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Guppy Image

Guppy has been adopted and will be the steady companion of nice young woman who will be taking him to the barn with her 6 days a week. There he will supervise the riding lessons and play with other dogs. Guppy is a lucky boy as he will go everywhere with his new "mom". Have fun Guppy!


Maggie Image

Just an UPDATE on two amazing dogs adopted FROM NASAP. Our wonderful Maggie (nee Mindy), was adopted April 1st 2006 FROM NASAP. She is on the left. We were not initially convinced we were ready for a second dog, but once we learned a little of her personality and temperament we decided to take the plunge and havent regretted it for a moment! Lena was right, once you have one of these big white dogs you wont go back. We love her and she is an amazing dog with our 2 year old son who refers to her as My Maggie. She is so gentle and tolerant of him and accepts his poking and prodding without comment. Our 6 year old son has also come to love her although he took a little longer to appreciate her herding instincts. Maggies best friend Jake (on the right) was also adopted FROM NASAP by our neighbors in the fall of 2003. He is also an awesome dog and it was his personality and our neighbors praise of him that motivated us to watch the dog rescue sites to find one of our own and we couldnt be happier. The two dogs love to play with each other and look so beautiful together. They truly are great friends! Thank you NASAP for the great job that you do and providing an interim home until Maggie could join us! Heather, Jim, Aidan and Ethan!!


Lily Image

Lily and her new mom came in to Petsmart during one of our recent adoption days and we were able to snap this photo. She says Lily is the BEST dog ever! They love each other very much as you can see by the photo. Lucky Lily! We are so happy she is in a such a loving home. Thanks for stopping by!


Sasha Image

We adopted Sasha in April of this year, 2006. We weren't sure that we would get another dog after our much-loved Timber passed away in July 05 of heart disease, but I like HAVING a dog to walk and we knew that finding one that fits in with our household would be a challenge. Our 11 year old son has Cerebral Palsy and is mostly in his wheelchair. We also had a 17 year old cat (since passed away) who was very shy. We luckily have a big fenced yard and a very walkable neighbourhood. Sasha has become a very good girl, she has passed basic obedience training (needs to work on her stays!), and is fitting INTO the family well as you can see in the picture. She still tries to jump up on people when she meets them but we are working on that. Thank you Nici for choosing us, and thank you to NASAP for being there for the animals. Heather, Bruce, Alex and Sasha


Boots Image

I adopted Boots in July 2006 and she's settled in perfectly. A little shy to begin with, she is now an affectionate and curious girl. She loves looking off the balconey and snoozing in bed with me when she's not in "her" chair. She's a beautiful, calm and well-behaved kitty and I love HAVING her in my home. Thanks to all the volunteers at NASAP. Honya

Wobbles and Zips

Wobbles and Zips Image

I adopted Wobbles (orange) and Zips (tortie) in October 2004 and they have kept me entertained and loved ever since! Wobbles is The Boss; he has what he believes to be the perfect schedule in his mind and I get in big trouble if he is not fed, cuddled or played with in a timely manner. Hes always the first one to wake me up in the morning by licking my cheek and talking in my ear. If Im not moving fast enough then Zips jumps in and sits on a pillow above my head, purring and licking my hair. Theyre both big INTO grooming; not so much each other, but me! Zips is much quieter so when she talks, I know its important! They absolutely love people and get excited and hyper when I have company over. And, oddly enough, they panic in the car on the way to the vets office, but once there, they purr and sniff around the door of the exam room because they know there are people who are going to come in and pet them. Like I said, theyre nuts and totally adorable. Thanks Nasap!


Candy Image

Hi everyone, its me Candy. I was your featured Dog in January 2005. Since my debut on your website and my adoption by my new people I have been very busy with my new job. I get to ride in my peoples truck when she goes to work every morning. When she puts that smelly stuff on and paints her face I know the time is getting near and I can hardly contain my excitement! I start nudging her with my nose to hurry it up already! Then come out the glasses and the keys and oh boy I am so happy I have to let out a bark or two at the door cause I just cant contain myself! I just cant help it I am sooo excited ! yahoooo!!! Then its in the truck I go for a reeeeely long nap! (I get the whole seat in the back to myself) Oh this is the life. Then after a hard day of saying hello to lots of people, marking my favorite spots all day, I get home and relax to a nice bowl of chow. I have my favorite blanket I let my people share with me when we watch TV and I let her rub me whenever she wants. Sometimes we go for a very long truck ride to Fort McMurray and we stay there. I like my walks there most of all especially by the rivers and walking trails- there is so much to SMELL there! She even gives me a piece of cheese sometimes. I keep a pretty close eye on her when shes eating just in case I have to clean the floor for her. Actually I keep a pretty close eye on her all of the time just in case I hear Candy Cane Lane! (thats what she calls me) cause I never know if its time for another truck ride-my favorite thing! Thank you Nasap for finding me my forever home! Candy


Lester Image

I adopted Lester FROM NASAP this summer and have since then struggled to rename the poor guy. He's gone FROM Lester, to Maddie, to Leo, and back again to Lester. The problem is, that he's so cute -- any old name just won't do. Indeed, Lester is the sweetest, friendliest cat -- he does his own thing without being aloof. He often trails behind me, my partner, or our other cat Jay (also a NASAP cat), just to CHECK out what's going on. When he has his answer, and has had a snuggle or two, he'll generally makes his way back to the couch, a kitty toy or his cat tent, to hang out. Although, on some rare occasions he's a wild beast, pouncing on Jay's tail or attacking feet under blankets. One day he actually managed to fall down the stairs, by absent-mindedly rolling under the railing of the staircase landing without noticing that he was at the edge of the stairway. He feel a storey, but was unhurt. Yep, Lester's a funny guy. He entertains us with his many antics, including his habit of lying on his side on carpet and pulling himself along by his front claws, without using his back legs (something he did before that fall, by the way!). Our good-natured Lester has become an awesome addition to our household - we especially appreciate the fact that he balances out our devil-kitty, Jay the monster. So between the two of them (Lester the angel and Jay the devil), we seem to have a well-balanced household. :) But in all seriousness, both little guys have become dear friends to me (and to each other), and I thank NASAP for keeping my kitties safe FROM harm before I had the chance to meet them. Thanks so much. -- Cait