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Meet Hanna! She has settled in great and is loving the attention her foster home gives her. She even gets to sleep in bed with everyone! She is very sweet and loves tummy rubs and cuddles. 


She is great in car rides, loves to go for walks, and loves her people. She is not a fan of very excited or energetic dogs as she is little and does not have the patience for them. She came to us from a family with a young toddler and a soon to be newborn, she never warmed to the child and was always stressed when he touched or played with her. As much as the family tried to keep everyone comfortable, in a moment Hanna lashed out at the toddler and the family knew it was time for a better home. We want the rest of her days to be enjoyed and loved. For this reason, we need a home that does not have young small children or young animals and a bit of dog experience for proper introductions and socializing.


Hanna is on a special diet for mild food allergies to chicken and poultry. When she was a puppy her anal glads would swell and cause discomfort. However her raw food diet has helped completely. Potentially linked with this issue, she did have a one time anaphylactic  reaction to her vaccinations at about 2 years old. Since then her vaccinations have been closely monitored and spread apart as much as possible. She is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and has a clear bill of health! 


She is ready for her #fureverhome Please apply today below her photo. She would love to meet you and find the best possible family! 

Age : 8 years old
Breed : pug corgi X
Weight : 28 pounds

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