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Tango Image

Dear Laura, Maggie and All at NASAP, 

Beautiful Tango (aka Orangu-Tango!) is a riot and has burrowed as deeply into our hearts as into our yard! She has all the boundless energy and brains of the best of border collies and loves her two acres of freedom. At first she was wary of other dogs having had little socialization and I was anxious about her facing my already well established crew of four, all rescues, one completely blind. Many, many thanks to Laura Clarke for her patience and Maggie’s dog whispering expertise to help integrate Tango into my current clan and to introduce her to our neighbour’s black lab. Training has been fantastic… think it and collies indelibly ink it! When I corrected her for growling at my oldest border (nineteen this year) she buried her head in a snow boot and growled there instead… (can’t see me so you obviously can’t hear me!) She spotted the wolf calendar on my fridge and felt the need to give it “the eye”. She sleeps all night in her crate as good as gold. 

LOVES: Her family, Frisbee, football, shoes (donated a pair for her personal use), marrow bones (preferably pre chewed by the black lab next door), mining in the sandpit and catching mice!

LOATHES: Squirrels, birds, any passing wildlife… AREA 51 is less secure than our yard! Sat for three hours surveiling the deck after a mouse ran underneath! 

Now just need to work on leash training and leaving the property. Shouldn’t take long when she realizes we back on to the River Valley! It is collie heaven here and she is a real angel! 

Thanks so much NASAP and your wonderful volunteers. 

My daughter, Laura is celebrating her 12th birthday this week-end. No gifts. All donations are for NASAP.

Trey ( formerly Emma) and Charger

Trey ( formerly Emma) and Charger Image

We recently adopted Trey ( formerly Emma ) from NASAP. She has been a part of our family for about three weeks now and she has become very comfortable here. We knew the moment we saw her, she was meant for us. Trey is the most wonderful companion anyone could ask for.She is so obedient,so loving, and so gentle with our kids. She has become very fond of our oldest son and very much enjoys her daily walks and her rubber balls ! She will chew them constantly throughout the day,walking around the house with the ball in her mouth, then bringing it to your lap waiting to play fetch, with her beautiful eyes looking up at you. Even though she is an older dog, ( 10 yrs ) we know we will enjoy every moment we have with her. Shortly after adopting Trey, we began discussing adopting another dog from NASAP. Within 2 weeks, we found "CHARGER". He was a bit timid at first when meeting him, but has warmed up to us nicely. His first couple days were hard for him, but he has made himself at home. He loves to get Trey's attention and they are beginning to play tug a war together, and the odd time you can even catch them sleeping close together. He is fantastic with the kids, and loves to cuddle on your feet while taking a nap. He is your typical puppy! He will soon start his puppy kindergarten once all his shots are up to date! The foster home who took in Charger did such a wonderful job caring for him. The foster home named Charger, and so we decided to keep his name juist that. I guess as a way of showing our gratitude towards the foster family. We are so glad to have found Trey and Charger.They are now a part of our family and we will cherish every moment we have with them. Thank- You Nasap for doing what you do for these animals. Amber and Family


Leila Image

Leila is doing great, she is gorgeous and quite smart.  She is also quite strong minded but she learns fast.  We go to the off-leash every day and she loves it.  She is definitely dominant over my older dog Saffy, but both seem to be glad to have each other. 

Chester (formerly Chibs)

Chester (formerly Chibs) Image

Hi Pat,

Just wanted to let you know that Chester has come leaps and bounds the past few days.  He is now socializing with the other cats and eating  in the common area with them. He has been sleeping curled up with Milo  and they follow each other around.  His purr is so loud and often that  he starts as soon as I walk up to him.  I don't even have to touch  him. Just talk to him.  He and Milo are together beside me while I  type.  He is a beautiful cat and we are very happy to have him as part  of our family.

Thanks so much.



