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Kara 22-013-D

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Hi! Kara over here, or as my foster mom calls me, Karabear as I am the cuddliest most loving dog ever ! (Completely unbiased opinion)

I’ve been with my foster family for a few months now and they are amazed at how quickly I’ve picked up on routine and training, it helps that they always have yummy treats, they say I’m food motivated, whatever that means ! I’m also learning to play with toys, still scared of the squeaky ones, but I love tennis balls, and shredding stuffies. I don’t shred furniture or shoes, only toys ! I am also very cozy at home so I don’t feel the need to run out the door as soon as it opens. 

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new human friends and love the attention and belly rubs, everyone falls for my big puppy eyes ! I love cuddles, and hugs, even from little humans. I never take food from little hands, but I’m always on the look out in case they drop something, or leave something unattended, I like to help with clean up! 

I also enjoy time with four legged friends, my favourite games to play are chase and bark. My foster sister was a little hesitant about me at first, but she has warmed up to me and taught me a few things about boundaries.  I respect human and dog friend’s space. 

 If all these things sound like the perfect dog, give me a shout !


Kara is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed on November 7, 2022. She is doing very well and is very excited to meet you! 

Age : 7 years old
Breed : Shepard cross

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