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Buffy Image

Buffy is doing well, it took her a while to adjust to her new home, but she fits right in.


Dora the Explorer (now Bella)

Dora the Explorer (now Bella) Image

Hi Mary, its me Dora the Explorer!Its been a busy few months since Ive come to my new home but boy have they been fun. Ive adjusted well to my new home, I think I made my mom and dad a little nervous when it only took me 2 days to figure out how to get past the baby gate at night! But after a few early mornings with them waking up before me I seemed to lose the urgency to get out from behind it and now just play with my toys until Im let out. Like I said its been a busy few months, on top of having to learn my manners Ive mastered how to sit, shake a paw, high five, lie down and sniff out which hand is holding my treat . Ive graduated from puppy kindergarden, something I know my mom and dad are proud of because I always hear them talking about how smart I am and how well I am learning. My favorite game, well besides wrestling with other puppies, is hide and seek!! My mom and dad try to hide but I always find them at home or at the park with my tail just a swinging! I still live up to the name Dora the Explorer as I love to check everything out and lead on walks (a habit that my mom hopes to break in the basic training I start this month), at least now Im coming when called since being introduced to hide and seek. Little do I know but they say Im probably the most spoiled dog on earth, going to work with dad everyday and then there is the lake! My home away from home with all these new family members and so much to see there! I havent quite picked up on what that word means but I know when they start packing something is up. When Im there I get to play with all my cousins, one who is just 4 days younger then me! Im learning how to swim and seem very good at it so far. I admit though I sometimes let the other dogs (or my parents) go and retrieve the toys while I wade about belly deep in the water to grab it when they bring it in. Now not to brag but Im living up to my new name Bella as well, as Ive become a little bit of a highlight in my neighborhood. I have a calm enough nature that Im able to be outside with my parents in the front yard while they work and with this Ive had many neighbors come and say hi, amazed that I am not barking or trying to chase people walking by. I guess my little eye patch just pulls on some heart strings as well ;) With this I have been left wondering how amazing my siblings are, have you heard anything from them?Now Im sure Ive left a bit of information out (like my love for laundry) but Im sure the pictures will fill in some blanks. Just letting you know that Im doing well and am becoming an amazing, well mannered beautiful girl


Chester Image

  Our kitty, Chester, is doing wonderfully.  He is still very shy and only lets me stroke his beautiful coat when conditions are right.  (When he is eating,  or when he is stretched out beside me on the bed.)  He has become quite a big boy and looks like a young lion.  Very unique for sure.  He is best friends with my two other cats, Cedric and Milo.  They are always together playing or cleaning each other or sleeping with their arms around each other.  He has also become used to the dogs.  They don't pay much attention to the kitties so he has learned they are not threatening.  I would love to have Chester curl up in my lap like the other cats but that's a way in coming I think.  He does follow me from room to room and seems to enjoy my company.  He looks at me and seems to be eagerly listening when I talk to him.  He's not the first shy cat I've had.  Years ago I saved a half frozen feral cat and it took me over a year to be able to touch her for the first time after she returned to full health.  But she lived happily and contentedly in our home the rest of her life and certainly Chester seems content here.  This is his forever home whether or not he chooses to be a lap cat at some time. We all love him and give him his space as he sets the boudaries he needs. 


Heidi Image

This photograph was taken a few days after the rascal Heidi came to live with us.  It shows how quickly she settled in.  Our lovely, gentle dog was also adopted through NASAP, in 2004.  We enjoy their company very much and hope they will be with us for many years to come.
Vivien and Patrick      

Holly now Cleocatra

Holly now Cleocatra Image

Hi Mary

Holly (now renamed Cleocatra!) is doing VERY well.  She took a couple of days to settle in and has turned into such a great member of the family.  She and our dog, Rolo, have become good friends.  She is such a character. (Rolo was rescued by Darcy's Arc in Winnipeg - he was found wandering along a busy road in -40C weather almost 2 years ago.)

We go camping in our RV in the summer and tried a trip with her (keeping her inside of course!) and she did really well, so she is part of all our camping trips too.  I'm attaching a couple of photographs.

Thanks so much - she is very well loved!


Bucky Image

Hi this is Bucky saying i sure like my new home.I have a large yard to rome in and the food is great.I get to sleep with them at night until they buy my own bed because I shed master looked it up on the internet and said i will shed hair until i get the shyness out of my system,so I am working on that. I love camping and rideing in there new truck and sleep on my own pillow in the camper.Yesterday we went fishing and he tried to feed me raw fish :yuk; but after it was cooked i tried some and it tasted real good I am now in manning and met some more of the family.I am a real good for my adopted family and well mannered I even have a teddy bear to play with and fetch it but i still need trainig.they still keep me on a leash outside the home because for fear i might run away.anyway have no fear i like them so much I dont think I,ll ever run away Bucky ________________________________________


Milo Image

We've had Milo for 3 weeks now and he's doing great! He's adjusted
remarkably well to his new surroundings.  Him and our other puggle Lola get
along fabulously.  He's been perfect with house training and has amazing
recall at the off leash park.  They both tangle me up when on leash, but
we're working on it! :) We couldn't be happier with him and so glad we
adopted through NASAP.

Marky (now Lycan)

Marky (now Lycan) Image

We adopted Marky (renamed Lycan) June 2nd when he was 8 weeks old. He was a little timid and unsure when we brought him home, but has since become a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, playful pup and growing like a weed too. I've never had an easier time house training a dog! Just two accidents since we've had him. He practically house trained himself.
Lycan loves going on long walks and car rides and never wants to be left behind. He recently graduated from Puppy "Basics" Class where he met a bunch of new friends and learned proper dog play and manners and now obeys "sit", "down", "stay", "come" "get in" and "leave it". He loved going to the classes so much, we've signed him up for the next level class and plan on doing agility training with him once he is old enough. I've included a picture of him with his Certificate from Puppy Class.
Thank you so much, NASAP for the new addition to our family! We are so happy we could give Lycan a home and have him in our lives.
Crystal & Travis Thompson