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Enzo (now Dozer)

Enzo (now Dozer) Image

We tried to call him Enzo and managed to use the name for about two weeks after getting him, however it quickly became evident that he is more like a little bull dozer than a sleek Ferrari; therefore he underwent a name change and is now known as Dozer (Doz for short).  He is doing great, but is proving to be a little trouble maker.  For the longest time he did not mess in the house, and now he thinks it is OK to go outside, do nothing while he's out there and pee in the living room when he comes back in.  He knows when he has done wrong and does major sucking up...but then forgets for next time.  We are trying a few different things to break him of this habit, although it is very difficult to scold him when he looks at you with the cute little 'smile' and big brown eyes. 


Him and our other dog are getting along quite well, it seems that by having a younger dog in the house she has finally come out of her shell.  They play tug-of-war with any toys, wrestle and play fight often (usually when you are on the phone or doing something really important...just like kids).  She has established with him, that even though he's bigger; she is the alpha of the house.  He now knows that in the morning when he comes into the room, he can't just attack me for kisses and snuggles as that is her domain.  He learned that she will let him know when she is ready for him to bounce and bound on the bed.


He settled in nicely in less than a week of us having him.  He was chewing on his tail (a lot), but I think that may have been a bit of a nervous function for him as he seems to have cut down a bit on it.  I'm wondering if he had really just 'discovered' it since his hair is so short.  It also took him a little while to figure out that if he didn't eat his carrot when he came in from outside that our other one would eat it...and that those are the only kind of dog treats they get from us.  He loves his carrots now!!  Grandma of course spoils him rotten and thinks that every time she comes over he needs to either get a treat or a new toy or a new blanket.  There is definitely no lack of love for this little guy.  I think in the next week or two, he will see our groomer for a meet and greet.  I don't suspect that he will have any issues with her, she is amazing with animals and he thus far has not been hesitant when meeting new people.


He is great fun, and soooo comical to watch outside when he is playing or just running around.  He will literally run in circles around the yard and every time he passes our female he barks; or he will just run as fast as he can and with every step you can hear him 'ruff, ruff, ruff' it's way to cute for words.  We are trying to teach him to fetch, he is good with the go get it part, but needs a lot of work with the bring it back here part.  However, there have been many deaths of squeaky animals in our house.  I've never met a dog that will chew directly on the squeaker repeatedly until it quits working (or get it to stop working within the first 5 minutes of playing with it).  Then when he chews on it, he looks at you as if to say...'Ummm, this one is broken.  Can I have a new one now??'


Widget Image

We want to assure you that our adoption of Widget has been a complete success, from our point of view!  Widget has become so much a part of our little home, and certainly has found her place, and by that, we mean she has certainly MADE her place.  I think she has us both wrapped around her tail when it comes to demanding attention!


Although she has maintained her 'skiddish' nature, it is only when we have company over that she resorts to going under the bed to her safety zone.  She mostly spends her time watching out the window at the birds at our birdfeeders.  She actually gets quite excited (vocally) at times - when you look out to see what all the fuss is about, you see she is concerned with a visiting Magpie or Blue Jay - even worse when more than one get out there at the same time!


She's quite the character, and we greatly appreciate the love she brings to our home.  Consider us 'stuck' with her, in your adoption records :)



Reba Image

Hi Mary,

She is absolutely fabulous and we adore her.You probably know that Reba came home with me straight from the Animal Hospital after her second hip surgery, this time a revision of the first surgery which had not gone well.  Her left hind leg badly atrophied as she held it up for almost 10 weeks after the initial surgery.  After a lot of patience, home exercises combined with rehab therapy of muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy and aquatherapy she now walks about well on her 4 legs.  She still needs to build up strength in that leg but she is full of mischief, playful, loves to cuddle and knows many words and commands, especially the word "walk."  She is also a rabbit chaser and when she sees one I am flying in the wind as I hang on to her leash. 

She has no hip joint and for such a big dog (60lbs) it can be difficult but she is doing extremely well and we are all delighted with her including the rehab vet doctor. 

Thank you for your follow-up. 

Howard (now Schmouzer)

Howard (now Schmouzer) Image

I am very pleased to inform you and to Thank You, La Donna, and Everyone involved in getting "Howard The Cat" that this is the best thing that could have happened for me for such a long time. As a matter of fact he has just jumped up on my lap at this very moment to say Howdy and get some pets while he washes up a bit. We are just thick as thieves but we both have our own time so no one is pushed by the other to do anything they don't want to.(I call him Schmouzer and He doesn't seem to mind. This is a Special Name I have had for a Pet but have never had the right pet for it till now).
I am so pleased that Schmouzer can have a very nice place to live and enjoy the rest of his life. I am also so pleased that I can enjoy Schmouzer's company at a time in my life and with the physical and medical condition I have found myself in. It is just exactly what I needed to lift my spirits immensely and seems to fit Schmouzer's comfort zone just as much. We make such a good team that I can only hope can last for his long, healthy, and happy life and also for as long as I am around to take Top Knotch Care for Schmouzer.
Thankyou so very much for this true gift of friendship for me and hopefully as much for Schmouzer too.

Armen (now Nut)

Armen (now Nut) Image

Dear Foster Family,

I thought I would send you a note to let you know that I have settled in really well into my new home with Jan, Hugh, Morgan, Zulu and even Pusskin the cat! My new Mom takes me for walks every day and I love running along the trails by Cooking Lake. I loved catching the snowflakes last week - they were great fun!

