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Dexter (previously Keith)

Dexter (previously Keith) Image

Here's a quick update on Keith as you requested in your recent email.  He has made himself right at home.  We have changed his name to Dexter.  He just didn't seem like a Keith to us.  He's been a good buddy to our other cat Tux who was also a NASAP adoptee from about 3 years ago.  They're both a joy to my wife Betty and I.  Keep up the great work NASAP.
John & Betty Robertson


Tundra Image

In November of 2004 I adopted a beautiful dog who i named Tundra.  Several years ago, I wrote in with a happy tail of how well she was doing.  By way of a quick update, I wanted to tell you that Tundra is now a certified therapy dog!  She is part of the Therapeutic Paws team in Ottawa and she is doing so incredibly well.  After taking 10 different classes, Tundra was ready for a new challenge.  She is a fantastic ambassador for your organisation and the residents of the nursing home that we visit just love her to bits! 

Thank you for all the work that you and your organisation do.

Audrey  Giles


Princess Image

Princess is doing very well.  She is finally becoming a little less shy.  Right now she is playing with a string on a jacket!  She is a very sweet cat.  I have enclosed a picture of her and her "brother" hanging out.  Thank you.

Ozzie, Chica and Jazz

Ozzie, Chica and Jazz Image

Just thought I would let you know how the family is doing since you fostered two of them.  Ozzie (was Harley) is at the very rambunctious stage right now and he has an attention span of about a second.  He plays very hard with Chica and Jazz but is most excited by the cats. They are not as excited about him.  He does not chase them but just jumps up and down in one place whenever he is near one hoping that it will play with him.  They don't, and just stare and then walk away.  When he is tired out he loves to curl up in Meighan's lap and sleep the sleep of the dead.  You could drag him around by his tail if you wanted and nothing would wake him up.  He has grown very tall in such a short while and we have asked him many times who his daddy was but he is keeping us guessing.  Sometimes he looks like a pug sometimes like a pit bull and sometimes like every other dog there is.  We were most surprised by how he got along with Chica.  We adopted her from NASAP four years ago and she was already four years old.  I don't think she had ever really learned how to play with other dogs but she learned from Ozzie.  They still run after each other and tackle each other except now that he is bigger she has to put him in his place more often when he gets too aggressive.  It is funny watching her little face wrinkle up as she tries to look tough.  I think Ozzie's house training is taking longer because Chica has a peeing problem (which we knew about when we adopted her) so we have pee pads in one bathroom for her and he tends to use them as well.  And then there is Jazz who we adopted from NASAP just over a year ago.  Ozzie and him play constantly and Ozzie thinks Jazz is the greatest, which he is.  When we first got him he tended to bolt if the door was open for a second or if he was let off leash but now he is just the best dog there is.  His aim is too please.  Every day when I get home from work he is the first at the door waiting for his kiss.  If you tell him he has to stay you could leave the door open and he will just lay down and wait for you to come back.  He loves kisses and hugs and just sitting beside you with his head on your arm doing nothing.  Every night he curls up as close as he can get in bed with me (Chica sleeps on the pillow next to me and Ozzie sleeps with Meighan) and stays there until morning.

We have to thank NASAP for our three best friends.

Eddie and Lana

Eddie and Lana Image

Eddie and Lana here!  We were adopted about a year ago after having spent a lot of time being taken care of at Jenny's, PetSmart, and another foster home.  We wre scared but we stuck close together, groomed each other a lot, and decided it was going to be OK.   Now we're not shy around strangers, but we prefer to clim on Mommy and snuggle (Eddie) or get scratched (Lana).  We also like playing "kibble hockey" and touching human food when we can - fruit feels funny!  Mommy says she is so glad she decided to adopt us even though she wasn't sure she was ready for new cats and thanks NASAP for making sure we went to a home that was perfect for us.


Sydney Image

I thought I'd pass on a few new photos of Sydney.   She has grown into a wonderful addition to the family.  You can see her with Tongo curled up having a nap.   Check out her huge fluffy  tail.  I am starting to think she is a maine coon cat or has some in her.  They don't grow to full potential in size for three years.   She is seven months old and very close to being as tall as the males we have.  I think she will be taller which leads me to the maine coon, especially the tail.    Among her accomplishments so far:  she was seen (I wouldn't have believe it if I hadn't seen it) leaping through the air like a flying squirrel and landed nine feet from her starting point.  Do I have faith my Christmas tree will stand for a month??     She looked like Super Sydney!!

Ming (previously Fuse)

Ming (previously Fuse) Image


Several weeks ago we brought our new kitten home. We thought it was a girl, but at our first vet visit we found out "she" is a "he"! We had already fallen in love though, so it was a done deal and he is SO CUTE!! He's fit into our very active household beautifully, and our two dogs and 20 yr old cat all love him (as do we!). We definitely need a bigger bed though. My husband says he has to "back into bed" because our big dog is on the floor beside him, and the little dog and two cats are on the bed with us. Thanks to NASAP for all the wonderful work you do!!


Arlo (previously Sigfreid)

Arlo (previously Sigfreid) Image

We adopted our dog Arlo (née Sigfreid) from you in October 2004. We want you to know that Arlo is a wonderful dog. He is so loyal, handsome, loving and fun. When we first met him at his foster home in Devon, we were amazed by the size of his feet (they are flippers) and his great dog smile. He has brought us much joy. Arlo does have a gift for stubbornness, and so we continue to take him (and us) for training-it's never too late to teach a dog new skills.

Two years ago we moved from Edmonton to Vancouver Island. Arlo has come a long way from the ditches of Leduc, where he was found by a NASAP volunteer, to his home on one acre in the Cowichan Valley. When we moved here, we got a companion for Arlo, a foster dog named Chloe, whom we just couldn't give up. The two are great pals and go everywhere together.

Thank you, NASAP, for volunteering your time and giving of your hearts to find forever homes for so many animals. We are privileged to be one of your happy tails.
Kelly and Richard