Meet Henry

Henry is a little rascal; pure kitten, this little guy is all go, all the time! The fun never stops whether you're joining in with a game of fetch (he's very talented), or just watching his antics. He's inquisitive and intelligent, always knows where to fi... Read More

Meet Finn

Finn is approximately 3 years of age and he is a short haired neutered male that is white with grey tabby markings. Finn has a friendly, outgoing personality.  He likes playing with little toy mice, feathers or strings. Finn likes being around people ... Read More

Meet Gwendolynn

 Gwendolynn is a active, young black and white tuxedo short haired female cat that came to NASAP when her time was up at our partner pound. First impressions are that she is very outgoing and friendly. She loves to rub and purr and to play fetch with ... Read More

Meet MaKena

Meet MaKena! She was unclaimed from a local pound where she languished for over a month. MaKena has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped. She has also been bathed and groomed and is ready to go to her new home. This beautiful lady loves to be with he... Read More

Meet Phoebe

Phoebe was transferred to NASAP from one of our partner pounds with her six, two-week old kittens.  Phoebe was very skinny, obviously being a great mom, giving her kittens everything she had.  Since being in NASAP’s care, she has gained wei... Read More

Meet Florence

Florence is a small short haired black female kitten that came into NASAP's care with her mom (Edith), sister (Margery) and brother (Cuthbert). She can only be distinguished from her sister by a very few white hairs on Margery's belly and chest while Flore... Read More

Meet Margery

Margery is a small short haired black female kitten that came into NASAP's care with her mom (Edith), sister (Florence) and brother (Cuthbert). Although more timid than her brother, it doesn't take long for this little kitten to get comfortable. She loves ... Read More

Meet Edith

Edith is a lovely short haired black female cat that was lucky to make it out of a full pound with her three kittens (Cuthbert, Margery and Florence). Edith loves to cuddle and sit on your lap. She was a good mother but is barely more than a kitten herself... Read More

Meet Chewie

 Meet Chewie! This adorable little orange male tabby kitten was found wandering around a nearby town.  Fortunately, he was scooped up before any harm came to him.  Chewie is a typical kitten whose main goal in life is to play as much as poss... Read More

Meet Sheiba

 Sheiba is a beautiful short haired grey female that is 7 years of age.  She is incredibly affectionate and sweet. Sheiba loves to be petted and near her people and purrs as soon as she sees you.  She has very soft fur.  She would likel... Read More


NASAP currently has a cat in care with a chronic medical condition that is looking for a permanent care foster home. We are posting and circulating this request for help widely to try to find a living situation that might be able to accommodate him:

Winston is an approximately 5 year old neutered male cat that came to NASAP in late 2011. Winston is FIV positive. FIV is a virus that affects the immune system of cats. Winston must be fostered in a home with NO OTHER CATS and must remain strictly indoors only. FIV is not contagious to animals other than cats, and consequently he could be fostered with friendly dogs. Winston also has ongoing issues with his ears. They must be cleaned out and drops must be administered on a daily basis. Winston has a polyp in his ear that requires surgery periodically. As long as he receives regular care, Winston should enjoy many more years of comfort and happiness in his NASAP permanent care foster home.

Please consider whether your home and schedule might be able to accommodate this special needs cat. Please forward this request to other animal lovers among your friends and family in case they might be able and willing to help.

Thanks very much,

NASAP cat intake

(780) 922-0250(780) 922-0250


Check out NASAP volunteer Jaclyn Gallop's FedEx video!!



Over the last year our veterinary costs have increased.  Also in the same fiscal year our donations have decreased.  The average veterinary cost per animal is now $377.50.  All donations are very greatly appreciated.


If you would like to help us by fostering a bigger dog or puppies please call us at (780) 490-7291 or click on the "Participate" tab above to learn more about fostering for NASAP. We thank you for considering this rewarding experience and ask that you share this information with friends and family members that may be willing to help.


NASAP is very thankful to Miss Devin G who asked for donations to NASAP instead of gifts to celebrate her 6th birthday. Her donation of $190 is gratefully accepted and we thank her for her generosity and support!  

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