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Chiquilla Image

Hi Mary
I just received your letter regarding Chiquilla (or as we call her ChiChi).  She is just awesome.  She gets along great with my other dogs and is very curious when I have doggies come over for hair cuts.  ( I am a dog groomer)  She is my little shadow and although it is very heartwarming to see her look up to me only, I am working on her to trust Dave my husband.  She is quite shy with him when he holds her and is always looking to me while he is holding her.  Yet Dave can feed her, and give her treats, but she just doesn't really trust him holding her.  But we are working on that.  She is a great little helper when I go outside to do yardword,  I tether her to my belt loop and she follows me where ever I go.  And she is always watching me to give her commands, etc.  She is just awesome.  I don't know what I would do without her.  Chichi's best friend is Molly, my other rescued 3 pound chi.  They chase each other around the house, and in the yard and they sleep together in t
heir kennel.  They are best buds.  I don't know of anything else I can tell you.  Please tell the exowner that she is very well loved and cared for and I will give Chichi a kiss for her.
If you have any other questions please call or email me.  I have attached some pics for you.
Thanks so much.  Leann Lingel Saskatoon


Banjo Image

Thank you so much for providing me with an awesome foster home with Kelly and her family until I found my forever home with Josh, Arthur, and Angie.
Arthur/Dad brought me home and since he was the only human in sight we bonded right away, and then to my surprise Josh came home--I wanted nothing to do with her; after all my day had already been pretty exciting. When my new dad left to run errands I got to spend some with my new mom, I decided she was okay too and what the heck--the more people to dote on me and scratch my little belly, the better. 
Now I have got to tell you about all the cool stuff I've done.  I spent the May long weekend camping!  It was so much fun--there were lots of dogs and kids and humans everywhere.  Mom and Dad are really cool about making me feel comfortable in new situations and  I'm not half as hesitant about new things as I once was. 
They also take me to this awesome place called the offleash park!  Holy smokes, it is the BEST!  I love to follow Angie, she's my big sis, everywhere and she's really outgoing and loves to meet new friends, so I meet a ton of new playmates! I have this one friend who is a lab/Pyranese cross--he's humongous.  I'm fearless when it comes to doing everything the big dogs do.
I have got the greatest set up at home ever.  There's beds for us dogs in the family room and the bedroom--not that I ever really use them cause our family is big on cuddling. 
It's so much fun to crawl under the blankets by my mom and wiggle my way all the way down to her feet, when it gets too warm I pop out at the end of the bed and run back up to the top and wiggle down all over again.  I think mom likes this cause she says in a really sleepy voice, "Oh, Ben."  Angie and I love to wrestle.  We do that tons and tons--she's super cool because she sometimes lets me win, and sometimes I let her win.  The best time of day to do this is in the morning on the bed when mom and dad are waking up!
My mom and dad laugh at me because I love catching flies.  I listen for them against the picture window and I zoom over and I get 'em.  Then I spit it out on the floor and play with it until mom sucks it up in the vacuum or Angie eats it on me.
I think it must have been take your fur baby to work day in June because mom took me to her school.  I had a great time running around her classroom during exam week and there were other fur kids to play with too.  I think I must be quite handsome because all the ladies took turns passing me around and giving me pets.
That's all the news I have for right now!  Life's great.  I'm having lots of fun and learning lots.  Thanks again for giving me the chance to find my forever home. 
Ben--oh yeah, they call me Ben. 


Kermit Image

Hi Mary. Kermit is doing really well -- it didn't take him very long to settle right in and take over the house. I'm attaching a picture of him with his stuffed squirrel that he loves batting about. He also really enjoys playing "chase the string" with just about any type of string, shoelace or hanging cord that happens to be around. He is very talkative in the evenings and also at 5:00 a.m. when he thinks I should be getting up to give him his morning ration of soft catfood! He isn't a "lap cat" but does like to be near where I am, so will sit on the footstool or beside the chair when I'm watching television. When I'm in the bathroom, he'll lie right outside the door and wait for me to come out. He has loads of personality and is very good company. The only battle we have is that he thinks he would like to be an outside cat and I want him to be an inside cat. So far I've caught him every time he tries to make a break for it, and everyone who comes in the house knows to watch out for a large black streak! I'm very glad we adopted Kermit from NASAP.
Best wishes,
Keltie Tolmie

Trevor (now Joey)

