Please send your happy tails of NASAP animals to


Ojo Image

We just wanted you to know how well Ojo is doing. If your kids were still worring about him, he is great. He LOVES the kids!!! He starts pacing around in the morning while they are getting ready to go to school because he doesn't want them to leave. Then he is lazy all morning. Everyday my girlfriend walks her 100 pound black lab over and they play outside in the backyard until they can't run anymore. He sleeps all afternoon and then, when the kids get home, he gets all excited again and plays and runs around until they go to bed. Once the kids are in bed, either David or I take him for a long, usually very cold, walk and then he is done for the day. He is really good on the leash, never pulls while the kids walk him. He is great with my friends dog. He has some weird eating habits though that we are still trying to figure out. We took him to the vet, she said he looked great, he was 78 pounds!!!! She said he was a bit under weight and could/should be around 85-90 pounds!!! I was adament that he could not sleep with the kids but that didn't work!! He goes back and forth between Hannahs and the boys room all night, hopping from one bed to the other. He loves 2 of Hannahs webkins stuffed animals. She has about 40 of them and he always goes into her room and steals the same 2 over and over again, even if we hide them under all the other ones, he always goes for just those two and he licks and slobbers them all day- its really gross...but cute. Funny enough, they both are red and white dogs and look just like him...
We love him and think he is really the best dog ever. He is soooo good, especially with the kids. We are very lucky. Thanks again.


Maggie Image

When we adopted Maggie, I thought of becoming a foster family for NASAP but got discouraged with Maggie's hair all over the house and clothes, her eating her poop and wildness while on the leash while on walks. We sent her to Petsmart's Obedience class to correct the issues and from what I heard, she was showing off that she can learn so fast compared to her classmates! She still has her negative points todate and we were told that in time, she will get over it except the hair shedding part. Her biggest positive point is her friendliness both to people, babies and dogs (big or small). A dog lover's heart will certainly melt! My husband is definitely enamored and they are so suitable for each other. Maggie is Tim's dog and Sasha remains to be mine. Everyone is happy! Hopefully come spring and specially summer when Maggie can master obeying the command "come", we can go to an off leash park where she can romp with many other dogs - her dog heaven!


Duke Image

hank you for your note asking about Duke.  He, and all of us, are doing very well.  I won’t lie and say it has all been easy and smooth sailing; Duke is a very strong willed, spirited dog.  But he is feeling at home with us, he is getting better every day (I hope he would say the same about us) and we are all having fun


Fiona Image

Thank you for the follow-up letter on Fiona.  We changed her name to Roxie.  We absolutely love her!  She is a perfect fit for my husband and I.  We were told that she was pretty laid-back and easy going but we had no idea.  She has the most amazing gentle personality and loves nothing more than to curl up with us and nap.  To this day we have only heard her quietly bark once and that was at her own reflection in the fireplace screen.  There are days we wonder where she came from and how she was treated because we are constantly trying to reassure her that there is no need to cower when our hand comes towards her or something drops or makes a noise.  We’re looking forward to warm weather coming so we can get out and do some warmer walking – her only personal issue right now is her weight – she’s getting a little portly.  J 

We saw her on the website and fell in love with her and were so thankful when you let her come home with us.  Thank you so much for an amazing gift.  We love her dearly,


Gracie Image

 was just looking at the NASAP website and saw some tails of happy adoptions.  I wanted to send in a couple pictures of Gracie.  My husband and I adopted her in November of 2006 when she was 5 months old (Tanya was her foster mom).  We kept her original name,  put her through some great training and she is the best thing to ever happen to us.  She enjoys playing in the water and of course with her ball.  She is really healthy has a great physique and wherever we go ( especially at the dog park) we get complements on how beautiful she is.

A great girl and now a great big sister to our son Wyatt.  Please let me know if you would like some further information.

Shy (now Roxy)

Shy (now Roxy) Image

We would just like you to know how happy we are with Roxy. She has 
turned in to a very loyal, smart and obedient dog. We love her 
sooooooo much. She has lots of fun with her uncle Bruiser (my mom's 
dog, also adopted from Nasap) who she gets to see often when I go out 
there to ride my horses.

One day we hope to get her a companion to play with all the time. She 
gets so excited when she meets new dogs. Hopefully he or she will be 
from Nasap as well.

Roxy loves to fetch and learns new tricks in minutes. She is so smart. 
The only trouble we have with her is to relax when new people come 
over. She just wants to love everyone as much as she possibly can. She 
gets so excited to greet them. She wiggles and vibrates and gives them 
lots of kisses. Having an always happy, energetic and loving dog is 
exactly what we wanted. So it isn't really a big problem in our books 
(plus she is still a puppy 8 months).

We love Roxy with all our heart and can't even remember how we ever 
lived without her. She is so much apart of our lives. Plus we 
discovered that we really enjoy going to the local dog parks, it's 
always good visiting and see how much fun Roxy has always brings a 
smile to our faces.

Tess (now Chelsea)

Tess (now Chelsea) Image

Hello Mary
I got your letter asking about Tess, the gorgeous dog we adopted from you last year.  We changed her name to Chelsea, and she is an absolute delight!  She is very playful and energetic, loves the snow, and loves her new yard.  When we got her, she had some skin issues which we are still dealing with, but the vet thinks by summer that will be over.  As a result, she does tolerate having a bath, and her coat is like velvet after!  She has brought us hours of fun and lots of laughs!  We could not have chosen a better companion to add to our lives.  We have friends with young children, and she is so good with the kids. 
I've enclosed a picture so you can see her.  Chelsea knows this is her home, where the 'dog treat' drawer is, and that her people love her.  She's a keeper!
Thanks for helping us to find her,
Lynne and Roger Webber


Roman Image

Roman is doing very well. He gained weight and doesn't look like a skeleton anymore. Since I got him I have seen an increase in muscles and he has grown a shiny thick winter coat. He enjoys going to work with me being outside all day and going to a Agility class once a week. Yesterday we just had our "graduation" for the beginners class and I am planning on doing Level 2 with him.

When we are not at work or in Agility my boyfriend plays street hockey with him in the yard or he visits the bulls in the field trying to get them to run which never works because they just ignore him. 
Around Christmas time we finally introduced our cat and Roman to eachother and they get along very well and play when Roman is in the house.
Roman is still clinging but his seperation anxiety is not as bad as it once was.