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Hi! I'm Nelly. I was born outside at the end of May 2017 and my mom, siblings and I were rescued when we were 7 days old. We were very spoiled in our foster home and we all found homes very quickly. I was always the wild child and unfortunately I became a little too much for the little children in my first adoptive home. I have been known to play a bit rough. Now I'm back in NASAP and hoping to find a new family. My foster home has kitty friends to play with and I seem to do best when I can play rough with an equally enthusiastic friend. It does take me a couple of days to settle into new places but once I do, I'm good to go. I'm starting to really enjoy my human time and like getting rubs. I have even started sleeping on the bed. I play well the other kitties as well as on my own. I love things that I can chase. I can go a little crazy with a laser pointer. I am fine with kids as long as they are respectful and know that I sometimes nip when I'm feeling very playful. I don't mean to hurt anyone, I just have lots of energy. I will likely adapt to any household given proper time to settle in and meet any new friends. Inquire today and help me find my second chance at a forever home!

Age : 7 month old female
Breed : DSH Cream Tabby

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