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Kara 22-013-D

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Meet Kara 

She is a ball of love and energy! She LOVES to cuddle and go on adventures. She can on occasion escape through the door to check out the street. She loves to go for walks and play. 

She is great with kids and other dogs. She will be an amazing family dog. 

She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed on November 7. She is doing very well and is very excited to meet you! 

Age : 7 years old
Breed : Shepard cross

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Dennis 22-014-D

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Inquire about adopting me

It’s me, hi, I’m the dog you want it’s me! My foster parent call me Dennis but sometimes they call me Den Den. I get along with my foster brother Keith but can also benefit from having my own space. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy then look no further. When I am not running around outside I am staying warm on the couch next to my foster parents. My foster parents say I am very intelligent and learn quickly! I am really good about learning daily routines and have learned to not go to the washroom inside the house. I can not wait to meet my Fur-ever parents. Will you be the people I have been looking for? He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and ready to be adopted! We extend a huge thank you to Town Centre Vet for taking such great care of Dennis

Age : 3 years old
Breed : poodle x

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Sarge 19-001-D

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Inquire about adopting me


Sargent Sarge here calling all of his cadets  📣 Sarge has been living his best life with Naughty Boyz Training since June 2022! He has been flying through training and building confidence at every turn. He is our lovable, goofy, strong willed boy, who is slowly learning to trust and enjoy the world around him. He is no longer looking at it from a distance but experiencing it first hand! 

I am a big boy and I love people. I’m sharp as whip and I’m willing and ready to complete each mission you give me. I never leave a man alone and will stay by your side as the loyal cadet I am. I am a great look out, and love cruising with the wind in my fur, tongue out and ears flapping. I am daddy’s boy and there’s no denying it. I need your help to find the perfect Forever Home. 

 I am looking for what everyone is always looking for - acceptance. 

Sarge is looking for an amazing family who will adopt him and continue with Naughty boyz training to ensure Sarge continues to live his best life! 





Sarge is a chill guy who loves to nap and be on the couch. Maybe occasionally steal the bed too. He is a lovable tornado of limbs sometimes. He craves attention after living at a kennel for 13 months. With his trusted friends he wants to be pet all the time. He is looking for a family who has space for him to be with the family and outside to play. He is 95 pounds and stands at table height... he may be part Great Dane 😂😂


Sarges ideal family would #1 be home majority of the time or a family where he can come to work or a dog walker who will check on him during the day. He has not been left alone for long periods and he craves human interaction, he may experience separation anxiety to various degrees. And #2 have no other dogs or animals in the home. Sarge has been moved multiple times in the last 3 years and has had very limited time to be socialized with other dogs. He is very excitable around other animals and is classified as dog selective. He does not find it enjoyable to be around multiple other dogs and gets overwhelmed. He does love being out in the community and going for walks at a socially safe distance as he learns threshold and recall. 


Sarge loves food!! He loves his puzzle bowl and bully sticks to keep him entertained and happy. He is extremely food motivated and loves every type of treat out there. His favourite is French fries!


From May 2021 to June 2022, he has lived in a kennel so small spaces are well known for sarge, a mud room or spare bedroom would be the best transition for sarge when he needs to be left alone.

Sarge is wanting a family who will learn his personality, who will learn his body language, who will love him for who he is. He needs someone who is patient and gives space for Sarge to be who is.


Sarge needs a family who will respect his boundaries. He needs someone who will continue to teach him that he can say no and give warning if he is uncomfortable. Sarge has made many friends whom he trusts. These people have taken the time to respect his boundaries and go slowly with sarge to learn his likes and dislikes, and ebbs and flows of his personality. He confidently trusts them to put on his harness, cuddle and get pets, and go for walks. 


Sarge is also large and lovable, and small children are easily knocked over so help from mom and dad is essential for everyone to be safe and have fun. When sarge does not want to be pet that needs to be respected, he has been known to nip or snap if that threshold is pushed. He loves teasing the humans with keep away with their gloves or shoes if he’s not getting enough attention. Sarge loves tug of war but there is a limit to how much he can play before he gets too rough and excited 😉


The only people on Sarges hit list are Vets!! They have pointy things, can do mean things and it’s not much fun. It’s lucky that he is so healthy. Once sarge is established in his forever home, it would be prudent for the family to work with the vet to create a positive relationship by going for happy visits regularly without assessment or interventions.


