Fostering FAQ

So you are interested in fostering … Thank you for visiting our FAQ page! 

Here is some information to help you decide if fostering an animal is for you!


Will fostering an animal cost me any money? 


You should not be out of pocket if you foster an animal for NASAP. We will provide all the food and equipment necessary and meet any medical expenses. 


Will there be much driving involved? 


It is always helpful to us if our pet foster homes can transport their charge to and from adoption days and to the vet if necessary. Sometimes, you might be asked if you can collect the animal from the pound, but if this is not convenient, we will make alternative arrangements to get the animal to you. Not having transport does not preclude you from fostering. It just makes it a little harder. 


What if the foster animal does not fit in in my household? 


When dogs and cats come into NASAP's care they are often confused and unsettled. This will depend upon the animal's personality and whether it is a stray or a surrendered animal. Surrendered animals are often very unsettled for a couple of days or more because they cannot understand where their owner has gone and why they have been left with these well meaning strangers. In other words, it usually takes a few days to a week for the animal to start to settle in it's foster home. If things are really not going well then we will always remove that animal from the foster home and find it another place while we find a more suitable animal for you. 


What happens if I have to go away for a few days or more? 


We will of course find alternative accommodation for your foster dog or cat during that time, but we do require as much notice as possible. We understand emergencies occur! We are completely volunteer run and encourage at least 2 weeks notice about vacations and 72 hours to have an animal relocated. 


How long will I be expected to foster each animal for? 


It is of course in the animal's interest to stay in the one foster home until it is adopted to a permanent home. How long this takes depends entirely upon how popular that particular animal proves to be to those looking for a new pet. Something small and nonshedding will usually be snapped up in a matter of days. Other dogs take longer. On an average, most dogs stay in NASAP's care (and therefore in their foster homes) for between three weeks to three months. Some go sooner, some take longer. Cats usually are in care longer than dogs, but all get homes in the end. 


What happens if I want to adopt my foster dog/cat?


If you cannot bear to part with your foster animal then we will be the first to congratulate you on the adoption! We know the dog/cat will have got a wonderful home and you may even feel able to continue to foster for us. If not, then it is the best way to lose a foster home! 


What if the animal damages my home? 


NASAP provides needed supplies for it's dog foster homes. We strongly recommend that the dog is never left unsupervised in your home and if you go out, kennel the dog. It may take some time to work on kennel training but it is safest in the kennel and you will have peace of mind. Dogs are much more adoptable if they are kennel trained and it is a very good habit to get the dog into. Some of the dogs you will be asked to foster will be housetrained, some may not be or if they are they may forget their training in the stress of all that has happened to them. A few accidents in the home should not come as a surprise - there are very good products now on the market which clean up dog soilage and absorb the smell. NASAP cannot be responsible for any damage done to your property. 



We hope this page has answered most of your questions. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any other questions or concerns.

You won't know if fostering a pet is for you unless you are clear in your own mind about what is involved. We will be more than happy to talk to you and send you the application forms if you wish. Upon completion of these forms, we will pay you a home visit so we can chat some more.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the foster dog which you have cared for go off happily wagging it's tail with it's exited new owners to it's new life. A new life which it would not have had the chance to enjoy were it not for people like you.

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