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I just wanted to give you an UPDATE on Keeto.Hes has become a big boy for sure. Big and beautiful I might add. Doing very well. He is quite the character too. Hannah and he have a great time FROM chasing each other around to curling up on the bed side by side. Defintely bonding. Thanks again for choosing me as Keeto's home. He's a great addition to my home & my clients love him. Some say they are going to steal him when I'm not looking. I could never part with him. He's everything and I could have asked for more. Thanks again. Glen.


Comet Image

We wanted to write in to tell you how Comet (ID # 06-184-C) is doing. We love this cat! There is no sign of the respiratory infection that he had after being rescued by NASAP save the odd sneeze, and he is the picture of health. We even found out (through his tattoo) that he is younger than expected - just 5 years old - which likely explains that playful personality! He delights us with his antics on a daily basis, especially when he goes charging after a bouncy ball. He can dribble the ball and catch it in midair. We've never known such a talented cat. That, combined with his nerves of steel (he loves the vacuum in particular and is the opposite of skittish) and his love of snuggling with the kids when they go to bed, has made him the perfect cat for our family. We owe a huge thank you to Les for nursing Comet back to health so that we could adopt him. Thank you NASAP! We are attaching a photo that we hope you can use on the Happy Tails page. Regards, Christine Vogel & Family

Bunnicula and Jiminy

Bunnicula and Jiminy Image

Hello Everyone at Nasap. Everyone here is doing great. We had a hard time of it for awhile. Bunnicula was being such a pain and wouldn't be friends with Jiminy (we have decided to change his name to Artoo) Finally they gave INTO each other and are the best of friends. I am sending you a photo of them with their kitty sister. Not the best photo but they are so fast moving its hard to catch them all together. They have moved INTO a bigger condo and seem to be quite happy. Bunnicula is definitely the boss but I think that Artoo is okay with that as long as she cleans him regularly.

Poncho and Olive

Poncho and Olive Image

Happy Anniversary to us! It's been a year exactly since these 2 came to live with us... and we couldn't be more thrilled! They're just great lapdogs.. although Miss Olive is a bit heavy..and she would rather sit beside you so you can scritch her as long as *she* wants! They love to curl up with anyone who sits still long enough.. including babies and toddlers... they even like to "watch" movies with the kids... Bath time with the two is fun.. kitchen sinks work wonderfully.. they put their paws on the windowsill and watch the back alley.... Thanks again..

Eddie (formerly Queenie)

Eddie (formerly Queenie) Image

In 2004 Eddie, my other dog Cyra (the Kuvasz) and a couple cats moved FROM our secluded country acreage to a small house in Millwoods. My single life turned INTO family life as we moved in with my fiance, his two teenaged daughters and their little dog, and in 2005 we welcomed another daughter INTO the world. The move was a big one for us all, and the cramped quarters still take getting used to, but Eddie has blossomed INTO a very easy going dog FROM the very insecure pooch i adopted and she takes all the constant changes in stride. Last spring i considered giving Eddie to a friend that could spend more one-on-one time with her and give her an acreage to run around on, but that idea was short-lived: Eddie wants nothing more than to be by my side no matter what we're doing or where we are, so giving her away seemed terribly unfair. Never again will she have to fear such a thing FROM me. She is with me for life, assured. Eddie was very unsure and timid of kids and even a year ago she was still aloof and suspicious with them. But lately she has been much more accepting of kids, and so much so that she even lets our baby play with her without running away FROM her like she used to do. I was always nervous of Eddie around the baby because i've seen what Eddie's jaws can do (no, she has never chewed a human-- but she rescued Cyra FROM being attacked by another much larger dog, and in play she has broken two watch crystals and the supposedly indestructable Kong toys are shredded in a matter of seconds!). I had renewed faith in Ed a couple weeks back when the baby was eating chicken out of Ed's dish and she didn't even seem to notice! And recently the baby has taken to putting our pets in headlocks and Eddie just takes it like a stuffed toy until we can rescue her. I am highly impressed with her. She is still attached to me at the hip, (not that i'm complaining), and on occasion where i get to take her to work she is my absolute shadow. She still cries when i leave her in the car when i run out to get something! Last summer Eddie was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in both her back knees. She limped her way through most of the winter 2005 but never once complained. You'd never know this dog was in pain, but i needed to know what was causing her the obvious discomfort. The x-rays showed fuzzy white blobs where her knees should have been. Her left knee is definitely the worst. This past winter Eddie hardly limped at all unless she ran around too much-- and it's still so hard to get her to slow down. I'm not doing anything differently than i did last winter, so i'm not sure what is up with that, but i guess it's good. Eddie is still the world's HAPPIEST dog. She oozes happiness no matter what is going on, and she makes all those around her happy as a result. You can't help but love this dog. Eddie is probably the most dedicated dog i've ever met. She is so smart and so happy. She is my constant companion and guardian of our home and children, especially now that Cyra has become our work guard dog and no longer lives at our house. I couldn't have asked for a better dog in Eddie. Thank you NASAP for giving my Eddie-girl a new start on life so many years ago when you adopted her to me. I trust she will be with me for years to come to share companionship and love. Best regards, Katie Robertson


