Teddy is a lovely older guy that came to NASAP from our partner pound in 2015. He was very thin and his teeth were in rough shape. When Teddy was impounded, he was suffering from a terrible skin condition over most of his body that had caused severe irritation and hair loss. The issue resolved once he received proper nutrition and vet care. Teddy has a tattoo but it is old, illegible and his original owner could not be traced. He has been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and dewormed. He has the wonderful, calm, sweet nature typical of so many older cats. He loves people and to be petted. He is good with his scratching post and litter box. After a short time in a new adoptive home, Teddy returned to NASAP in 2017. Because of his advanced age and some medical issues (dental disease and early renal disease), he will stay with NASAP in permanent care. He will have a quiet and secure indoor home where he will be safe and well cared for for the rest of his life.

NASAP's emergency fund allows us to help homeless cats like Teddy that are in need of urgent and ongoing medical care. Please donate so that we can replenish this fund and help cats like Teddy that will undoubtedly need our help in the future!

teddy 2