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Pearl Image

Hi Mary and Les,


My brother had given me their kitten, as his house with 4 young children, was much too busy to spend time with her. I wanted a companion cat for Peaches and found Pearl on-line at the NASAP web-site. I kept Pearl’s name since it went well with Peaches whom my niece named. Pearl and Peaches are both outgoing, curious, affectionate and love to play. Peaches is only one month older than Pearl and they both turned 1 year old this summer. Pearl and Peaches hissed, yowled and fluffed themselves up for about a week. Then things got a bit more quiet. I wasn’t sure if their wrestling was fighting or playing and I tried to watch to see if one was being bullied. They seemed very evenly matched however and took turns chasing and boxing each other. When I saw them grooming each other, I new things were o.k. Pearl loves pushing her water dish around the floor and sitting in the sink. She loves to play with her little mice, ear plugs and water dripping from a tap. Here are some photos of Princess Peaches and Pearly Girly (their official names). Les, you were right, Peaches is my climber and Pearl is my floor model. Everyone laughs when I describe her as my floor model.  Pearl and I thank all of the foster parents, everyone who makes donations and the staff at NASAP. You are all greatly appreciated for your care, time and dedication.


Pamela Lancaster



Boe Image

I wanted to update NASAP on Boe, who we adopted back in October 2003.She is a wonderful, loving and very smart dog. She has managed to figure out how to open not only her own dog food container, but her sister’s as well. She gets along with her sister Kira so well. They used to play like crazy fools all day. I would come home to find the coffee table jammed up against the couch many times. We finally gave up on having a coffee table in the living room. Boe loved to greet male visitors with what we learned to call the Quarter Back Sack. One large dog nose shoved suddenly in a sensitive spot. Just to say ‘Hello!’.Not everything is wonderful though. The reason I say the two dogs ‘used’ to play is because Boe went blind last year. The vet has no idea why, other than the possibility of a tumor in her brain. As brain surgery would be quite risky with no guarantees, we did not go so far as to have an MRI done. We just watch for signs of other symptoms, of which there have been none so far. Other than being blind, she is very healthy.She gets around amazingly well. While she is prone to bumping up against stuff, she rarely does it in the house because she knows where everything is. We avoid moving or relocating the furniture. We’ve taken her to the fenced off leash by Spruce Grove and she loves it. When she hears people’s voices, she heads off to find them and say Hello. We’ve also learned to not hand feed her anything. Because she cannot see, she snaps that mouth out like a shark. We haven’t lost any fingers, but it’s come close. She is still one of the best dogs ever and we love her to pieces. And she looks so sweet when she is trying to see. She dilates her pupils and gets a very wide eyed look on her face. Too cute. Thanks to NASAP again for looking after Boe and all of the other animals waiting for forever homes. Margaret, Ken, Boe and Kira

Angie (now Maggie)

Angie (now Maggie) Image

We adopted Maggie (formerly Angie) about 2 months ago and are really enjoying her. She is quite the character: very curious, learns really quickly and has a happy, bouncy personality. She loves playing frisbee and is amazingly fast, so we are going to try agility with her this fall—we're sure she'll do really well but we're not so sure we can keep up with her! It has taken a while for her to get along with our other dog but they are now coexisting peacefully; we hope they'll get to be better buddies eventually as Maggie feels more at home. I've attached a photo of Maggie relaxing in her new yard with one of her favourite toys. Thanks so much to NASAP for rescuing Maggie and giving us the chance to find her.

Ranger (now Champ)

Ranger (now Champ) Image

Hi Mary

Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away, I’ve been in Ontario for 3 weeks.  Everything is great with Champ.  When we first brought him home he would run in our yard and it seemed like he was trying to jump the fence to escape so we were really worried, I think he misses having other dogs to play with.  But he seems to have settled in now - unfortunately we had to place him in a kennel for 2 weeks when we all went away, but I think he had a lot of fun with the other dogs & he was a good boy.  We were afraid if my daughter had him at her acreage which isn’t fenced in he would run away since he was new with us & he would probably think we abandoned him.  We felt bad leaving him so soon but he seems happy to be back home now.  I took him to obedience school - he did very well & we are going again in Sept to the next one.  He is barking once in a while now only through the fence – he doesn’t like one of my neighbors who yelled at him, so he barks at the neighbor whenever he is outside but we’re working on getting him to stop.  Walking him has been challenging as I’m afraid to let him go off leash still and he likes to pull so I bought a harness & we are working on that.  He loves walking the river valley in the off leash area but I keep him on leash and he doesn’t seem to mind and he loves socializing with the other dogs – so all is good!!

