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Frodo 19-011-D

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He is very new to NASAP and is currently on a medical hold as he came into care in very rough shape! He was very dirty and matted and has bronchitis, extreme gingivitis with dental disease, and broken paw. He is on antibiotics and pain medication to help manage his illnesses and he recently got groomed and pampered at Catty Canines. 

He is a super sweetheart and loves to play. He is great with all dogs and humans. He loves to cuddle and his favorite person is his foster families son! They are constantly cuddled. He is house trained and good on leash. 

He is microchipped, vaccinated and will be neutered once we confirm how to proceed with his dental and paw. 

Age : ~ 6 years old
Breed : aussie husky x
Weight : 40 pounds

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Sarge 19-001-D

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Sarge is a super sweet, playful, super energetic, and loving boy. He is a full grown puppy so he needs a loving family with patience and understanding. He would love a family who understands puppy training and is motivated to continue his training to make him the most loving boy possible. He is super eager to please and he really wants to be with people all the time. He is just so energetic not everyone appreciates the love! His 2 foster homes have been overwhelmed by how much attention he seeks. plus he LOVES to play and he completely does not understand his size, so a family with older children would be best.

Sarge was recently assessed and had his first meeting with another dog!! He was very energetic and over stimulated but he was distractable and behaved appropriately. He needs a loving home who can work with him more on proper socialization. Ideally a home without another dog would be best so he can have scheduled meetings and work into living with another dog. He is very happy and he is very loving to other dogs and we so no reason why he would not be able to live with another dog in the future, but currently where he is he needs a home with less stimulation so he can build his skills. 

He is requiring a home that can work on his mouthing - he really likes to use his mouth for play. To work on his relaxation abilities and to calm down, after 4 months in the kennel and his lack of training and consistency the last year. He also loves to jump so that is another training skill he is working on while learning to play appropriately.

Sarge is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and he had an orthoepedic consult at Guardian as he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia to his left hip and to confirm his long legs and condition wouldnt affect him currently. He is a spry active boy and he does not have any concerns with his hip or knees, but something for adopters to keep in the back of their minds over time to monitor his hips for discomfort as he ages. 


Age : 18 months
Breed : rotweiller lab x
Weight : 75 pounds

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Shelby 19-006-DA

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Meet Shelby 

She returned to NASAP with her brother and bonded pair Ashton in April, because their family has moved out of the country. They are great together but Ashton was been made Permanent care in May. Shelby remained on hold in foster care until his passing and she was ready for adoption! 

Shelby is energetic, loves her walks and seeks as much attention as possible. She is talkative and observant. She loves people of all ages and has lived with children from newborn to adults. She gets along great with dogs of all sizes and she is slowly learning to live with a cat but would prefer a home without a cat. She is working on her leash skills as she likes to pull and get to the next adventure. She is house trained and will occasionaly pee in the backyard but she prefers to go for leashed walks. She LOVES to cuddle and get belly rubs all day long! She wears her winter jacket and booties very well. She is non destructive in the house when left alone but she has hightened seperation axiety espcially since Ashtons passing. She is looking for a family who works from home or is retired to limit the time she is left alone. Plus she requires a home able to keep up with her 2-3 walks a day. 

She is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed. She had a full dental cleaning with only 2 extractions and she will require yearly dentals in the future to maintain her full health. In september she had a mild eye infection to her left eye from an unknown source but it was treated easily with antibiotics and steroid eye drops. She is now medically cleared and ready for her furever home! 

Age : 9 years old
Breed : shitzu poodle Bichon
Weight : 14 pounds

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