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Looking for a cuddly cat? Then look for further! The name's Chester and I love my people! I need lots of attention and I always want to be picked up and carried. I'm kinda spoiled. Whether you are sleeping in bed or lounging on the couch. I'll be there! My favorite sleeping spot is on my foster mom's chest. I'm also a great helper. I help with sweeping and dishes. I'm a great help with laundry too. When I'm not doing chores or sleeping I'm playing!! Pom poms are sooo amazing. I'll carry them around from room to room so my people can watch me play. I also like little balls with bells. Ooo and wands! My foster mom and I play with wands all the time. I love other kitties and have even met a dog. She was very big so I just carefully followed her around. Then I had my foster mom carry me so I could watch her. I definitely think we would be good friends in no time. I'm a good eater and always use my litter box. I have a raspy little meow and I purr non stop. What more could you ask for?! Come and adopt me today and we will cuddle every day. 

Age : 6 months
Breed : DSH orange tabby with white

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