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Meeka Image

Meeka and I have been together now about 4 months and in the past few weeks she's really begun to settle and become tons more affectionate.  I get happy sneezes when I come home and she brings me her stuffed monkey.  She's a good dog and like all German Shepherds she's  tries super hard to please.  She's always at the ready to do something. She loves going for cars rides , especially to see her "cousin" Moggi the pug who lives with my parents.  She and him spent a week together with my Dad while my Mom and I went on a holiday.  She loved every minute of their time together.  She really enjoys her new diet as she gets all homecooked food  - her favourite seems to be salmon. Her health is stable and her hips are holding out quite well for a ten year old shepherd.  She recently got an enamel and rhinestone butterfly collar pendant which she wears proudly.  It's significant because I've called her my "Butterfly" since the day we met - due to her funny ear and the fact that she has gracefully adapted and changed to all the different life situations she's had to face. I'm so pleased to share my home with this exceptional dog.



Well, I was looking at the Happy Tails page and I thought I better add myself! My name is Cutter and I am now living the life!! I had a rough start when I first came into NASAP, my teeth were really bad and I had a massive infection on my nose but Dr. Hee at Wild Rose in Fort Saskatchewan cleaned me up, did some snipping you know where and I was on my way to better health. I was able to work my magic (very goofy and cuddly) with my foster family that ended up not being able to part with me! I now get to hang out forever with my heeler brother, my border collie sister and my favorite, my Rotti sister. We go gopher exploring all the time. I go for daily quad rides, horseback rides and my most favorite……truck rides! My mom said she can’t get over how goofy I am, my rough tough look does not reflect my personality at all! So if you happen to see me in your travels (I am always sneaking into the truck), come say hello and if you happen to have any kind of food, not picky at all, I will add you to my favorites list!

Cyclone (formerly Maisie)

Cyclone (formerly Maisie) Image

My name is Cyclone.  When I was with my NASAP foster home I was called Maisie because of the big M on my forehead.  I've been told that my siblings and I were found in a dumpster when we were just a few days old.  A mother cat in foster care adopted and weaned us (Thanks Mom!). I also want to thank Jody and Anette (foster parents) for looking after me until my forever Mom came for me.  I got renamed Cyclone because I had a bad habit of spreading newspapers all over the house while my people were at work. Mom came home one day and said "Looks like a cyclone went through the house!"  I'm the boss of the house now and I keep my new brother Taz in line.
Happy in My Forever Home, Cyclone
Cyclone has been a part of our household for over 3 years now.  When I brought her home she fit in right away, never made strange at all.  I could not even begin to imagine not having my pretty girl in my life.  She has a funny way of greeting people, she likes to sniff their eyes and everyday when I come home from work I have to bend over so she can sniff and cuddle.  Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful furkid in my life.Cindy


Phoebe Image

Hi! I'm Phoebe!

And this is my happy tale:

I was adopted almost four weeks ago by my Mom and Dad. At first I hated them
and I wanted to bite them. I lived in the foot of a goalie pad in the
storage cupboard. I was not going to come out no matter what those people
said. And they have this evil-little-furry-cat-like-thing that they

But then I decided that Mom wasn't so bad. She fed me and gave me lots of
treats when everyone else wasn't looking. I finally decided to give in and
let her pet me for exactly 7 seconds before I bit her. But because she was
persistent enough, and kept telling me I was pretty.. So she was okay, and I
would let her pet me and come out to see her. I was even nice enough to help
her do her hair in the morning. She also needed help pushing her eyeliner
pencil into her eyeball, I was happy to help with that too.

I decided it was time that I moved. I decided I could live under the
dresser. Mom was nice enough to put some food and water under the dresser
for me too. Then I didn't have to come out to see my evil new step-brother.
Grimmace. I didn't like him very much, and I still don't to this day! I
loved being under the dresser, I could bite Dad's toes and swat and yell as
loud as I could at 4 in the morning whenever Dad tried to get clothes out of
the dresser. After a few days of this, he couldn't get within three feet of
the dresser or I would come flying out. But this got boring, so I decided I
would move again.

I moved to the soup can cupboard. Here was fun as well, Mom could come in
and pet me, but I could scream and bite Dad whenever he wanted to get some
food! And every time Grimmace poked his little head in my cupboard, I darn
near took it off. Ah, good times, good times.

Today I am happy and I can roam around the apartment with confidence. My Mom
and Dad thought it would never happen, but I surprised them! Another big
surprise was that I now have daily snuggle time with Dad while Mom isn't
around, or when she isn't looking (or so you think, I have pictures,
Phoebe!). Mom and I spend a lot of time together because she is home all the
time, so I have made the closest bond with her. But I still love my Dad! I
like it when Mom carries me around and throws mousey toys into the bath tub
while she is doing her hair; I like to chase them around in there. The only
bad thing is that it distracts me from helping her with her eyeliner! I
don't want her to keep doing it wrong. It is supposed to poke you in the
eye, not go outside of it. How many more times do I need to push her
elbow???!? I love to give big hugs (to everyone except Grimmace) and I say
hello whenever anyone looks at me. I'm eating some new food now and I am
starting to lose some of my weight, I am very proud of myself.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone at NASAP and to Sherry and Dan (and
Rascal)! Thank you for helping me find the perfect forever home!