Tulip Image

Hi Jenny,

Here are some pics of Tulip taken last week. She is so much fun. She makes us laugh every day. And the best part is, she isn't a bed hog like my last cat:)

Thanks for taking such great care of her for us. Have a great evening,


Eddie (Previously Queenie)

Eddie (Previously Queenie) Image

Hello again:  i thought it might be time for another update on Eddie (formerly Queenie).  Ed's muzzle has gone grey, she's had a toe amputated, a lump on her chest removed and the degenerative arthritis continues its progress, but Eddie is still the world's happiest dog, often "smiling" at us when we come home.  We have moved back to the country and Eddie adores bombing around the property chasing snow balls and assisting me in my chores cleaning the chicken coop and feeding the horse.  Lately she has taken to cramming her 70lbs into the 6lb dog's bed!  She's so funny-- only her bum fits on this bed!  She is still my constant and faithful companion, often coming to work with me (and will gladly hang out with me driving in the truck all day).  She still wants nothing more than to sit on my feet when i finally sit down somewhere.  She's one of a kind and i'm so thankful to have her.  Thanks NASAP for all you do.  Best regards, Katie Hanna


Reba Image


It's me Reba.  It's my one year anniversary with my Mum and Dad.  I'm doing really well.  You won't recognize me now as I have built up so much muscle running around in the park.  I'm about 70 lbs now and the vet says it is all muscle.  I go for a walk first thing in the morning and then when Mum and Dad get home from work we go straight to the park for a good runaround.  I have a terrific appetitie and I am always wandering through to the kitchen to see what there is to snack on.  I have also started chewing a lot in the past few months so I have lots of rawhide pieces lying all around the house.  Mum says I am worse than the kids were. She says her last dog was a "lady" and didn't mess the house up so much but she is always laughing when she tells me that. Yes, I am quite settled here.  Denise comes down on the weekends and we go for walks.  Denise also dogsits when Mum and Dad go on holiday.  She spoils me too.

My leg and hip are doing alright.  Lots of leg muscle now.  I had a little relapse in October and needed more therapy for a few weeks but I am stronger than ever now.  We found some nice vets at Town Centre Vets and they practice osteopathy which is ideal for me and fixes me faster than anything as well as Mum giving me lots of massages. Wow! Life is good.  I will get Mum to ask Denise to send you some pictures of me in the park.  Mum doesn't know how to do that but I have been telling her she needs to learn as I like to have my pictures on the screen.  I'm just so beautiful. 



MingSu (Previously Mystery)

MingSu (Previously Mystery) Image

They say that the real test is when the animal chooses you…

Three years ago I happened to be browsing through the local St. Albert newspaper when a photo of a cat caught my eye. As I read the “biography”, I was immediately and inexplicably, drawn to this forlorn looking little animal. I placed a call to NASAP, expressing my interest.  I was unable to get there immediately. Fortunately, they placed a “hold” on her for me for a couple of days until I could get there. At first glance, she looked rather bedraggled and scrawny. Although she didn’t look very attractive, her personality shone through. As I stuck my head and arm into the cage, she immediately tried to grab my hand with her paw and bring it to her head for me to stroke her.

That this fragile appearing cat was a survivor became very apparent to me. Her background included being abandoned in freezing temperatures and she was near starving when found. She had been nursing a litter of kittens, there well-being or whereabouts unknown. Her ability to “adapt” was evident in the weeks to come as she made the transition to adjusting to a new home. She quickly overcame the food and abandonment issues that she had.

MingSu always came running when she was called.  Initially I though she was a very smart cat until I sadly realized that she was obeying out of fear. I contacted a Veterinarian for advice. He suggested that I reward her with praise and food when I wanted her to do something, since her behaviour was very dog-like. She quickly learned that she had nothing to fear and that a treat was forthcoming. She now knows several commands, and (usually) does what I tell her! She is very devoted to me, following me around the house and preferring to nap close by. She is very protective, and goes into “guard mode” when she senses something untoward or an unusual sound. Twice she has woken me up when I had attempted break-ins. She has never damaged anything and learned to use a scratching post quickly. Every morning she runs to use it, knowing that I will praise her and that breakfast will ensue shortly!  

Today MingSu is gorgeous, healthy, sassy and confident. I can’t even imagine my life before she came into my life. She has brought immeasurable joy to me.  I am so appreciative to N.A.S.A.P. for rescuing her. It is as though she was just waiting for me to find her.

I urge anyone looking for a furry addition to their family to consider adopting from N.A.S.A.P. These animals ask for so little and give back so much.

Corinne Clark

Oh, and my initial impression was correct – she IS a very smart cat!