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Reuben (now Smokey)

Reuben (now Smokey) Image

We brought little Smokey home yesterday and have fallen totally in love with him!  He is the sweetest natured little pup and as long as there's a lap available to cuddle on he's happy.  Our other dog Fudge has been very lonely since his lifelong companion Devon passed away in October.  We have not seen Fudge happy and bouncy until last night when he and Smokey came barrelling through the door into the house after playing in the yard.  This is truly a match made in heaven for all of us.  We cannot thank NASAP enough for all the wonderful work they do.  We are so happy to have Smokey as part of our family. 

Hudson (now Hammer)

Hudson (now Hammer) Image

I hope you guys had a great Christmas!!! I was just browsing on the NASAP
website, and I saw an update from "spud's" family. I was very shocked when I
read the note and saw the picture. Spud looks just like Hammer(except the
colour of course), and some of the characteristics that they had mentioned
sound so much like Hammer.

Hammer update...he is doing great. He is the same old loveable dog, that has
loads of puppy in him! He loves his walks and rides in the vechicles. He
gets along with all dogs, and loves everyone:)
We are expecting in June, so we are trying to get him use to the "baby'
idea. He seems to be okay with other peoples babies, he is just nosey and
likes to give them little licks on their feet.

thank you again for giving us the chance to be part of his life, and for him
to be aprt of ours.

take care
Lyndsay, Jonathan and Hammer


Max Image

We truly enjoy having Max.   He's a great little guy!


Spud Image

Time has sure flown since we've brought Spud home and we have been thinking of you often and thanking you silently for our special pup.  We can't even imagine what our lives would be like now without him to make us smile every day.  From the moment we brought him home he formed a unique bond with each and every one of us.  Spud loves to be a part of our family and it seems like we could not have found a better match!  He is affectionately called Tank or Weiner, much because he now weighs over 50lbs and is solid as a rock, but has the long body and short little legs like a Weiner dog.  Spud is very smart (we are a little biased of course), very happy and social and loves going for his daily walks and his fun times at the Terwillegar Dog Park.   We were so lucky to have met the family who adopted Shiloh (Spud's sister) and it seemed like they truly remembered each other.  It is like there are no other dogs around them as they run and play together at the park.  Shiloh loyally protects her brother, and gets feisty when other dogs try to interrupt their play time.  We'd love to get the whole litter together, including Missy, to have a reunion of sorts!  Maybe this email will help us contact the other Moms and Dads!   Spud's only downfall is making holes in his stuffy animals and pulling out every last bit of stuffing, much to his Dad's dismay!  He loves to squeak his rubber ball and howl endlessly like a wolf pup.  Hilarious.   He loves going to our farm and had a blast camping with us this summer at Big Horn Dam.  Who knew quads and dirtbikes could be so much fun for a dog!  These pictures are some of Spud waiting patiently for his "wolf pack" to return from their trek.  Thanks Angela for helping us meet Spud.  We have not regretted it for a moment I really believe that the dog somehow chooses the family and we are so happy that he chose US! Sincerely,Brad, Terri, Colton & Connor Halwa

Sierra (formerly Princess)

Sierra (formerly Princess) Image

Hello Mary, it’s me Sierra, although, you knew me as Princess. I can’t believe it has been over a month already! Well I am still very shy around people I don’t know, but I have definitely warmed up to my new foster parents!

My foster parents also adopted two cats from NASAP about two years ago and so Cameron and Chase (formerly Blinky and Jedidiah) would like to say hi to Jenny and Pat and let them know they are still doing great!

Back to me though! I have definitely come out of my shell a lot, like I said before I am still shy around people I don’t know, and I really don’t like traffic, all that noise scares me and I just kinda freeze up. I am still very quiet and calm inside the house, I am content to just lay on the couch and watch the cats play. But, ask me if I want to go outside and I will perk up and am very energetic. Though, I  do spend the first couple minutes outside eating snow, it is so good!

I have also discovered Peanut Butter! OH I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! I don’t care if it is peanut butter or peanut butter flavoured something I just LOVE peanut butter.

The only other thing I have to work on besides my shyness is that my dads don’t like it when I try to “inspect” what they are having to eat, they say it is not very lady like so I have to work on this.

I hope you don’t miss me to much Mary, I am really happy here!!



Emma (formerly Sammy)

Emma (formerly Sammy) Image


Enclosed please find a donation on behalf of myself and Emma. I adopted Emma (Sammy 04-490-C) on August 5, 2004. We have been great friends ever since. In the good weather we walk. I couldn't believe a 5 year old cat would like her leash so much! She is 10 years old now and we have a lot of fun and she sure likes to cuddle and sleep on my bed. Thank you for Emma. 

Jane Watson 

Keiki (formerly Penelope)

Keiki (formerly Penelope) Image

Hi Jenny,

We've attached a few pictures of Keiki (Penelope). I'm afraid none do her justice. She's a wonderful little girl and has adjusted well. We still have the odd spitting matches but nothing major. Keiki has gained weight (her backbone and hip bones no longer stick out), found favorite places to sleep and is learning to play. She's a smart little person too - she can open the pantry door where her food is kept. She loves to play in the sink when the water is trickling. All in all, Keiki is a wonderful addition to the Robson home. She has found her "forever place". Sincere thanks to all of you at NASAP. 

Peter and Barb

Nico (formerly Ashlie)

Nico (formerly Ashlie) Image

Dear NASAP and staff,

We adopted Nico (formerly Ashlie) from you in April 2008. Nico is a beautiful little girl who has made our family complete. Her big brother Kuffs loves her as much as her Monny and Daddy do. Thank you for the wonderful job that you do in finding loving foster homes and adoptive homes for all the fur babies. We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Brian, Kathy, Kuffs and Nico (Kosik family)