(And thank you for helping me find my Phoebe!)

-Lots of love!

(And Jani + Shaun!)


Maguire Image

Maguire is doing great!  He had a recent vet checkup and is 100 percent
healthy.  We play with his new cat toys every night before bed - he LOVES
to play (especially with his new toy mice and jingly balls - he has me
well trained now!).  He also loves to climb and curl up on my dresser,
bed, office chair, etc, and is really enjoying the cat tree I bought for
him (gives him a great view of birds and other wildlife).  He is VERY
affectionate and loves to socialize with people when they visit, and he
definitely enjoys being spoiled (he loves belly rubs and rubs behind the
ears, and curling up on the couch, etc).  If you could please thank the
people who allowed him to be put up for adoption and find a new home,
he's adjusted very well and I can promise them that he will always have a
very fun, spoiled, and happy life! :)



Cocoa Image

Hi Leanne,

I thought you might like to hear how Cocoa’s been doing here with us.

We adopted Cocoa from NASAP on March 10, 2007, and she has been such a wonderful addition to our family, she fit right in from day one. We have been amazed at our luck in finding such an amazing dog.  We never had a dog before but we had been talking about getting one for some time, so when we came to NASAP to look at her we were a little nervous about bringing her home, even though we knew we could give her a good home and provide lots of love and attention.  What we didn’t know was how much patience we would need to have with her.  We quickly learned that she is a quick learner, and willing to please, she’s been no trouble at all.  She’s so good that the trainer at obedience class said she was too good for the beginner class and said she should move up to the intermediate level!

Cocoa sure loves to run, and because she is so petite for her breed (50 lbs) she is faster than most dogs at the dog park.  Her favourite place is the off-leash area where she can open up her engines and chase the tennis ball!  According to Cocoa, the only thing better than a tennis ball is having 2 tennis balls to continuously chase and retrieve.

She gets to come for daily rides in the van to take the girls to school, and no matter what the weather’s like we head out for our morning walk. She’s never far from me and keeps me company while I work in my office here at home.  She’s just a great dog (even Kyra the cat tolerates her).

We just wanted to let you know at NASAP that Cocoa is as happy as can be at her forever home.

Thank you for adopting her to us. 

Ken, Tami, Lindsay and Leanne Anderson


Sadie Image

Here's an update on Miss Sadie!!She has passed her 8 week puppy beginner class that we took every Sunday morning with flying colors!!! The class just had their graduation last cute with lil grad caps and everything!! With the sunny weather out, Sadie has been enjoying every single minute of the free time she has roaming her yard.....and we have just recently found out that she's a lil digger!!! She's dug about 4 holes in our yard now!!! She has not grown much taller but she has put on some weight and her vet said she's doing great and is very healthy!!! Sadie is a great little dog and we love her to bits.

Nash (Formerly Buddy)

Nash (Formerly Buddy) Image

Hi everyone!  It's me.Nash!  (Although you probably all remember me as Buddy -
the beautiful Lab/Rotti cross with the cute stubby tail!)  I've been with my
forever family since August 2006 and let me tell you, I didn't know life could
be so good!!  Mom says I'm spoiled.  I don't know what that means, but whatever
it is, I like it!  Mom takes me to Doggie Daycare 3 times a week so I can run,
play with all of my friends, and wear off some of my crazy Lab energy.  I have
a great time, but when I come home, I'm so tired I curl up on my bed by the TV
and snooze until bed time.  A couple times a week I have to stay home when Mom
and Dad go to work, but I don't mind too much.  There's always a Kong stuffed
with delicious treats when they leave, and I'm guaranteed a walk or a run at
the off leash park when they get home.  The off leash park is my FAVORITE thing
in the world!  (It's definitely worth the wait for Mom to come home!)  Last
weekend, Mom and Dad introduced me to a big shaggy Bearded Collie named Bear. 
He taught me how to swim in the river.  It was great!  I don't think Mom and
Dad know what they've started - there will be no keeping me away from the water
ever again! I've learned lots of new manners and tricks since moving in with my
Mom and Dad, and Mom says I'm starting to become a very well behaved boy.  What
can I say, I love to make her happy - she's my favorite person in the world. 
Hey, wait a minute...I think I hear the treat bag being opened, time to go!  A
big thank-you to NASAP and to Marcie for taking great care of me until I found
my new home.  I love my family SOOOO much and hope my NASAP brothers and
sisters find homes just as wonderful.  See ya!