He is such a good dog –never messes in the house etc – loves everyone.

Thanks for letting us have him as a member of our family!!


Licorice Image

Licorice is doing great!   He has filled out quite well, and he is still as happy as ever.  We live is a very small community, so he is able to go outside for a bit everyday.  We were also able to bring my best friend's dog home as well, and they are very cute together.   I've attached a picture so you can see for yourself!


Bear Image

Hi Laura.  I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Bear is doing.........which is just great!
He is a perfect addition to our family and has settled in really well.  He was at the vet on Saturday and was given a clean bill of health.  I had them test his eyes as a preventative measure for potential Pannus issues and everything is fine.  We are now getting oriented to the whole notion of doggy dental hygiene and getting used to this whole toothbrush thing!
Bear enjoys his daily walks, bike rides or off leash field trips.  We have never actually had to test his recall offleash as he never strays far from me at all.  In fact, if he gets out of sight, he will stop and sit and wait for me to catch up to him........with that "hurry up" look in his eyes!
I guess the only issue we have had is who is entitled to take up more space in our daughter's wading pool, her or Bear!
We love him to bits and are so glad to have him.  He and Chester are doing well, they don't play together at all but are well aware of each other and always seem to keep themselves relatively close.
Thanks again for all of the time through the adoption process. 
Hope all is well on your end!!

Galen (now Buddy)

Galen (now Buddy) Image

Hi Mary,Galen, who is now “Buddy”, is doing great.  He has turned out to be a real buddy for our other dog, Mira (female) – thus the name change.  As mentioned to you, Mira was very depressed after we had to say goodbye to Lucky (also adopted from NASAP) so we decided to try find her another friend.  Buddy was very rambunctious as first but has settled down considerably and likes to always keep us in sight.  I always find that it takes 3 to 6 months for each of us to settle into each other habits, wants and dislikes.  Jeannette mentioned that there is a dog trainer with NASAP available for advice or assistance.  If so, we would like to take advantage of this for assistance in some of our obedience training. Buddy has so much energy and is so funny at times.  He finds the heat more that Mira so we filled the wading pool for them to cool off in.  Mira walks through it or sits for a moment but Buddy actually lays on his back or rolls around in the water.  He really likes laying on his back even on the floor, with a slight twist in his body (his head one way and hips the other).  It doesn’t look very comfortable.  Even when we take him in the truck (SUV), he sometimes likes on his back travelling. We have added over 500 ft of chain link fence to our existing 20 x 30 dog run to give them a lot more room to run and to provide access to the treed area.  As you can see by the pictures, they get along great.  We took them with us last weekend to a family reunion on a farm in Sask and they both travelled well and got along very well with other dogs and people.  We also found out how much he loves the water. Some time ago I mentioned to you that I was planning on doing a little write-up about Lucky for NASAP; however, I have found that very hard to do as we miss him dearly.  But will keep trying.   Thanks, Mary, for following up with us.  We really appreciate your interest in how the adoptions work out.  We have had very good luck with NASAP.   Beryl

Abby (now Trixie)

Abby (now Trixie) Image

Hi Mary
Thanks for asking about Trixie :)
She's a joy and I can't thank NASAP enough for bringing us together. Trixie is no longer afraid of normal household activities (like a television, a dishwasher, a telephone ringing) and she now knows the command for "sit" is just "sit" not "Abbysit." :) She was an absolute angel during the July 18/09 storm, by the way, which was a great comfort and guidance for the rest of the animals here. Trixie 'adopted' my tuxedo cat right away; it took him three days to get used to that idea! Trixie is still "all lab" including the broken floor lamp and splashing her water in a 0.75 kim radius everytime she takes a drink. Right now she's sleeping in front of the floor fan and I couldn't ask for a better friend, rain or shine.
Hoping all is well with you, your fur family and everyone at NASAP,