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Adopt Sherlock! 


He is a very sweet boy who loves to be outside and with his people. He is great with other dogs and people of all ages. He has been in NASAP care for several weeks working on making him feel safe and confident in the home. He has separation anxiety and would love to find a family who is home all day, either retired or works from home. He is very slowly working on crate training and we would love it if this can be continued and developed when he's adopted. This would allow him to have a safe space should his people need to leave him at home. 

He loves kids and other dogs. He would love to have friends in his furever home. He loves to play to the backyard and is very food motivated. 

He is very easy going and loves walks and exploring the neighbourhood. 

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Age : 3 year old
Breed : collie x
Weight : 75 pounds

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Watson 18-006-D

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Meet Watson 

He is a very sweet, calm, gentle boy. He is shy and slow to warm up to but once he does he loves him people and other animals. He is great with cats and other dogs. He loves kids and is very gentle with children. He has been in NASAP care for several weeks as he needed a slow transition to getting settled, learning how to walk on a leash and working on his separation anxiety. He was found on the highway with his brother and left in the pound for 2 months before coming to NASAP. Despite all of this he loves people and truly wants to be with his family. He is building his confidence and needs a family who will work with him and continue his training. 


Ideally he would love a family who works from home or is retired or can take him with you to work! He LOVES to be with people and is a couch potato without the couch. Having kids around to play with and befriend would be awesome!  


He is very food motivated and loves treats and meal time. He loves the backyard and lazying in the sun, being brushed and chilling with people. 


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Age : 3 years old
Breed : collie shepard x
Weight : 60 pounds

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