Please send your happy tails of NASAP animals to


Gracie Image

Gracie has been adopted by a lovely couple who have friends and family members who have also adopted FROM Nasap. Gracie will have lots of fun in her new family.

Jamie and Pekoe

Jamie and Pekoe Image

Hello Delaine! We just wanted to let you know that Jamie and his new friend Pekoe (formerly Yoda) are both doing wonderfully. It took Jamie a little while to adjust to HAVING someone else in the house, but now they are nearly inseparable. Pekoe is definitely the boisterous one, always getting INTO something new, and she is also quite vocal (we would love to see Happy Tails of Pekoe's sisters to see how they are doing!). Jamie is quite the cuddler, and nice enough to wait until we are finished eating before he jumps INTO my lap. They have enriched our lives more than we can say. Thank you so much for introducing us! With much thanks, Gillian and James


Lutra Image

Lutra is such a nice girl that she didn't even get a chance to get on the web before she was adopted to a great new home. She is now living with a baby and stay at home mom with whom she will be a running and playing partner. Lutra will gets tons of attention and exercise with her new family.


Boo Image

Boo was adopted by a great guy who will really help Boo come out of his shell. He and Boo will be best buddies and Boo will be spoiled with all his new toys and lots of extended family and friends to hang out with. Have fun in puppy classes Boo and please keep in touch.


Pumpkin Image

Pumpkin was adopted by a kind man and his dog Bella. Pumpkin, who's new name is Lucy, will get to go everywhere in the truck with her new dad and sister. Little Lucy will be very well loved and have nothing but fun and attention in her new home. Please come back and visit us soon.


Paisley Image

Paisley was adopted in February of 2005 after being fostered with her two sisters. She has turned INTO one of the most talkative and a curious cats, the world has ever seen. (And as you can tell by this photo, she really is a poser, she loves a camera!) Paisley's days are mainly spent chasing and playing with her two buddies, Kopi & Kyrra (2 Siberian huskies). Although she loved Edmonton, she has settled well in Calgary. :)


Angel Image

In October 2004, I went looking for love and found it in Angel (formerly Hemi). The picture shows her last winter with a neighbour girl she took an immediate liking to. When we first got her she was scared of everybody and everything. She still freaks out at strange or sudden noises or objects, and barks vigorously at people she doesn't know, but she now has tons of confidence--sometimes so much that I wonder if I should have named her Devil! She gets on well with our 3 cats, and sometimes even gets our old lab Sebbie to play with her. She's extremely smart, and obviously incredibly beautiful, and gives as much love as she gets. It was a match made in Heaven, and I'm so grateful to Carolyn and NASAP for looking after this lovely dog until she came to make her home with us. Pam Croft

Lucion and Gabrielle

Lucion and Gabrielle Image

We recently adopted two kittens named Lucion and Gabrielle (Oct. 9, 2006). They have been renamed Magick and Kalli. There have been no adjustment problems whatsoever and the little sweethearts have charmed the whole family. Magick likes to nibble on fingers (which we will stop), and loves to wash our hands and faces. Both cats love to cuddle and follow us around like little puppies. My 5 year old grandson, who has a fear of cats, seems to be overcoming his phobia with the help of these two little darlings. We have lots of little nooks and crannies for them to explore, and they seem to be HAVING a good time. Here is a picture taken at our home. Thanks again for matching us with these sweet little kittens. Thora Dorn