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Susannah (now Meg)

Susannah (now Meg) Image

Hi there we are just emailing you to give you an update on how "Meg" is doing she just turned 1 last week and we had a b-day party for her. We made her a doggie b-day cake from her and her friend loved it!!!! She is now 36lbs still very sweet and timid very much a mama's girl. We have been in touch with Erin who has Indy which is meg's sister (Susannah & Vanessa) they could not be more different in personality and looks but they weigh exactly the same 36lbs!!! We hope to get them together one day soon. Meg has Blessed our family beyond what we could have imagined she is such a sweetheart!!!! Kim  


Brinley Image

Brinley has adjusted wonderfully to our home.  She was a little timid the first two days, probably because Koda, my other cat was not impressed with her.  Brinley spent a lot of time cuddling on my lap those first few days.   But it didn't take Koda long to warm up to her, and they are actually playing together now.  She has grown lots in a week, and fluctuates from being extremely playful and running around the house at full speed, to cuddling on my lap.  Your right, she has a very sweet personality.   I have attached a couple of pics for you to see!



Caesar Image

Ceasar is doing great. He has adapted quickly to being an indoor/outdoor dog and is very people oreinted and good at the dog park. We are still working on come-when-called, as he gets distracted when there are fun things to do but he 'sits' very well now and 'shakes-a-paw'. We took him camping a couple times this summer and it went really well, though he nearly blew his mind over all the ground squirrels. He's a lot of fun and we're glad to have him!
Ami & Brendan


Hutch Image

 Hutch is such a good boy - I am constantly amazed at what a quick learner he is and what a sweet disposition he has with the kids.  He's definitely playful in the mornings and starting to get comfortable enough to follow us upstairs (which we don't mind at all) or to vacuum up the crumbs surrounding Tommy's highchair (which was one of the benefits I was looking forward to!).  He enjoys going for walks around our neighborhood and has met other dogs just fine.  We have a busy house and lots of company and he just rolls with it.  Everyone loves him!

Annie (now Roberta)

Annie (now Roberta) Image

A lot has happened since I got the kitty. I was in an accident and she has proved to be a part of my therapy and I'm very grateful to have her. She passed her medical well. She had a little bit of acne and her paws were a bit red. Now no acne and her paw skin is good. She is socializing, likes the one "nanny" better than the other! She is outgoing, loving and stubborn. Very clean and has had a minimun of required instruction. Working on plucking of furniture. She is smart, trusting, is getting over scares such as brooms, boots, glasses, newspapers and strangers. She fits in very well. Although she was originally Annie, she is now Roberta or "Bert". Here are a few pictures of her life now. Regards, 


Isis (now Shyla)

Isis (now Shyla) Image

Isis' name has been changed to Shyla to reflect her shy and timid nature.  Although she still is quiet, the skiddishness and fearful behaviour she originally expressed has been replaced with wanting to play with everyone and everything (from gophers to great danes, and everything in between).  In fact, she is very much hurt when other dogs express a dislike for her.  Luckily, there are very few of these as it's difficult to not like a puppy as playful and happy as she is. 


It's not all rainbows and roses however, as she is a digger and filling in "snout holes" throughout the yard is very much a daily activity at our house.  Chewing on extension cords, wires, and garden hoses also seems to be a habit, and she has on more than one occasion left a trail of mangled stuffed animals secretively taken from the spare bedroom.


Our neighbours continuously comment not only on how good she is, but also how quiet she is, as she has does not ever bark, instead she just watches curiously at everything that goes on in the neighborhood.  Talking, however, she does plenty of that.  When excited, there is a continous flow of mumbling and muttering coming out of her mouth, and upon returning home from work each day she tends to narrate quite a tale of the day's events.


All in all, she is a great dog, and a wonderful addition to our family.  I've attached a few photos to brighten up your day.



Curt & Erwine


Lilly Image

Lily is doing fantastic.  She has settled in and Brin and Lily have become very attached to each other, they might not have been born sisters, but they are that now. She continues to grow daily and is approx 75lbs right now. She eats like a horse and we have expectations that she will eventually grow into her feet, but at the moment, Brin is still a bit head of her (they are a month apart in age).  I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Brin and Lily for you to enjoy, one picture is from one of our walks, the second is coming home after a long day at doggy daycare (they go once a week to play with other puppys).
Thanks again for letting us bring Lily into our home and feel free to email me anytime


Jack Image

Hello to everyone at NASAP, we have received the letter asking how Jack is doing. Jack is a fantastic dog and we love him so much. His heath is great, he gained some weight and the vet said he's in a great shape. He loves to play with his two' sisters' (Nibblet- little shitsu and Minky- little black & white cat). He was adopted very quickly by the other animals. He loves to run, he's very smart and we have continue the training what the foster family started. He loves to lay on the deck when there's sun, we think that he was abused by locking him in a dark place, because the moment he sees sun, he wants to be outside in the garden. He loves giving 'kisses' and the whole family loves his temperament, he's good with other dogs at the 'off leash' park, and is good with kids, although when the child is too small he is little scared, but gets used to them quickly. He was abused and when we got him he was scared of men and was cowering down, now he's doing very well with other men and we think he has learned that not every human is going to hurt him, so he has the confidence that he lacked before. He's fantastic dog and is spoiled with treats in our home and the extended family homes too. We would like to send our gratitude for allowing us to adopt Jack and I am sure he's sending 'kisses' to all his friends at NASAP. I have attached pictures of Jack at my birthday party on July 10th/2010. Again thank you! ilona & kevin + kids & the other animals in our home!!!!