NASAP Upcoming Events

2021 August
Tue 17
Trivia Night Fundraiser


Join us for an awesome night of trivia and laughs!! 

Ringo Trivia is hosting the event and providing all the amazing questions. Do you think you know the most about animals?? 

How much random knowledge do you have? 

Join us and team up! It’s all on line so wear your pjs, best dressed or which ever makes you the comfiest 🥳

Cost - $30 

To get your ticket -

Taz has been in foster care for several weeks and being a Manx cross we knew there could be medical issues. The last month Taz has been in and out of vet care including the emergency vet for over a week combined 😵 he has had bowel and urinary complications and he is still under medical watch receiving multiple meds and a rotating diet to keep him comfortable. All of his care is needed to save his life but it is piling up and we need your help so we can continue to help animals who need our help ❤️ 
All fundraising goes to pay for medical bills for our animals in foster care