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Ducky 18-021-C

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Ducky is brand new to NASAP and she came to us as a rescue transfer. Ducky was born at the city's animal control center. It was noticed that she was very wobbly and Ducky was diagnosed with cereballar hypoplasia or wobbly cat syndrome. This is a neurological disorder that affects mobility and coordination. Her case is on the severe side. Ducky doesn't think she is different than anybody else and she just does things her way. Ducky flies all over her room like a tazmanian devil. She has lots of energy! Ducky falls over every couple of steps but has slightly more control when she is calm. She is not in any pain and purrs all the time. Ducky loves her humans and is great about being handled. She is young and would be ok with other gentle animals. Ducky is looking for a very special home! She must have carpet as that is the only thing she can grip. She cannot do stairs so a single level home or condo would be ideal. Ducky is able to do all her business in the litter box, however she is a little messy as she falls. She occasionally requires a little clean up. She eats both wet and dry food and again it can be a little messy as she almost pecks like a bird to eat. Ducky is such a joy to have around and will make a fantastic addition! Please note that CH cats live long full lives. Her condition will never get worse and will never get better. She is extra special just the way she is. Please inquire today to meet this sweet little prancing girl.

Age : 10 weeks
Breed : DSH light brown tabby with white

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