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Spazz Image

Hi there,
My boyfriend Joel and I received a letter from you about a week ago asking about Spazz. He is very comfortable in our home, and loves attention. He is doing well, and is very welcoming to guests at the house. spazz loves a lap to lay on, and acts as an alarm clock in the morning when it is time to go to work. He loves to come into the room and meow until we get up. And is always on time; a few mintues before the alarm clock. We love him very much and thank you for the opportunity for gaining such a great companion.
Danielle Gagnon

Nico (formerly Ashlie)

Nico (formerly Ashlie) Image

Hi Ashley,
Here are some pics of Nico & Kuffs from August 3. She is growing so fast & by the end of this month she will be ready to go to the Vet to be spayed. Nico is so cuddly like her Mom & looks like her Mom. Her tail is so long that Brian gave her the nickname of "Lemer." As you can see, she is very happy, spoiled rotten & we love her dearly. Both Brian & I would love it if you would come out to our place in Leduc sometime to see Nico. She still plays strange with other people, no matter how many times she sees them. That's okay, she is just trying to figure out who they really are. Have a great week & take care.
Kathy, Brian, Kuffs & Nico


Jamie Image

Hi Ashley,
Just a quick note to let you know how Jamie is doing. She settled better than I had expected. I stopped at pet smart on my way home, bought the soft paws, had them on her within the first 1/2 hour. Wasn't bad, only took me 5 mins to put them on. I've had to replace one since then. If they stay on the way they are suppose to I am sold. I also bought a bottle of that spray you told me about probably never have to use it.She adjusted well. No problems with using her new litter box I was worried about that. We just brought her to it freqently and she would us it when she had to. I think today she can find it on her own. The kids fight about who she is going to sleep with at night, that was a problem with our other cat to. I will send you some pictures soon. PS I have an appt booked for after the long weekend for her checkup and her booster. It was the soonest they could fit her in. ( this was one of the vets on your list) So since I had to take her there for the check I thought she might as well get her booster there to.

Nala (formerly Kylie)

Nala (formerly Kylie) Image

Quite some time ago I received an email asking about our kitten that we adopted from NASAP. My apologies for taking so long, I just kept forgetting her information. Her NASAP Animal ID#: 08-004 and at the time of adoption her name was Kylie (a white and calico tabby). We changed her name to Nala and I just wanted to share a few pictures of her with you. We love her so very, very much and she is so spoiled, but a very good kitty at the same time! Thank you for her!

Connie Lunn


Jack Image

Well, it's only been three months since we brought Jack home but we can't imagine life without him.  He brings so much energy and life to our lives!  He is such a goof, always playing with a toy or his doggie sister Daisy. We have had so much fun watching the two of them run around the yard like maniacs this summer playing with each other or "hunting" insects.  I didn't think ants could be herded but our border collies have done it!  He didn't have any problems adjusting to his new home - I think it was easier on him than us!  He is well behaved and has learned our rules quickly, even Daisy's rule to stay off of her bed!  He loves going to the offleash park and is wonderful with other dogs.  We have lots of fun with him and are so happy to have found him - thank  you!

Jen and Hilliard (and Daisy and Jack)


Simon Image

I received your letter regarding how Simon is doing.
I just wanted to let you know that Simon is doing well and has certainly settled in well.
He continues to feel more and more at home.
He certainly likes to be around people although he is a little aloof and isn’t all that cuddly, I am sure that he will warm up to us more with time.
I think it is still a little early to expect him to feel as settled as he will in time.


Lilly Image

Dale and I have been very busy with the house and yard.We are both on holidays at the moment and have just finally finished building a new fence to replace the old rotten one.Have to have a good inclosed yard for the dog!
   I have also been meaning to burn some pics of the "pup" for my Uncle and Aunt in Calgary, since we forever take pictures of Lily.Probably have around 600 so far.Would be happy to burn another DVD if you like...just need your mailing adress.
    Dale has been doing an excellant job of training Lily.She knows the sit and down,gives hugs,and walks very well. She even picks up her toys outside and puts them away in her toy box.She knows to be on the kitchen carpet when we eat or entertain.She gets fed twice a day at 6 am and 6pm, and has never had people food, and never will.That said,she has never begged for food.
  She gets walks 3 times a day for atleast a half hour around the neighborhood,has met many people and animals, and is very well behaved.
As a bonus,she doesnt bark...very very quiet dog.
  I just took her for a 3 hour walk last Sunday night.Both very tired after that one!
 She has her toilet area on one side of our nook outside,and I have the other side to BBQ.
She plays on the larger backyard area and doesnt pee on the good grass out there.
  We actually just had her groomed at Petsmart or petcetra,always get them mixed up.....just yesterday.They gave her a great haircut and shampoo and did her nails.
  She sleeps on a blanket on the floor at the foot of our bed, and spends most of the day while we are at work in a large kennel.
I go out with her in the yard for half an hour in the morning for a coffee,and when I bring her in,I just say Kennel, and she races inside the kennel happy.
 At times my Mom also stops by to check up on her and let her out around 12 noon.
   We have no issues at all with her.Again Dales done all the work at teaching her.
   The two pics I included would have been the first week we got her since we also were taking care of the neighbors cat.Ill email you a few more by themselves since it goes faster.
  She does have all shots,licenses,and has been spayed.The last pic emailed will be from yesterday,from the groomers,trying on her new back pack.
She wants to carry my beer on the walks!


Cooter Image

This is a note to follow up our adoption of Cooter. He is doing great!!! We love having him at our house and he has adjusted well. It only took me a week and he learned how to sit. We are still working on come and he has come a long way. He still chews things occasionally but that's a sign to me that he needs to go get more exercise. He gets along great with both kids although sometimes the baby crying is a little stressful but then he justs goes into his kennel and is happy there. He sure likes his rawhides and constantly has one on the go. He gets along great with the other dogs in our family and plays nice when they come to visit. He has gotten out and ran away a few times but we have always managed to catch him again and then he acts so sorry for what he did.
I'm so happy that we adopted him and it's hard to imagine our family without him. He is doing wonderfully and is generally a pretty happy dog. Thanks!!!!
Adrienne, Aaron, Jonas and Lana