Trevor (now Joey) Image

Just a quick note to reply to yours of 20 July concerning the welfare of one Joey!   I could not help but notice that you displayed no concern whatsoever for MY welfare!
Young Joey is an absolute little monster.   He is smart as a whip; a real charmer but completely conniving and sly; possessed of extraordinary energy and can spend all day chasing a "chucker-ball" and swimming; his name is now "Tub of Lard" as he eats like a pig; he seems to think that my prime purpose in life is to (a) throw toys around my house for him to chase with total disregard for my furniture and/or body, and (b) to throw himself onto my lap and expect me to rub his tummy for ever and several days; he has this awful habit of coming roaring at me in my armchair and just launching himself at full speed into my stomach  -  with one leg stuck out like a pile-driver; then, having intruded (frequently painfully) into MY space, he gets his knickers in a twist and growls fit to bust a gut if I try to get his toy to throw it for him!  We have had a couple of occasions when he has gotten completely out of hand and snapped at me   ...  which results in a ringing slap up longside his ear'ole (did I mention anything about sulking?). It is a nightly struggle to get him off my bed and into his own and he sulks until he falls asleep ... snoring like the pig that he is  -  I thought I was living in a train station!   I could go on.   He is absolutely shameless and utterly two-faced.    He sucks up to anyone he comes across and I suspect that's how he got to Leduc in the first place.   I have had to get him out of several cars to date.   He puts on a show of undying devotion if there is an audience, but treats me like chopped liver if I am being of no use to him!   His only good points are that he barks like a banshee if anyone comes near the door; has selective hearing but will eventually come to heel; has not messed the house to date although my neighbour keeps bitching about her well-fertilized flowers; and having lived for many joyful years with Gordie, my son and heir, a superb Boxer blessed with the ability to clear any room with an ear splitting and nose cauterizing fart apparently at will...Joey seems to have better manners in this (sole) respect.   Do I hear an "Amen!"?
I am sure I have missed a lot, but you can probably fill in the gaps for yourself.   I try to give him away several times a day,but so far have had no takers!
And to think that I believed Elizabeth when she sold me the bill of goods on the pooch ... what a sweet and adorable little darling he was   -   just wants to cuddle up on your lap etc etc yadda yadda!   Talk about "buyer beware"!   And Elizabeth you should be ashamed of yourself (just teasing!).
Oh, how is he getting along?   Just fine, thank you for asking......
PS   Would you like a lovely little doggie...?   Thought not.

Pandora (now Shilo)

Pandora (now Shilo) Image

As for Pandora, we changed her name to Shilo when we got her.  The ear infection she had at the time has cleared up nicely, and she recovered well from her spaying.  She and Hasty (our Malinois) get along wonderfully and enjoy each others company.  Her training is coming along - she knows the basics such as sit, down, off, come, etc. and we're working on her stays.  She is very social and friendly with the people and critters we meet on our walks.  All in all, things are going great!
Thanks for the follow up!
Deb & Barry


Muffin Image

Hi Mary,
We are all thrilled with Muffin!  We had a few concerns at first(just the typical house training, chewing, etc.).  But, I am excited to say she is just a joy!  She still has the occassional accident, but she is the most loving, sweet & well natured baby!  She has brought new life back into our almost 10 yr. old pup (not to mention us!).
Thank you so much Mary for your wonderful organization.  You and your staff are truly Angels!
Yours truly,
Lori, Sam, Andy, Mack & Muffin


Maddy Image

Maddy is a nice addition to our family, her and our other dog Abby (beagle) get along very well. They are a lot of company for each other and manage to get into a bit of mischief together as well. She loves to cuddle under the covers and always likes to be around someone.  We think she has settled in very well.

Maddy is very well loved and will be with us for the rest of her days.

Ivan (now Sammy)

Ivan (now Sammy) Image

Hi Mary,

Sorry for the slow reply to your email of last Saturday.   Ivan - or Sammy, as he's known around here - has been a fantastic cat, and he just had his booster shots a couple of weeks ago.  From Day 1 he was a great (big) buddy to my (then) kitten JJ, and they rarely spend a moment apart around the house.  With the Orange Terror chasing him around the hose all day, he has become a lean, long and lanky 12 pounds, and the vet is very please with his state of health.  I've attached some photos of him that you might enjoy.

Thanks again for letting Sammy become a member of my household.

Best regards,