My other favourite thing to do is snuggle up with my big sister, Zulu - she lets me share her two sofas(!), and we are the very best of friends. Zulu was sick the first week I was at my new house - she had a painful bladder infection which made her a bit grumpy, but once she had some medicine, she felt much better and started playing with me lots more. We play chew the stick, chew the shoes in the garage (don't tell my Mom!), chew the tennis balls in the yard (again....don't tell) and chase the cat! Cats have really sharp claws but they only come out when you bark at them, so I've stopped doing that and now me and the cat are buddies too!

I've met loads of different dogs - I have at least three play dates a week when I get to meet my Mom's friends dogs - it'cool! I've also met lots of Morgan's friends and they all say I'm cute!!! (which I am!!!!).

I love to sleep on the cushions by the side of my Mom and Dad's bed - I tried to sleep in the crate in their room, but I got lonely and howled until they let me out - they got rid of it after one night, then we all got some sleep. My Dad and Morgan are going to take me to puppy socialisation classes at Uncas Vets - although I don't think I need it, as I'm quite the sociable fella already!!!!!

I hear my brother Cody got adopted too - that's great and makes me happy - send him a 'woof' from me if you hear from his new family!

Right, must go as I feel a three hour nap coming on...have a wonderful Mother's Day, and thanks for everything you did for me - I really appreciate it!

Lots of Love,

Reuben (now Smokey)

Reuben (now Smokey) Image

Smokey is doing really well and is very happy.  He has issues of not being able to be out of his kennel when alone as he gets into the garbage and leads the charge on ripping open bags of dog food, lol.  He also has had bowel movements twice in the spare room.  Smokey loves his crate and it's his "space".  At night we say beddy bye and he's off!  He goes right in, gets his treat and sleeps through the night.  He took to walking beside the scooter very quickly, he's a very smart dog.  When it was really muddy I trained his to ride on the floor over the mud and now he must have his ride as well as walk, lol.  Fudge and he get along fantastically and they are often found curled up together sleeping, even one of the cats join in as well, lol.  He loved his first trip to the Lodge in the mountains and went for lots of walks.  So Smokey's doing really well, we love him so much and he loves all of us.  He fit into the gang here and they are all a pack now.  He still loves to cuddle and sits on my lap at the computer, I call him my co-pilot, lol  Thank you so much for rescuing this little guy and letting us adopt him.  It is going to be a lovely life long bundle of fun relationship.  He is such a funny dog, and when he's racing around the back yard he's had me doubled up laughing more than once with his antics.
Take care Mary.  God bless.
Shelley and Sean


Rocky  Image

I keep meaning to email you!  Rocky is doing great!!  He has adjusted well to us and despite his initial gravitation towards only males, he has now fully attached to both Chris and I and is very loving and affectionate.  I think he is very comfortable and happy=).
A couple things that did arise with him were that he got a really bad infection in his neutering incision right after we got him and we found out that he has sensitive skin and was allergic to the stitching material that they used to sew him up.  It cleared up after and he did really well with letting us clean it and there has been no issues since.
Another thing was that the little guy has very bad separation anxiety and DOES NOT like to be kenneled, lol.  He went through a long and trying phase of pooping and peeing in his kennel when we weren't there and one time even managed to bust out of the kennel and chewed a whole in the bedroom floor lol.  But we knew he may have some of those issues when we adopted a rescue and were patient with him and he has certainly calmed down quite a bit.  No more accidents.  And funny enough, that one piece of carpet has been the only thing he has ever chewed besides his toys.  He has gotten much better as he has learned to trust us and come to terms with the fact that he is not going anywhere.
Rocky has also gained some weight; if you recall, he was pretty skinny and bony when we first got him; probably because he is so active! But he's put on some weight and looks very healthy! 
Rocky as I mentioned, is extremely affectionate and quite docile for a Jack Russell.  He is very good with children.  He sleeps lots and looooves to cuddle and give kisses.  He sleeps next to our bed on a big puppy duvet and if he is good throughout the night (which he always is) he gets to come up for a cuddle in the morning.
Some of his favorite past times include sleeping in the sun, going for long runs with Chris and I, playing with big dogs at the dog park and chasing the cat.  Rocky and the cat have grown on eachother... At first our cat did not like him at all, but she has adjusted and they even sleep together from time to time.  Every once in a while when Rocky gets wound up, he gives chase which Nermal hates, but she has learned to stand her ground.
The little guy is also, interestingly enough, a big talker.  He doesn't bark very much but when he wants to play, he "talks" by making strange noises and standing up on his hind legs and waving his front legs in the air to get our attention, lol.  It's hilarious.
Finally, Rocky has made lots of friends including, my sister and brother's dogs Zuko and Muffy, and are friend's dogs Max and Tank.  He's also quite friendly with a big husky down the street named Coach.  He's a bit of a social butterfly!
I am uploading some new photos of him and will try and send some soon!!
Thanks again!!


Missy Image

 I just wanted to let you know (hopefully you can pass it on to Lena) that Missy is doing so well! She has absolutely bonded to Gary and adores him. I feared that she would be too protective of him and that was so with some aggressive behaviour displayed. However we worked on this by a very gentle means (thanks to the dog whisperer show) and with only 2 gentle corrections she has stopped lunging and snapping and is learning that other people are not to be feared. She is very smart and health-wise is great. It seems that she wasn't vaccinated for distemper so Gary will be getting that done. Her spaying incision has healed well and she is a bright and happy dog. She is fearful of people and noise when being walked so Gary will be taking her to quiet places(empty school playgrounds etc) for short walks to build her confidence so that she is comfortable walking on the street. All in all I think it's a wonderful match and I assure you that Missy has the best of homes (she knows it too).