Meet Jack

HI Im Jack and im new to Nasap. I came into care after I was found alone in a home. Its guessed that I had owners who moved. I dont remember. I settle in pretty well and am a curious kitty. I love to explore. I love my foster parents and like to be around.... Read More

Meet Milo

Milo is a very quite boy who came to nasap after being the pound. He is very calm and reserved in new situations but once he feels safe, he really enjoys head scratches. Milo has likely spent alot of his life outdoors. He is now learning about toys and lik... Read More

Meet Luna

Luna is a sweet kitty that is new to nasap after she was unclaimed from the pound. Luna loves people and is usually around. She is not a lap cat but likes to lay beside you on the couch and be where you are. Luna enjoys being held and really likes her head... Read More

Meet Catrick

HI Im Catrick and I think im a pretty special boy. Im a curious kitty and like to know whats going on. I often follow my foster mom to the bathroom so I can jump up on the counter and drink the nice cold flowing water from the tap. I will even stick my who... Read More

Meet Duckey

Duckey is a sweet kitty that came to Nasap after a change in her family. Duckey is a laid back kitty and likes to lounge on her cat condo. She enjoys sitting beside her foster mom and getting lots of rubs. Duckey has lived with young kids and enjoyed follo... Read More

Meet Gus

Gus loves to eat! He has long hair. He is not as outgoing as Jaq but easily allows people to handle him. He can be dominant with other guinea pigs and needs to be housed in a cage by himself. He is about 2 to 2.5 years old. Jaq and Gus can be adopted to s... Read More

Meet Sarge

Sarge has been in our care since January 2019. He has successfully settled into his foster families care since February 2020.  Sarge has gone from being uncontrollably excitable to everything into a sweet, playful, loving boy.  He loves every per... Read More

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