Naula is an 8 month old, female, domestic medium haired grey tabby cat. Naula came to NASAP from the EHS where she was surrendered by her previous owner. She is very friendly and has lived with other dogs and cats. After entering the EHS, Naula had a mouth exam done and it was determined she has juvenile gingivitis. She will need to have full mouth x-rays and have any teeth with bone regression extracted at the time of her spay. She will need a longer stay in foster care during which time she will be placed on a dental diet and be given daily teeth brushing. There is still a a 50/50 chance that full mouth extractions will be needed in the future. Because Naula is still quite young, bone has not fully formed in her mouth. This may cause earlier mouth erosion as she ages, because bone did not have time to fully grow. Due to the longer-term nature of Naula`s treatment plan, we are requesting donations toward her care.