Our Foster Homes are PAWsome

We are in desperate need of foster homes, individuals who would like to give a dog or cat a temporary home and help start them on the road to a better life... it will brighten your own life too! 

Some of the dogs and cats we bring into care have been living outside as strays, or have been neglected or mistreated, and are in need of some basic training, but mostly attention and love

All food, supplies and medical care is provided 
by NASAP for the animal.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word, get involved and contact us to foster! 


Will fostering an animal cost me any money? 


We will provide all the food and equipment (ie:harness, leash, bowls, collar, beds, crates, toys, etc) necessary and pay for any medical expenses through our partner vets. You should not be out of pocket if you foster an animal for NASAP. 


Will there be much driving involved? 


Travel will be required for vet appointments with our partners veterinarians and occassionally for adoption days with partner pet stores and home checks to screen successful adopters. It is always helpful to us if our foster homes can transport their animals independently but we have volunteers who are able to help if needed. 


What if the foster animal does not fit in in my household? 


When dogs and cats come into NASAP's care they are screened for behaviour and temperment. We screen all foster homes to ensure we place the proper animal with the proper home. We ask foster homes to allow all fosters space to decompress with the rule of 3.


NASAP fosters are either strays from our partner pounds and surrendered animals. We have trainers who will assist with specifics. If things are really not going well then we will always remove that animal from the foster home and find it another place more suitable. 


What happens if I have to go away for a few days or more? 


We have vacation foster homes, pet sitters and kennels that are available for vacation or emergencies. We are completely volunteer run and encourage at least 2 weeks notice about vacations or to have an animal relocated. 


How long will I be expected to foster each animal for? 


Typical course for fostering a dog is 3-5 months while cats are typically 3-12 months. This allows time for the animal to decompress, recieve full medical care, recover from surgery and screen adopters. All animals get homes in the end. 

It is of course in the animal's interest to stay in the one foster home until it is adopted to a permanent home.  


What happens if I want to adopt my foster dog/cat?


Foster homes always have the option to adopt their foster animal. We know the dog/cat will have a wonderful home and hopefully you may even feel comfortable to continue to foster for us. If not, then it is the best way to lose a foster home! 


What if the animal damages my home? 


NASAP cannot be responsible for any damage done to your property. 

NASAP will provide all needed supplies for foster homes. We strongly recommend that the dog is kennelled when the family is away.

Some of the dogs you will be asked to foster will be housetrained, some may not be or if they are they may forget their training in the stress of all that has happened to them. A few accidents in the home should not come as a surprise - there are very good products now on the market which clean up dog soilage and absorb the smell. 

Cats will be provided with cat trees and enrichment toys to deter damage to furniture. Litter boxes and litter will be provided to ensure proper hygeine and training will be provided to ensure no further damage is caused.