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Isis (now Shyla)

Isis (now Shyla) Image

Isis' name has been changed to Shyla to reflect her shy and timid nature.  Although she still is quiet, the skiddishness and fearful behaviour she originally expressed has been replaced with wanting to play with everyone and everything (from gophers to great danes, and everything in between).  In fact, she is very much hurt when other dogs express a dislike for her.  Luckily, there are very few of these as it's difficult to not like a puppy as playful and happy as she is. 


It's not all rainbows and roses however, as she is a digger and filling in "snout holes" throughout the yard is very much a daily activity at our house.  Chewing on extension cords, wires, and garden hoses also seems to be a habit, and she has on more than one occasion left a trail of mangled stuffed animals secretively taken from the spare bedroom.


Our neighbours continuously comment not only on how good she is, but also how quiet she is, as she has does not ever bark, instead she just watches curiously at everything that goes on in the neighborhood.  Talking, however, she does plenty of that.  When excited, there is a continous flow of mumbling and muttering coming out of her mouth, and upon returning home from work each day she tends to narrate quite a tale of the day's events.


All in all, she is a great dog, and a wonderful addition to our family.  I've attached a few photos to brighten up your day.



Curt & Erwine


Lilly Image

Lily is doing fantastic.  She has settled in and Brin and Lily have become very attached to each other, they might not have been born sisters, but they are that now. She continues to grow daily and is approx 75lbs right now. She eats like a horse and we have expectations that she will eventually grow into her feet, but at the moment, Brin is still a bit head of her (they are a month apart in age).  I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Brin and Lily for you to enjoy, one picture is from one of our walks, the second is coming home after a long day at doggy daycare (they go once a week to play with other puppys).
Thanks again for letting us bring Lily into our home and feel free to email me anytime


Jack Image

Hello to everyone at NASAP, we have received the letter asking how Jack is doing. Jack is a fantastic dog and we love him so much. His heath is great, he gained some weight and the vet said he's in a great shape. He loves to play with his two' sisters' (Nibblet- little shitsu and Minky- little black & white cat). He was adopted very quickly by the other animals. He loves to run, he's very smart and we have continue the training what the foster family started. He loves to lay on the deck when there's sun, we think that he was abused by locking him in a dark place, because the moment he sees sun, he wants to be outside in the garden. He loves giving 'kisses' and the whole family loves his temperament, he's good with other dogs at the 'off leash' park, and is good with kids, although when the child is too small he is little scared, but gets used to them quickly. He was abused and when we got him he was scared of men and was cowering down, now he's doing very well with other men and we think he has learned that not every human is going to hurt him, so he has the confidence that he lacked before. He's fantastic dog and is spoiled with treats in our home and the extended family homes too. We would like to send our gratitude for allowing us to adopt Jack and I am sure he's sending 'kisses' to all his friends at NASAP. I have attached pictures of Jack at my birthday party on July 10th/2010. Again thank you! ilona & kevin + kids & the other animals in our home!!!!

Cocoa (now Ella)

Cocoa (now Ella) Image

Hi there, we adopted Ella, (formerly cocoa)
She's doing wonderful, her vet check showed some damage to her larynx. Probably to do with the same reason she lost all the fur around her neck . The vet thought maybe a collar that was too tight or perhaps she had been tied up?? Anyways other than having to give  her an anti-inflammatory if she ever gets a respiratory illness, and having to use a very small tube if she ever needed anesthetic , it does not affect her. Other than giving her a very cute little meow.
She is adjusting well to our home. She follows me everywhere and curls up on my lap every night. Occasionally we will wake up to all of her toys hauled into our bed and she is parked about an inch away from our face watching us sleep ...waiting for us to wake up and play! She plays with our 3 kids for sometimes hours at a time. She has also become best friends with our 10 yr.old cat T-bone, she especially loves when he gives her a little face wash! And she is slowly thinking about liking our golden retriever Duke. She is perfect for our family and has helped heal the heart-break of having to put down our 11 yr.old Main Coon.
I have attached some pictures, I found her curled up in our bathtub enjoying the sunshine, so I took a few pictures, and of course she had to pose for me! I've also attached one of her hanging out with T-Bone. Thank-you for your organization, you take in animals who in Ella's case, maybe didn't have the best home to begin with...and you offered her a second chance, we are grateful!
Ps. Her hair is starting to come back in thick and beautiful!
Jen Kampen


Shanty Image

We adopted Shanty May 25th, but it feels like she's been a part of our family for much longer.  She fits in so well with us.  We took her on our first family camping trip, where she was unleashed for the most part and did SO well!!  She is great with the kids and calms down very well for a young dog.  She's had her vet check (did well!) and has her spay booked for this Friday.  Shanty likes to nap a lot.  She is learning "sit" "stay" and "off".  We love her and are so happy that we waited till the time was right to adopt and got the dog that is right for our family.

Thank You NASAP for rescuing Shanty!


Abner Image

We adopted Abner back in January and he is such a great cat.   He has a wonderful personality and he makes us laugh a lot!  He is playful and very loving - always looking for a lap to curl up in.  We love him - he is a member of our family.  Thanks for the wonderful work you do!


Cinder Image

You have to know that Cinder is the most beautiful, lovable, well mannered sweet Kitty!  He fits in perfectly with our family and Maui, our 11 mth old Kitten. They clean each other, follow each other everywhere, constantly play and sleep together.  I have to say I am sure that Cinder could not be happier, so happy, that I sometimes forget the difficulty we had when we first brought him into our home. We both know that it was totally to be expected and it didn't take but a week and all was good!! You will be happy to know that Cinder and Maui are both "strictly" indoor cats and they so far seem to be OK with this, this I promise you. I know/hope it will be years before I need your assistance in finding another Kitty and I want to assure you, we will look your way before going anywhere else. I would like to thank you so much for raising such a beautiful, well mannered and sweet little Boy. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring him into our life. I feel strongly that Cinder was sent to me from Heaven!!

Winter (now Willow)

Winter (now Willow) Image

Winter (now Willow) is doing very well. She is very affectionate which is exactly what my children wanted.  She loves to eat and gets very vocal around feeding time. The challenge is keeping her inside on nice Spring days.  We are going to get a harness, leash and post for the yard.  Then she can roam around the yard without us worrying about her running away and not finding her way home.  We do have all of her tags but she doesn't like her collar very much.  Maybe this harkens back to her days as a stray when she could roam wherever with out a collar and leash.  She loves to wake us up in the morning at 6:00 as that is feeding time.  Other than that we all adore her and she has become an important family member.