Sarge was found at the pound abandoned, for 6 weeks after being found on the high way and no one claimed him. January 26, 2019, we were able to bring him to a foster home. He was energetic, walked well on leash, gets into car well and very active. But he would also jump up on tables/counter surfs and mouth while playing. Our vet noted a potential left knee injury but he was so energetic it was hard to be official. Our trainer did training Jan 31, with family at home to help with impulse control, shaping and bonding. However, February 5, the family requested he be moved to a different home because of his energy and training needs. He would also frequently steal moms side of the bed and couch when it was time for cuddles. 


Sarge moved to Glenpark Feb 13, 2019, after we attempted to move to an active foster home that had kids and a resident dog. Sarge was too energetic and frustrated to meet other dog it was not safe incase an incident occurred around the kids. While at Glenpark he was neutered March 1, 2019, and diagnosed with hip dysplasia and knee slip to both knees. 


He went Guardian Vet Hospital for an orthopaedic consult April 2, 2019. It was determined by their head of surgery no surgery was required and he will grow into knee joints and strengthen.


June 9, 2019, Sarge met his second foster to adopt family. They came to the kennel 3 times as a family to walk and bond with Sarge. They were husband, wife, 3 adult children. No dogs but an older cat. Sarge moved to their home June 14, but by June 25, he was moved back to Glenpark. It was disclosed that all of the family was stressed by sarge hyperactivity and refused to come home. He was too much energy, he would bounce around the house checking on everyone and counter surfing.


He remained at the Kennel and met 3 other families but none worked out due to other dogs or children in the home. However September 30, he met his third foster to adopt family. An elderly couple semi retired with a hobby farm, they knew about his energy and we brought our trainer immediately to start training with the family about positive reinforcement and calming training with impulse control. However by October 9, he was back at Glenpark for mouthing and jumping too much. He hurt his foster mom when he accidentally knocked her over and then jumping on her thinking she was playing while she was trying to get up. She was just barely bigger then Sarge at 100 pounds. 


October 25, 2019, K9 misfits came to assess Sarge at Glenpark. And after a final vetting to rule out any medical conditions for reactively or impulse control, he was moved to K9misfits October 29, 2019. He lived there until February 18, 2020, learning calming, shaping, impulse control and helped reduce his anxiety from all of the moves and abandonment in 2019.


In February 2020, he met his final foster family. They spent the month of February with K9misfits and sarge learning his training and bonding with him before he came home. We started him on anxiety medication to assist with his training and enrolled Diamond in the Ruff worked with them from August to December 2020. They worked on impulse control, door greeting, separation anxiety, shaping and brain exercises, dog reactivity, and dog communication and touch. We attempted muzzle training at this time but the counter training needed from months of using the muzzle for nail trims and vet visits created a lot of negative association, unfortunately Sarge was never fully able to learn this skill. But this is something we highly recommend with his forever family once basic trust is created. He did amazing with all of the tasks and was too smart at times for the training. His touch and trust still needed work and at times he would nip when his harness was put on. But, he was loving and calm and relaxed 95% of the time, happily relaxing with the family. 


Rocky View Veterinary Behaviour consulted on Sarge in March 2021, to ensure his anxiety medication was appropriate and created a full training package for his family to create a safe and loving space for everyone. We have attached that package.


However after a months without anyone applying for him and his foster family had a change of heart and could no longer foster. They sent him back to the kennel May 1, 2021, in hopes someone would take a chance on him and he would look more needy. 


While back at Glenpark Naturally Fluent Animal training came to help train him in June 2021. He did great and worked well with the staff. She taught sarge how to stay engaged with multiple people handling him and helped us focus on the best home for Sarge. He has had several people apply for him but ultimately they cancel their application. It has been 13 months he has lived in a kennel without a home. Sarge deserves a chance and a better life. 


Help us with his final mission and let's find his Forever home! 

Age : DOB Jan 2018
Breed : rotweiller lab x
Weight : 95 pounds

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Nacho 22-012-D

22-012-D Image
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Meet Nacho 

He is a pint size ball of personality. He was found as a stray on his own and took over a week to catch! So he has a spicy spirit to him. But once he warms up, there is no end to the love and cuddles. He gives kisses and asks for more pets. 

He is great with other dogs. He loves to be outside and he is pee pad trained and will go outside. He is good on walks and loves to play in the house. 


Currently he is ON MEDICAL HOLD. During his neuter we found luxating patellas to both knees so he is waiting for an ortho consult in December to determine if surgery is required. Currently he has no signs of distress when walking and we are closely monitoring him 


Donations towards his care will be appreciated! To donate check out our Donation Page -

All donations $20 or more are eligable for a tax receipt 

Age : 2 years old DOB Oct
Breed : long hair Chihuahua
Weight : 8 pounds

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