent care and to give him a place to live and be cared for, loved and cherished at this time.   Diesel is currently receiving medication for pain management, special food for mobility problems, supplements and is currently undergoing acupuncture treatment in hopes to help with pain management and mobility issues. Diesel is an awe inspiring dog he is a gentle, intelligent boy who just loves to talk, play, cuddle and just hang out with his people both human and furry.