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Samantha (now Dakota)

Samantha (now Dakota) Image

Hi Laura
  Just wanted to let you know that Dakota is doing absolutely wonderful. She has adjusted to her new home better than could be imagined. Her and Mya (our 9 month old HuskyX ) get along great. Play time is quite exciting to watch between the two of them.
Besides the few random accidents she is doing wonderful in her training she goes to the door when she needs (although she gets confused on which door sometimes) Dakota sits when told and is climbing up and down stairs. She has no accidents throughout the night and usually does not wake till around 6 am to let us know it is time to go.
  Dakota is a wonderful addition to our busy Family and fits in very well  We are very suprised just how intelligent she is. She is an absolute Joy
   Thank you very much

Chloe (now Sadie)

Chloe (now Sadie) Image


Sadie (Chloe) is doing really well. In late August, she started off being five pounds overweight, and now she's three pounds lighter from our daily walks. She gets really excited about our walks by prancing around like a little kid.  Although she's not directly socializing with Jake, my other American Eskimo, he helped her learn our daily routine very quickly.


 I'm still learning about her personality traits; she's a little sweetheart! One of the cutest quirks about her though is when I occasionally scold my cat Stanley for trying to break into the pantry to get at his cat treats, she will start barking indignantly at the cat too, like a little tattletale---it's so funny! : ) Sadie loves sleeping on her back and has recently learned how to shake a paw. With other dogs we meet on our walks, she is quite sociable, but I noticed she prefers dogs larger than her to smaller ones. Sadie is still unsure about the cats, but she's respectful enough to keep her distance.


Thank you so much for being part of such a wonderful organization and for bringing Sadie into my life. I've included some pictures to show you how well she's adjusting.




Cleo Image

Hi Jenny.
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Cleo.  As you can see she is settling in. She's still a little reluctant to come up to the main floor of the house and retreats to her little room after a couple of hours but she is progessing well. Cleo and our sweet old dog have laid together for a belly rub so I think they are destined to become good friends.  Thanks for everything you did for Cleo.

Tabitha (now Nalla)

Tabitha (now Nalla) Image

Hey Laura, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nalla (Tabitha).  She is doing great here and is fitting in great.  The cats dont know what to make of her and she doesnt even care they are there!!!  She spent her first night in my bed because I just couldnt let her sleep all alone.  She has been doing great with the house training.  She has only had two accidents and they were both my fault for not letting her out when I should have.  She is eating great, drinking great and playing great...she is just GREAT!!
I will give you some more updates during the week.  Thanks again so much for letting me have her.

Darwin (now Etni)

Darwin (now Etni) Image

Hey Laura!!!
This is Derek here, just giving you a quick update on Etni!  He is doing absolutely awesome.  He has adjusted very well and is still so happy and full of energy.  He is getting more and more playful with every day.  We have become very fond of one another and it's really made coming home after work everyday more enjoyable.  I tried him in a crate the first day back at work.  I went back at lunch to let him out and he seemed fine.  Hadnt made a mess and didnt seem too stressed.  I then came back after work and it was about a 4.5hr span.  This time he had made a mess and pooped in his pen and seemed stressed so I did not like the idea of putting him back in there at all.  I have a small bathroom in my bedroom with just a sink and toilet that is about 5ft by 7ft with all hardwood.  So what I did is put his crate in there and left the door closed and surrounded him with his toys, water and a pee pad and he was so much happier!  He had pee'd once but made no other mess at all!  He isn't whining and crying when I get home which is a great sign, and he does not seem stressed at all when I let him out.  He is usually in his crate sleeping when I get home open the door.  He has been coming with me when I go to my parents place and he loves tormenting their little dogs which are full grown and he's pretty much the size of them lol.  I really care for this guy and I thank you for trusting me with him.  We play for an hour pretty much everyday as soon as I'm home from work and he tuckers right out and naps.  Then before we go to bed he gets worn out playing and sleeps like a baby with me.  As far as him making a mess in the house, he hasn't pooped inside in days and has only peed a couple times but I usually catch him doing it and send him outside.  He is turning out to be an amazing dog and will hopefully have pictures to send you very soon.


Lucas Image

Lucas has been a part of our family for about 5 months...we are still alive, although my husband and I have more grey hair.  Hadn't realized that having a puppy in the house is just the same as having a toddler - if things aren't nailed down they get moved by Lucas.  He enjoys going for walks and is getting the hang of heeling.  He definitely loves to go for car rides - has already been to Saskatoon twice.  He also really enjoys running as fast as he can and is amazingly light on his feet considering he now weighs 73 lbs.


The attached picture was taken soon after we brought him home - he enjoyed helping with gardening and even improved the watering can by adding a few more holes to it!


Still enjoying his company,

Pearl & Serge


Peyton Image

Hi Mary (and the NASAP office),
Peyton is doing just great!  Her and my other cat Meka seem to enjoy each other's company. Peyton loves playing fetch with fake mice, and she has taken a liking to my husband, and always sits on his lap when he watches hockey.
Thanks so much!


Raven Image

Hi Mary!
Thanks for asking!
Raven is doing very fine. She has fit right in, and has become my shadow. She gets me out for walks to the dog park, and can be quite amusing at times. It sure did not seem to take too long for her to relax at all. So very happy with that. She does go in a kennel when no one is home, and even goes in it when needing a nap or quiet time for herself. Does not mind it at all, and I just feel she is safer that way. The ONE time I left her out, yep, she got into the garbage. My poor son had to pick that up.
For walks she enjoys the park, and listens so well I rarely put her on leash. Only on very busy streets. At the dog park she would 'freak' a bit if a dog was heading up to do some sniffing. We just persevered and kept taking her, and now she seems to enjoy some attention, and even wags her tail at it. Still a tad shy if there are too many dogs coming at her.
She also used to be very nervous, especially around loud noises, or any sudden movement. It is allot less these days, and I can even touch her tail, and she's just totally relaxed about it all. She's allot friendlier to our company, and will even 'beg' to be petted. She sure was not like that at first.
She's a part of our family, and we take her everywhere! She's pretty good around kids, and seems to tolerate other dogs not too badly. She allows my little dog to be Alpha, and seems content with that. She does get rather rambunctious running around jumping when we are going for a ride or walk, very excitedly. It is nice to see her so happy.
What else can I tell you?
She eats very well. I give her Acana for seniors. Leave out dry as much as she wants, and wet it a bit for her evening meal. You could tell she had no clue what a treat was....but today she will take one, you do just have to be patient. She is listening better to my 12 yr old son as well. But I am still her main man!
One thing I find kinda odd. She has not made a sound. I mean not a peep or a growl or a tiny bark or anything. Kinda odd. Nice and quiet, but odd.
And she still does not like having her feet picked up at all. But I do keep trying to get her to shake a paw for a treat, and she seems to just kinda tolerate it. The groomer said she was just fine there. So we shall see.
I have attached a picture of her with my family, as well as one after we got her hair cut. She looks not to impressed..very funny, if you knew her. She still does tend to wonder why I would bring a cell phone out and point it at her.
Anyhow, very happy with her. She gives me allot of joy, and is my buddy. I am a single mom, and I just find her such a good companion. I am committed to her for life!
Thanks again;