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Hello all, I adopted Tristan FROM NASAP about 4 years ago after a period of being his foster mom. A quick reminder of his story. My daughter and I found Tristan high up in a tree at a local park on a cold night. We brought him home and let him thaw. The next day we took him to my vet where we found that someone had cut his tail. His ears were badly frostbitten, and he had received other vicious treatment as a kitten. He was malnurished and very scared. NASAP stepped in and paid for his surgery which also included his neutering. I took him home to foster him while he recovered. My family fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. Since then, our little family has grown. In total, we have two dogs, two cats including Tristan, and a ferrit. My daughter has moved out of the house and we opted to keep Tristan with me, as he has grown quite attached to the day to day normalicy. But when my daughter visits, Tristan is estatic! Tristan has not grown very much in stature, his weight still remains small for his breed, but the vet has stated that due to the malnutrition he had in his kitten-hood, he will always be small. He walks with a limp as a fracture to his hip was not discovered until some months after the initial surgery and another surgery was not an option as the limp does not seem to be bothering him. He loves his lovin', knows where mom is, where his food is, and his litter box is. Other than that, I dare not change his life too much. He has a huge heart, and is not afraid of cuddling up to anyone that shows him any kind of attention. He divides his time between my sons' bedroom and mine. With the recent additions of pets to the family, I made sure to let him know that he is still a great kitty, and he has slowly adjusted to the new puppy. Although, due to his "lack of cat preditor instincts?" he does not fight back. I have seen him greet a strange cat that wandered INTO our yard with a sniff and a lick! Because of this, I keep a very close eye on him, I dont need him getting hurt because he doesnt defend himself. Overall, my family adores the little guy. He has become so endeared to us, that we cannot imagine life without him, and he seems to enjoy himself and knows that he is loved. Thank you all at NASAP for all the help you have done with this little guy. He is healthy, and happy and adjusted quite nicely to being a spoiled kitty. :) Sincerely, Tammy Herbert


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Since it's been over a year I thought I'd send you a little UPDATE on Shelby. Shelby is doing wonderfully. She's such a little sweetie. She loves to go outside and roughhouse with Max and lives to go to the off- leash park where she can chase him at full speed. While indoors she can't get enough of Nylabones. She's still a little shy around strangers, but she gets better every week. She really turned a noticeable corner back in September after Denise and I got married. We got married in Jasper and we all stayed in little cabins. Maybe it was getting used to people through overload since she was surrounded by people and meeting new people every day, but once we were back in Edmonton the change was very obvious. One of the funniest things she does is this little moan and tap dance routine when one or both of us get home FROM work. She's so excited she stands in place moving her feet and moaning, and then after we've said hello she bounces around and showers us with kisses. She has really taken to us, and for a dog who didn't seem to like men she's really taken to me especially. She's so eager to please and learns quickly. Anyway, we couldn't be happier with Shelby and I know she enjoys us and Max - they've helped each other, Max brought her out of her shell and she helped calm Max down a bit. Cheers Justin and Denise


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Scruffy has gone to a fabulous home with a little boy to look after. He is much loved and very happy in his new life.