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Frankie (Formerly Aaron Beck)

Frankie (Formerly Aaron Beck) Image

Hi I adopted Frankie, aka Aaron Beck in Sept. He was a little kitten then, one of 8 in his litter.  I have attached a photo as he is now almost 7 months old. Take a look at those paws - he was 6 lbs at 4months when he was neutered, time will tell how big he will be. 
He fits in great in our house, plays with the dogs, terrorizes my old girl cat and takes over my bed during the day. At night he sleeps on the couch but comes in to snuggle with me in the morning, sometimes waking me long before I want to get up. He seems to know that Ms Kitty, 12 years old, has first dibs on sleeping with me at night.
Anyway he is just a treasure and makes me laugh and knows exactly when it is time to eat.  Here he is, the coldest day of the year in his favourite day time spot

Diana C. Kinnear


Hutch Image


Just a little note about Hutch. Running with Taz has made him very muscular and strong. They both get lots of new toys every week and they have came to expect when mom comes home with groceries to have a toy to destroy, then I give them one to play with when I get home. Hutch is a bit of a food mooch but well mannered. He enjoys playing tug with anyone and struts off like a king with his prize when he "wins". Hutch has developed into a speedy little runner-he sort of gets low to the ground and then speeds off. He now has his own pillow on the bed to sleep on (he really likes to lay on soft things) and every night he will spend an hour or more on our laps having his chest rubbed-if you quit he bends and looks up "like what's going on, you are not finished until I say so" Yes he is spoiled but lots of fun to be around.

Have a good day

Jersey (Formerly Speckled Toes)

Jersey (Formerly Speckled Toes) Image

It's been one year since I adopted Jersey (formerly named speckled toes).  My sister and I fostered speckled toes for one month I think and I fell in love with her. She got along great with my dog Atticus who I also adopted from Nasap 3 years ago. Here is a pic of both of them.

Oscar (formerly Sully)

Oscar (formerly Sully) Image

Hello Mary,

I just wanted to let you and everyone
know what a wonderful dog "Sully" is.  We have changed his name to Oscar, but he
is far from being a grouch!!  He is learning very quickly, and I have attached a
photo of his first walk in the park after he had his shots.  He is still a
little timid of the big dogs, loves all the people and comes every time that I
call him.  He also walks very well on leash and is slowly getting house trained,
but knows if he goes outside he gets a treat, so every time I let him out he
tries to "squeeze" out at least a little!!  He of course still has the odd
accident, and can't quite hold it over night, and sometimes when everyone is at
work he goes on his puppy pad.

He has been on car rides, but is a bit
scared unless I take him in his kennel though it is getting a bit heavy to
carry.  I am looking into getting a harness and seatbelt for him so he can come
with me on errands when the weather is cooperative.

Thank you so much
for the opportunity to raise this incredible little dog (getting bigger by the
second!!).  We just love him to death and can't imagine life without him.  Oh,
though I think the cats may think a little different, they are not really into
his playing tactics, but they have put him in his place


Blake (now Porter)

Blake (now Porter) Image

When we picked up “Blake” the foster home had named him Porter and we kept his name. Porter is the best dog I’ve ever had and we love him so much. He fit right into our family. He could care less about the one older cat, but the 2 year cat who is still frisky he likes to Play chase her but the cat has never pulled out the claws on him.  I think he is more curious than harmful


At our first vet visit Porter had a infection from his neutering and had to be on medication for awhile as after his surgery he ran to much and it opened up and was infected.  He also had a ear infection that we were able to clear up with medication. His ears seem to have moisture in them often so we have to clean out the ears on a regular duty but for him he’s worth it. I’m also trying out natural pet food to see if he has any allergy’s to avoid any ear infections.  


The picture was taken the first night at our house and my son just loves the dog. When it is bed time porter knows and and as soon as I get ready to pick out bed time story’s Porter automatically jumps onto the bed to listen to the story as well. In the morning Porter will sleep outside his door waiting for my son to wake up so they can play. He loves the water and does trick’s with the water hose when watering in the summer. He will jump up and try to drink from it.


Everyone who meets Porter says what a wonderful dog as he is so beautiful, and so behaved. He still loves to run and chases the ball and is so obedient. He even brings the ball back to us.


Thank you for allowing our family to have Porter in our life, he is loved very much


Picasso and Obie

Picasso and Obie Image

Just an update on the boys and few pictures. Picasso is doing fine he is fully “at home” now. Obie is coming around still very timid and very easily startled but likes to get petted and progresses each day. He spends a lot of his time in the space at the bottom of the cat tree however if you put your hand in he comes out to get petted. Picasso eats like a horse especially wet food Obie does seem to more of a dry food eater but he holds his own. Amazing how much our food and litter bill has gone up compared to the one little female. In the end it is working out extremely  well  we are very happy we got them. Also we found someone to look after them while we are away, our ex next door neighbours who are also major “cat people.”


Freya (was Joey)

Freya (was Joey) Image

Freya A.K.A. Joey is doing well.  It has been an interesting few months with her here.  Training is going along slowly, but i don’t mind.  It’s just nice to have such a wonderful dog in my life again.  Freya is still filled with lot’s of curiosity about the world.  She travels well, and is a real attention getter around people.  She has enjoyed the snow fall that we had a week ago.  And now since she has had her surgery done it will be a handful to keep her calm, and not running or jumping till her incisions heal.


Once again thank you to N.A.S.A.P. and Freya’s foster mom Linda.


Timber Image

This is a big thank you to foster Mom, Mary. We adopted Timber a year ago and it's as if he has always been part of the family. He is the true "gentle giant". He is so laid back and expects that everyone will love him, which is mostly true. He goes to daycare twice a week and hangs with us the rest of the time. He loves going out to the farm, his walks and rides in the truck. If we ever threw a party for him our yard would be full of his doggy friends and even a few pussy cats. He is THE BEST!!