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Sarge is a super sweet, playful, super energetic, and loving boy. He is very eager to learn and loves to train. He has been in care for over 1 year now and he has come soo far. He is very energetic and loving and he is working on impulse control and settling down. He used to jump and be so crazy excited by everyone that he couldnt control himself, and with training and time he has learnt to be calm while still excited to meet people. 


He would love a family who will work with him to keep up his training and shaping activities to help with his impulse control. He is super eager to please and he really wants to be with people all the time. He loves men and always picks his special person! Right now his foster dad is his best friend and he always follows him everywhere. He is working on separation anxiety as he has had a very rough year with lots of changes. He wants to be with people as much as possible and in foster care we are working on being calm and being alone at times. 

He loves being outside and going for walks. He has great recall and loves his treats! He is slowly learning to meet other dogs but has not had many opportunities. He would love a family of his own and a family who would love to cuddle! 


Sarges ideal family would have a big yard for him to run around in, an acitve family who loves walks and playing and training, an engaged family who wants to have a project and a partner to build a relationship with, older children or no children to help with training and because of his size smaller children can be knocked down mistakenly, and family who will be home majority of the time. 


Sarge is microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, and fully vetted. He has hip dysplasia and was assessed by the surgeons at Guardian Vet. He was cleared and just needs to be monitored as he grows up.  

Sarge loves K9misfits who have taken amazing care of him and continue to help his foster family. Check them out at

We also want to give a huge Thank you to Doglandia for all of their help and giving Sarge an amazing space to burn off energy and play with his foster family. Their private off leash dog park area is great for him!!


If you can make Sarge part of your family, he would LOVE to meet you! Sarge is looking for his FURever home 






Sarge has been in foster care for over 1 YEAR!! Any support you can provide is amazing - Sarges care has been very expensive and we are happily keeping him comfortable and appropriately cared for but any donation $20 or more is eligible for a tax receipt and greatly appreciated

Age : ~DOB Jan 1, 2018
Breed : rotweiller lab x
Weight : 90 pounds

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Meet Harley! 

Harley is a very sweet boy who loves people and cuddles. He is super soft and loves being groomed. He is very active and enjoys walks and playing but he also loves relaxing on the couch, watching tv and naps. 


He loves food and really loves treats! 


He walks well on the leash and does well in his harness. He is great meeting dogs on walks but he needs to be an only dog in the house. He does not like sharing human attention and has reacted to other dogs in his home. He would love a cat friend as he has always lived with a cat. A cat friend who loves dogs and isn’t going to run away would be purrfect 


He loves to watch out the window and he makes a very good neighbourhood watch Wink  He is working on barking when the important things go by. 


He loves car rides and can get very excited to see what’s going on. 


Harley is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and will be going for a full dental cleaning at the beginning of August. He would love to meet his FURever family and spend his teenage years cuddling and eating. 

He is the perfect boy and would love to meet you! 

Age : 6 years old
Breed : golden x
Weight : 70 pounds

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